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Visit the new AXISNJ web-site!!

Somerville, NJ (July 9th, 2019) - Visit the new AXISNJ web-site!!


Somerville, NJ (August 13th, 2018) - Leuze Electronic Sensors and Accessories in stock and ready to ship! Get sensors from our warehouse to your door in as little as 1-2 business days. Forget long lead times, extended backorders, see how our quick ship program can help you get up and running in no time! Inductive Sensors Safety Sensors Optical Sensors Optical Distance Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors Connectivity & Mounting Accessories Leuze electronic is one of the world’s innovation leaders in optical sensors and is internationally known as a leading manufacturer and solution provider in electrical automation. Its main focus is on the areas of intralogistics, packaging industry, tool manufacturing and automotive industry as well as medical technology. The product range includes switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, solutions for image processing and data transmission and a...

Siemens Product Delivery Release

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2018) - Siemens Product Delivery Release - SIRIUS 3RW5 Soft Starter Industrial Controls Product Announcement The 3RW52’s are now “Released for Sale”. The 3RW5 family of soft starters extends our product range with market leading technology-features for practically every user application. The existing 3RW30 and 3RW40 soft starter family will remain for sale, giving us one of the broadest packages available on the market! The 3RW5 family is a game changer allowing us to broaden our market leadership in mo-tor control applications. Top benefits of the 3RW52 soft starter: Compact size – Less than 8” deep up to 400HP, easy to fit into MCCs, shallow cabinets and retrofits. Flexible HMI choices – Install the high feature, standard, or omit t...

Leuze Electronic The Sensor People

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2018) - From standard applications to high-tech solutions – Leuze has a sensor product for every application, many are available with IO-Link capability !  Switching Sensors: Sensor solutions that detect an object optoelectronically, ultrasonically or inductively, with a large variety of different operating principles and designs Measuring Sensors:  Measuring sensors (analog or digital output) can actively check distances, position system parts, and monitor other part or target parameters. Bar Code/Identification: 1-2D Bar Code Readers and RFID Transponders to provide identification and traceability in your industrial controls application Products for Safety at Work: Leuze is one of the technology leaders in the area of optoelectronic safety sensors for in...


Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2018) - Teledyne DALSA’s multi-line CMOS camera honored with Gold Innovators Award Teledyne DALSA’s Linea ML was awarded Gold-level honors in the Fourth Annual Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. Recognized as an industry leader, the Linea ML is a breakthrough in line scan imaging, allowing systems to image multiple fields in a single pass. For automated inspection, Teledyne DALSA’s innovative machine vision technology also includes robust and flexible industrial vision systems and sensors designed to satisfy a broad variety of user requirements to ensure product quality on the factory floor. These systems are compatible with a wide range of cameras for both area and line based imaging including Teledyne DALSA’s Gigabit Ethernet and Camera Link® cameras with mono or color sensors, as well as 3rd party alternatives.

ROBOTIQ new Hand-E units

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2018) - Adaptive Grippers Made for collaborative robots Plug + Play & easy to program  High payload & wide stroke options Gripper Features Built for collaborative robots  3 wide-stroke gripper models for use with collaborative robots Multiple grip modes for working with any application  Simple to program  Automatic part detection, position feedback, & part validation  Suit industrial needs High force and payload Precise and durable

Universal Robots e Series

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2018) - MEET THE NEW e-Series FAMILY Built-in, tool-centric Force/Torque sensor enables the e-Series cobots to take on applications requiring force control right out of the box. A repeatability of 30 micron (0.03mm) in the UR3e and UR5e models and 50 micron (0.05mm) in the UR10e means e-Series cobots rival or outperform competitors such as KUKA LBR iiwa (±0.1mm), Rethink Robotics Sawyer (±0.1mm), ABB YuMi (±0.02mm) and FANUC CR-4iA (±0.013mm). Re-designed user interface decreases cognitive load and expedites program development. Advanced users can utilize the new externally accessible, 500Hz system bus to implement more complex motion control algorithms or profiles. New wrist-joint-tool communication interface reduces production line integration time and the hassle associated with routing cables between ...

