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DuraLase Fiber Laser Marking System

Durable Mecco

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Durable Mecco DuraLase Fiber Laser Marking System - DuraLase Fiber Laser Marking System by Durable Mecco

DuraLase Fiber Laser Marking System by Durable Mecco

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Our Class I Benchtop and OEM kit Laser Marking Systems are effective tools for direct part marking for Traceability, Branding and Product Adornment. This non-contact, high-speed method of part marking does not require hard-tooling, making it a versatile solution for both short and long run production cycles.

DuraLase Fiber Laser is ideal for laser marking, laser engraving, and laser etching for industrial applications.

Our Compact and Modular design is bundled with DuraLase™ an intuitive Laser Marking Software Package which has been designed for simple configuration of jobs that may incorporate graphics, text, serialization and both 1D and 2D Barcode Symbologies.

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About Durable Mecco

Durable Mecco

Durable Mecco is now Durable Technologies. We are your “One-Stop Shop” for Industrial Marking Solutions for inspection, quality and traceability requirements. Our full line ranges from hand tools such as stamps, type, dies, tags, hammers, to stand-alone or integrated lasers, dot peen and impact presses for integration --- and more! Our multi-plant manufacturing locations provide for workload leveling and catastrophic backup in order to ensure uninterrupted, consistent service to our customers.