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East Advance Technology Co.

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East Advance Technology  Co. CompactLogix - CompactLogix by East Advance Technology  Co.

CompactLogix by East Advance Technology Co.

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CompactLogix is designed to provide a Logix solution for medium applications. Typically these applications are machine-level control applications with I/O requirements, network connectivity, and motion control requirements. A simple system can consist of a standalone controller with a single bank of I/O modules and DeviceNet communication. In a more complex system, add other networks and motion control. Multiple controllers can communicate across networks and share data.

Using CompactLogix controllers on EtherNet/IP or ControlNet networks, you have the means to cost-effectively integrate a simple machine or application into a plant-wide control system. For example, you can use a CompactLogix 1769-L35E controller to connect a suite of scalable products, such as the Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus operator interface, POINT I/O, and the PowerFlex 70 drive, for a full-scale integrated solution.
Both ends of the architecture provide a direct link from real-time production information to manufacturing quality or execution systems (and back again), providing a more accurate view of plant operations and more control options than ever before to achieve this integration.
CompactLogix PLC to provide for low-to medium-sized applications, Logix solution. Typical applications include device-level control applications (only require a limited amount of input and output as well as limited communication requirements). Compactlogix 1769-L31 provides two serial communication interface. 1769-L32C and 1769-L35CR controller provides an integrated ControlNet communication port. 1769-L32E and 1769-L35E to provide an integrated Ethernet interface. CompactLogix PLC system support: from the center CompactLogix controller via EtherNet / IP, control network equipment network to remotely control the input-output and field equipment, distributed control to achieve in different locations.

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About East Advance Technology Co.

East Advance Technology  Co.

East Advance Technology Company Limited, China (EATC) provides quality products and material of different makes to industrial, commercial and utility sectors in Asia, Middle East, EU and Americas
The following is our business scope:
• PLC components and spares from reputed vendors.
• Instrumentation products form diffident suppliers.
• Control valves, pressure, flow and temperature transmitters.
• Solar panels, chargers, batteries and accessories.
• Small wind turbines for domestic and remote facility usage.
• LEDs based indoor, outdoor and street lighting systems.
• LED based Modular Displays
• Central control and monitoring systems for industrial, commercial facilities
• SCADA and distributed control systems for power plants , railway and pipelines
In case you are in need of the above products or solutions now or in near future, please do not hesitate to contact us .We will be pleased to serve you.
I am looking forward to your kindly feedback.