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When you're asked to make buying decisions, it can be very difficult to determine if you're using the best technologies... from the best providers... at reasonable prices.

You can search for products on GlobalSpec, ThomasNet, and other directory sites, but it's much easier to go right to the source... the world's largest, fastest-growing network of automation professionals!

All of the features, shown below, are provided absolutely free and are designed to help you solve your difficult automation applications and make educated, cost-effective buying decisions!

To take advantage of these powerful features, simply open a free account to get started!

Take your questions and difficult applications to the world's largest, fastest-growing network of automation professionals!

Create a Personal Profile Page

Create a beautifully designed profile page featuring your biography, headshot, contact information, and any additional information that you would like to disclose (i.e resume, etc.)   Most professionals who work in the automation industry will remain in the industry for their entire careers, and it never hurts to make a name for yourself and network with other professionals!

Find Suppliers

Find your next supplier by browsing through our comprehensive directories of manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and custom machine builders.   You can contact these suppliers directly through LocalAutomation.com or chat with hundreds of automation professionals in our chat room, discussion section, member groups, and more!

Request Competitive Bids

Post your new projects on LocalAutomation.com and receive competitive bids from hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and custom machine builders from all over the world.   There is simply no better way to ensure that you are using the right technologies... from the best providers... at reasonable prices!

Research Products

All of the products in our product directory are submitted directly to LocalAutomation.com by hundreds of manufacturers and distributors from around the world.   When you find a product that suits your needs, you can contact the seller directly from our site with questions, quote requests, etc.

Register for Events

Expand your knowledge and automation skills by attending a training event in your area!   Events are automatically sorted by geography to ensure that local events (i.e. the events that you can actually attend!) never get lost in the shuffle.

Browse Press Releases

Browse through hundreds of press releases which get posted to LocalAutomation.com each month!   There is no better way to stay up-to-date regarding the latest innovations in automation.

Find Your Next Job

Find your next automation job by browsing our extensive job directory!   Employers can post job openings on LocalAutomation.com for free!   This guarantees that we'll always have the largest, most up-to-date selection of automation jobs available anywhere online!

Participate in Groups

Join one of our member-moderated automation groups or create your own!   There is simply no better way to share industry tips with like-minded professionals!

Chat Online

Chat live with other members or discuss automation-related topics in the Local Automation discussion section.

Network with Other Professionals

Generate answers to your difficult questions and introduce yourself to the world's fastest-growing network of industrial automation professionals!