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TS8 Enclosures


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Rittal TS8 Enclosures - TS8 Enclosures by Rittal

TS8 Enclosures by Rittal

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The TS8 is the system platform for individual tasks. The enclosure system provides the perfect, cost-effective solution to individual requirements. Each enclosure is a specialist for particular tasks.

Solid frame sections, punched on a 25 mm pitch pattern for universal interior installation

Vertical stays for two mounting levels with four rows of slots and holes for locating and screw-fastening

Horizontal stays with a row of PS holes and a row of TS holes according to the vertical profile

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About Rittal


Enclosure systems which satisfy even the highest demands in practical use are one of Rittal's hallmarks. For every application the ideal enclosure,
the ultimate IT housing or the most appropriate electronic-packaging concept.

High-performance power distribution components, perfectly tuned climate control units and robust outdoor solutions round off the unique all-embracing enclosure range from a global player in the business of innovation.

With well over 8000 standard products immediately available, Rittal is the world's leading supplier of
future-oriented enclosure technologies with all relevant national and international approval certificates.

Sophisticated design, perfection in ergonomics and handling, and the ability to offer Rittal partners solutions precisely tailored to their individual needs - those are Rittal's invincible strengths. Strengths which Rittal partners can rely and build upon at all times.

Other brand names: Electromate.