Rittal TopTherm Chillers the new generation

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2018) - Rittal - TopTherm Chillers – the new generation Rittal TopTherm chillers feature the latest internal technology to deliver better performance to meet the challenges of the 21st century. These chillers benefit from the latest advances in thermodynamic efficiency, most readily apparent in the repositioning of the unit’s condenser fan. Based on proven Rittal modular designs, these chillers can be customized to fit your specific requirements – and provide cooling capacity from 30,000 to 150,000 BTU. These models provide high efficiency and a level of cooling you’ve come to expect from Rittal on a footprint that is only 24 inches deep. Available options to customize your application: Hot gas bypass control in the cooling circuit More powe...

Siemens - ET200SP Load Cell Amplifier

Somerville, NJ (April 19th, 2018) - AI 2xSG 4-/6-wire HS Siemens ET200 SP Strain Gauge Amplifier •Fast measuring technology integrated in ET 200SP design •Analog input for force and torque sensors The module AI 2xSG 4-/6-wire HS incorporates into the group of the analog input modules. It extends the functional range of the ET 200SP peripherals relating to a fast interpretation of force and torque sensors, based on strain gauge full bridges. Features: • Scale and calibrate from a user configured “maintenance” screen • No drift of load cell amplifier to deal with • Less parts (less points of failure) • Easy configuration Integrated from: •TIA Portal V14 SP1 •SIMATIC Manager Step7 V5.6 •GSDML V2.33 / GSD V03.01.105 Customer Benefits: •Measuring technology seamlessly integrated into the automation system •Compact, high-performance solution in ET 200SP design •Flexibilit...

MbConnect - Security By Design

Somerville, NJ (March 28th, 2018) - Security By Design - MbConnect Industrial router with security chip Thanks to hardware-based storage of certificates and encryption, the security of the industrial router mbNET is significantly improved. Both the data communication and the routers themselves are much less vulnerable. A security chip (secure element) serves as a secure safe for passwords, certificates and keys. These are neither readable nor manipulatable - not even by a hardware hack. The data from processes and applications, such as remote maintenance connections or the web interface, are stored in an encrypted container, each are protected against each other and to the outside. This protects the user data against spying and manipulation. The security of the router itself is ensured by a fixed programmed bootloader (Secure Boot), which only accepts signed firmware updates in accordance with the stored security certi...

Carlo Gavazzi - DUB72 Series

Somerville, NJ (March 28th, 2018) - CARLO GAVAZZI announced the launch of the DUB72 Series, a double under voltage monitoring relay that is approved for use in Class I Division 2 hazardous locations. This relay can be used to help prevent brownouts in 24 VDC supplied systems in any kind of application, including hazardous environments. The DUB72 features two independent set levels and outputs, which allow the use of one as a pre-alarm and the second one as an alarm. With a high powered electromechanical 20 amp relay, the second threshold / relay can be used to directly disconnect a battery or load. Its low-profile DIN housing can fit into electrical distribution panels as well as into industrial cabinets. The Class I Div. 2 compliance, according to the ISA12.12.1 Norm, makes the DUB72 suitable for installation in potentially explosive environments rated Zone 2. The PCB tropicalization increases operational reliabilit...


Somerville, NJ (March 28th, 2018) - AndonSPEED - call-for-action solution for manual workstations and logistics AndonSPEED is a unique intelligent and innovative wireless call-for-action system for manual workstations. The system gives an immediate optical warning signal indicating which problem has occurred where. In contrast to traditional simple andon systems AndonSPEED not only shows immediately where a problem has occurred, the data captured can be documented and analysed. Nowadays the operator simple activates a call for assistance by pressing a button on a switch box located at the work station. This triggers a clearly visible signal tower to illuminate indicating the nature of the problem to be resolved, material required or support needed, for example. At the same time the status change is transmitted wirelessly to the workstation of the person responsible for resolving the problem. The calls-for-action can al...

Teledyne DALSA - 1.3M cameras

Somerville, NJ (March 27th, 2018) - Teledyne DALSA’s 1.3M cameras optimized for price and performance. Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, introduced its newest Genie Nano cameras built around ON Semiconductor’s Python P3 1.3M CMOS image sensors. These new models feature a global shutter, with 1280 x 1024 resolution, and image capture of up to 83 frames-per-second with Teledyne’s TurboDrive technology. Developed for cost-conscious imaging applications that don’t require the higher speed of On Semi’s P1 sensors, the latest P3-based cameras are available in color and monochrome. As with all Genie Nano cameras, customers can expect smear-free imaging, strong build quality and easy implementation. Key Features: • TurboDrive for fast frame rates and full image quality • Trigger-to-Image-Reliability for easy system control and debugging • Sma...


