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Daily Activity Summaries


At the end of each day (5:00 PM), Local Automation sends an e-mail to each member of your sales staff and management team. The e-mail provides an overview of all orders, quotations, and new customers that were entered into your databases on that day.

These e-mails are designed to keep your staff informed of important daily activities and to ensure prompt follow-up on new business opportunities.


provide a daily summary to each member of your staff in a clean, HTML e-mail

ensure that new quotes, new orders, and new customers are promptly reviewed for accuaracy and potential business opportunities

facilitate timely introductions between your sales staff and new customers

dramatically increase the transparency of your business and the daily communications between your staff members

Sample E-Mail

This is exactly what the e-mail will look like in your inbox.   When you receive the e-mail, you can instantly view any of the quotes, orders, or customers by clicking on the appropriate link.

Note: The data below will NOT be blurred in the real e-mails.