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Premium Features

Premium Features


In addition to the free features which are available to all business accounts, LocalAutomation.com also offers a set of premium features which are designed to help manufacturers revolutionize the efficiency of their sales staff and distribution network (if applicable).

The premium features, shown below, completely transform the efficiency, transparency, and profitability of your business by automating many of your day-to-day activities and seamlessly integrating your accounting, CRM, and quotation databases.

Premium Screenshot: The real power of Local Automation exists behind the scenes.

Quote Generator with Online Data Synchronization

The Local Automation Quote Generator is the most revolutionary of the premium features.   Our web-based quoting program simultaneously connects to your accounting database, customer database, and online web portal (if applicable) in order to help your staff generate accurate quotes (with lead times!) in a matter of seconds.   As each new line item gets entered into your quote, the Quote Generator instantly synchronizes prices and lead times with your online portal.   It also scans through your customer's order history to check for previous prices, thereby ensuring that you use consistent, high-margin pricing.

Distributor Automation

Thanks to a partnership with PerfectDistribution.com, Local Automation allows you to automatically post your product announcements, press releases, and upcoming events directly to your distributors' websites.   Yes - we can really do that!   In addition, your distributors can use their own version of the Quote Generator in order to issue quotes of your products with accurate prices and lead times!

Real-Time Activity Monitoring

With access to all of your business databases, Perfect Distribution allows you to monitor all of your daily activities in real-time from our web-based interface. Use our Quote Monitor to view your new quotes.   Use the Order Monitor to view new orders.   Use the Customer Monitor to view new customers.   Quotes, orders, and customers may be sorted by date, sales person, sales territory, manufacturer, part number, part description, and more.

Automatic Daily Activity Summaries

At the end of each day, Local Automation sends an e-mail to each member of your sales staff and management team. The e-mail provides an overview of all orders, quotations, and new customers that were entered into your databases on that day.   These e-mails are designed to keep your staff informed of important daily activities and to ensure prompt follow-up on new business opportunities.

Automatic Welcome E-Mails

Whenever a new customer gets added to your CRM database, Local Automation automatically sends the customer a welcome e-mail. The e-mail is personalized with the customer's name and contact information in order to encourage a reply back to one of your staff members.

Comprehensive Graphing

Local Automation allows you to plot graphs of your sales and quoting activity over any specified period using a variety of filtering criteria. For instance, you can plot sales by month for the entire company... sales by month for a particular salesperson... sales by week for a particular product line... etc.

Comprehensive Search

Using our web-based interface, your staff can quickly search for quotes and orders based on: quote number, order number, customer name, customer location, part number, part description, and more. All quotes and orders may be viewed on the web without ever opening your accounting program.