Somerville, NJ (March 27th, 2018) - NEW THROUGH HOLLOW INCREMENTAL ENCODERS POSITAL has extended its portfolio of rotary encoders with a new family of through hollow incremental encoders. These devices are designed to be installed with the machine shaft passing through the sensor. They can be used to monitor rotary motion in a wide variety of machinery, including servomotors, material handling equipment and printing presses, offering cost-effective, space-saving solutions. They can be easily installed between the body of the motor and other components mounted on the shaft. Easy Installation, Accurate Measurement • Easy to Install, No Shaft Alignment Required • Compact, Adjustable, and Versatile Design • Variety of Shaft Bore Sizes from 10mm to 42mm, Including Imperial Sizes • Install Directly on Shaft, No Need for Extra Coupling • Wide Variety of Applications Large Variety of Configurations POSI...

Weintek - cMT3072 and cMT3103

Somerville, NJ (March 27th, 2018) - Smart Human Machine Interface: cMT3072 and cMT3103 (Wi-Fi) As Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 trigger a sequence of industrial upgrades, the demand for machine integration and data interchange is also on the rise. Responding to the trend, Weintek is releasing an all-round cMT HMI solution which offers diverse high-performance HMI products to integrate miscellaneous systems. cMT Series models not only bring unprecedented visual experience with attractive, easy-to-edit project screens and built-in window transition effects, but also support powerful connectivity, including MQTT and OPC UA, direct connection with database, and more than 300 communication protocols. With the release of cMT3072 (7”) and Wi-Fi HMI cMT3103 (10”), cMT Series now comes in an even wider range of sizes. cMT Series also realizes multi-display and remote control. By running cMT Viewer application on ...

Thomson - PC Series Precision Linear Actuators

Somerville, NJ (March 9th, 2018) - Thomson PC Series Precision Linear Actuators Optimized Machine Design and Energy Savings Through Reliable, High-Performance and Compact Electric Actuation Unmatched Power Density, Speed and Stroke Length: Thomson PC Series™ electric actuators are designed to deliver superior performance as they are stronger, faster and longer-reaching than other comparable units on the market. The PC Series offers a broad range of accessories and options, including servo motors, making them ideal for virtually any application. Exceptional Power Density • Provides market-leading load capabilities • Allows you to downsize your equipment • Helps extend the actuator’s operating life Higher Speed • Reduces the overall machine cycle time • Allows for seamless integration with other high-speed machinery and processes • Enables electric actuation in new machine axes and appli...

Dart - DP4 and ASP Digital Speed Pots

Somerville, NJ (March 5th, 2018) - DP4 Digital Speed Pot: Digital display speedpot for AC or DC drives Microcomputer based, the DP4 replaces conventional 3-wire analog speed potentiometer. Displays percent of motor full speed. Faceplate gasket kit. Universal power supply – one model for both 120VAC and 240 VAC input. The DP4 now offers a configurable input to lock out set point changes via the front panel. This can add an important level of control for safety or system performance reasons. A microprocessor based digital speed potentiometer that can directly replace a conventional 3-wire analog speedpot or motorized speedpot for most AC and DC drives. The desired set speed is entered into the large 1/2 inch LED display through the convenient front-panel interface…and display units are now programmable for virtually any unit of measure. The attractive panel mount unit is easy to install in industry standard 1...

Carlo Gavazzi - Slimline Power Supplies for a Wide Variety of Applications

Somerville, NJ (March 5th, 2018) - Carlo Gavazzi announced the launch of two new single phase AC DIN-rail switch mode power supply families, in housings that are among the most compact available. These new additions to Carlo Gavazzi’s extensive lineup of power supplies include features and price points that are well-suited to a wide variety of markets and applications. The SPDM Series is a general purpose family with industry standard features in the most common output configurations. These smartly priced models are available in ranges from 30W up to 240W, in 12V and 24V outputs, and in housings that are up to 30% smaller than similar types on the market. The SPDC Series offers the highest level of features and performance, in slim metal housings. They feature efficiency levels above 90%, built-in Power Factor Correction, and can provide 150% power boost for up to 3 seconds, making them ideal for applications wi...


