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It is a difficult task for automation professionals to verify that they are using the best technologies... from the best suppliers... at reasonable prices.   As a result, most companies require that new automation projects be sent "out for bidding" to a number of different suppliers.

This is our specialty.   Simply describe your project, attach any pertinent documents, and submit.   We will e-mail your project to all of the business members of LocalAutomation.com, and within a short period of time, you will receive a number of responses from highly-capable, interested suppliers.

In order to help you maintain anonymity (if desired), you will have complete control over the information that you reveal in your posting.   The only required information is your location (city and state), the title of your project, and a brief description of your project.

Upload your project details and receive competitive bids from hundreds of suppliers around the world.

If you choose, you may include all of your contact information and allow suppliers to contact you directly, or you may post in confidence and require that suppliers reply to your posting via LocalAutomation.com.

It's up to you... and it's free!


receive competitive bids from local suppliers and suppliers all over the world

verify that you are using the best technologies for your applications

verify that you are making purchases at competitive prices