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Build brand awareness, promote your technological capabilities, and attract new customers with local trainings and events.   As a member of LocalAutomation.com, you can post an unlimited number of upcoming events on our site.

Each event will be viewable on our events page, as well as your business profile page.   Your events will be searchable based on your company name, the name of the event, and the description of the event.

Your events are also guaranteed to appear on the main page of LocalAutomation.com during the seven days leading up to the event!

Traditionally, the only way to get the word out about a local training or event was through mass mailing, mass faxing, mass e-mailing, or through your local sales force.   These methods work well at reaching your existing customer base (i.e. those customers that you have addresses, e-mail addresses, and fax numbers for)... but how do you attract new customers?

Attract new customers through local trainings and events.

LocalAutomation.com was designed to be local and to ensure that your trainings and events will be highly visible to all site visitors in your area.


attract new customers to your seminars and product trainings

reach a targeted audience of automation professionals who live and work near your events