Somerville, NJ (February 28th, 2018) - Industrial router with security chip: Thanks to hardware-based storage of certificates and encryption, the security of the industrial router mbNET is significantly improved. Both the data communication and the routers themselves are much less vulnerable. A security chip (secure element) serves as a secure safe for passwords, certificates and keys. These are neither readable nor manipulatable - not even by a hardware hack. The data from processes and applications, such as remote maintenance connections or the web interface, are stored in an encrypted container, each are protected against each other and to the outside. This protects the user data against spying and manipulation. The security of the router itself is ensured by a fixed programmed bootloader (Secure Boot), which only accepts signed firmware updates in accordance with the stored security certificate (Secure Firmware). A new...

Nanotec - New Powerful Drive Solutions for Small Spaces

Somerville, NJ (February 28th, 2018) - New linear actuators: The linear actuators from Nanotec are available in five sizes, from NEMA 8 to NEMA 23, and in three configurations: captive, non-captive and external linear. New additions are the LA28 and LA42 series in size NEMA 11, respectively NEMA 17. The integrated threaded bushing has a long service life thanks to improved materials, and connecting the motor is made easy with the integrated connector. The new series are available with both trapezoidal lead screws and ACME threads. The stepper motor-based linear actuators are particularly suitable for applications where linear positioning is required in small spaces. The different screw pitches provide high forces of up to 370 N and fast positioning. When used in combination with an encoder and Nanotec's closed-loop controllers, the position as well as the thrust can be monitored and controlled. Small stepper motor ...


Somerville, NJ (February 28th, 2018) - SERCOS III (Ethernet) with Drive profile and synchronization for MAC motor® and ServoStep® JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, one of the world’s leading producers in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, announced another industrial Ethernet protocol for its integrated servo motors and integrated stepper motors: SERCOS. Ready for Industry 4.0 and IIoT (Industrial IoT): The JVL Sercos module is equipped with two Ethernet connectors and a built-in switch, enabling line and ring topology without any extra expensive hardware. The JVL Sercos module has several LEDs, enabling technicians and operators to get a quick status overview. There are also opto-isolated digital I/Os embedded in the module, enabling control of extra sensors etc. without external I/O modules. This minimizes the number of devices on the net and reduces cable costs. All connectors are rugged M12 co...

Coval - Modular Vacuum Grippers

Somerville, NJ (February 28th, 2018) - COVAL’s MVG Series Customized Solution: COVAL’s MVG series vacuum grippers correspond perfectly to the expectations of integrators and users. Thanks to their high degree of modularity, they provide the optimal handling solution for products of varied sizes, shapes and weights. With a single MVG gripper, easily integrated into the process, the user can carry out single or multiple grips of diverse products, both simply and safely. Standard Customization: The modular design, in standard variations, of the MVG series vacuum grippers gives it a high degree of flexibility with regards to format, gripping interface and vacuum pump, to respond perfectly to application requirements.Furthermore, to optimize production cycles and palletization planning, MVG grippers can be equipped with several independent gripping zones (multi-zone), ensuring multiple or staggered gripping/release po...

Siemens - 25 Years of SITOP

Somerville, NJ (February 9th, 2018) - SITOP has been the heart of automation for 25 years, reliably supplying the right DC voltage to industries around the world. Our extensive portfolio of power supplies and add-on modules offers proven quality and reliability, maximum performance and maximum efficiency. And more besides: continuous development and constant innovation have already made SITOP the industrial power supply for Industrie 4.0. Top integration When it comes to integration, SITOP sets the benchmark in the manufacturing and process industry: the complete integration of the SITOP PSU8600 modular power supply system and the UPS1600 uninterruptible power supply into Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the TIA Portal makes engineering easier, faster and more fail-safe. In addition to engineering, this integration also pays off in day-to-day operation, e.g. through optimized monitoring and end-to-end diagnostics....

