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BCL 300i Bar Code Reader

Leuze Electronic

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Leuze Electronic BCL 300i Bar Code Reader - BCL 300i Bar Code Reader by Leuze Electronic

BCL 300i Bar Code Reader by Leuze Electronic

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The BCL 300i combines our 25+ years of experience in laser scanners with innovations like web based configuration, code reconstruction technology (CRT), integrated switch technology, autoReflAct, and fieldbus interfaces to provide the most modular, flexible scanner ever.

The BCL 300i is available in four optic versions (high, medium, low, ultra low), and five scanning versions (line, raster, oscillating mirror, front or side scanning) to address a wide range of material handling and manufacturing applications. An optional display and integrated heating are also available.

Five types of communication interfaces are available now (RS 232/422/485, Leuze multiNet, Ethernet TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, PROFINET) with plans for Ethernet/IP to be available in 2013. All Ethernet models have an integrated 10/100Mbps switch to create linearly structured networks and reduce switch and cabling costs. Scanner connections can be made with industry standard M12, terminal hood, external connection box or cable.

Joe Panozzo, Leuze USA Product Manager for Sensors and Logistics Products says – “The BCL 300 series sets a new standard by offering a large number of options to optimally configure a scanning solution for a particular application. The unique, integrated Ethernet switch saves cabling, labor and switch costs”.

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About Leuze Electronic

Leuze Electronic

For nearly 50 years, we have been developing, producing and marketing efficient sensor solutions for industrial automation around the world. We are specialists with solid application know-how and comprehensive industry knowledge. We always examine customer processes in their entirety so that we can develop efficient solutions.

Leuze electronic offers the highest quality products that have been proven in industrial applications worldwide, along with a leading track record of increasing reliability and efficiency for our customers.

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Reliability and efficiency are the most important features of a sensor. Our focus has always been for our customers’ systems to operate flawlessly with our sensors. Leuze sensors have the highest reliability rating in the industry and withstand the toughest conditions. Our state of the art technology keeps your productivity at its most efficient.

Identification and Measurement:
Advanced new technologies combined with communication protocols gives Leuze electronic a wide range of logistical products. This offers our customers maximum flexibility for system solutions and industrial networks. Our superior products include barcode readers, data transmission products and distance measurement devices.

Our light curtains have outstanding features with options such as muting, blanking and initiation. Leuze offers our customers the unique programmable software, Safety Lab, so they may utilize these features in any combination to their maximum. As a result, our customers can easily custom-configure our light-curtains to their special needs and quite often experience higher efficiency and productivity.