Rittal - SE 8 Enclosures

Somerville, NJ (January 29th, 2018) - SE 8 Enclosure Stands Above In Quality and Value Stand-Alone Design By comparison, the Rittal SE 8 enclosure brings together the benefits of modular design and accessories with a price point that competes with unibody enclosures. Because the strength and interior mounting are handled by the roll-formed frame section of the enclosure, the SE 8 delivers improved durability and 30 percent more internal space than comparable unibody designs. In addition, the SE 8 is available in 16-gauge carbon or stainless steel, and features the standard, reversible TS 8 door to accommodate modifications over the lifecycle of the enclosure. For larger control systems, the SE 8 is available in a double-door design starting at 39”. To ensure components remain protected, the single-door carbon-steel model is UL Type 12 and 3R with a Type 4 version available. The double-door design is currently rate...

POSITAL - New Heavy Duty Encoders

Somerville, NJ (January 26th, 2018) - NEW HEAVY DUTY INCREMENTAL AND ABSOLUTE ROTARY ENCODERS IXARC heavy-duty incremental and absolute rotary encoders are based on a housing design that has a 25-year record of surviving the toughest conditions. These sensors feature extra rugged impact-resistant Type 316L stainless-steel or aluminum housings and seals rated to IP67. Like other POSITAL products, the heavy-duty encoders are available in a wide variety of configurations. Built to Stand Extreme Environmental Conditions • High Mechanical Shaft Loads (up to 250 N Axial, 350 N Radial) • High Shock and Vibration Impact (200G and 20G Respectively) • Type 316L Stainless-steel or Aluminum Housings • Shaft-lock Mechanism Protects Internal Components • Wide Variety of Configurations • IP67 Rating • Dual-function Models with Incremental and Absolute Outputs Incremental and Absolute Versions Available: Lik...

Pizzato - Buzzer Eround

Somerville, NJ (January 26th, 2018) - Check out Pizzato's new E6 Buzzer series from their EROUND product line - There are versions available in IP67 and IP69K with a volume range of up to 80 decibels without holes and IP40 versions that can reach 90 decibels with holes. Main features: • Buzzer totally integrated in a monolithic body of reduced dimensions • Protection degree up to IP67 and IP69K • Continuous and pulsing sound versions • High sound intensity Designed for use in even the more severe conditions, these devices pass the immersion test IP67 according to IEC 60529. They can be used in all environments that require the highest protection degree of the enclosure. Moreover, special adaptations allow the devices to be used in machineries subjected to intense washing with high pressure and high temperature water jets. In fact they have passed also the IP69K test according to ISO 20653 with water jets ...

Thomson - New Actuators Available for High-Load Applications

Somerville, NJ (January 26th, 2018) - Electrak HD – Superior Performance Linear Actuator Higher power, longer stroke, onboard controls with optional J1939 CAN bus and unmatched environmental protection The popular Thomson Electrak HD line of smart electromechanical actuators has been expanded to increase designers’ flexibility in handling applications demanding higher load capacity, including hydraulic-to-electric conversions. • Higher load ranges up to 16 kN (3600 lbs.). • Stroke lengths up to 1 m (39 in.) / 500 mm (20 in.) for 16 kN. • Ask your account manager for more details, including availability The new Electrak Modular Control System (EMCS) is the foundation for the best onboard controls currently available in electric linear actuators and includes optional, built-in J1939 CAN bus support. The feature-rich modular design for all control and feedback options is simple to use and built within on...

LinMot - Tubular Linear Servomotor

Somerville, NJ (January 19th, 2018) - What is a tubular linear servomotor? A tubular linear servomotor is an electromagnetic direct drive in tubular form. The linear motion is produced electrically and wear-free. The motors consist of just two parts; a slider and a stator. Check out LinMot's latest video, featuring introductions to the tubular linear servomotor.

Universal Robots Demo Video

Somerville, NJ (January 19th, 2018) - Demonstrating the capabilities of the UR5 in conjunction with a Robotiq gripper!

Siemens - SCALANCE X

Somerville, NJ (January 15th, 2018) - SCALANCE X - Industrial Ethernet switches for any requirement The SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches feature the FastConnect for RJ45, M12 and fiber optic cables. These switches offer different interfaces for electrical or optical connections as well as supporting numerous IT standards. Setting up flexible industrial networks with SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet switches - and being prepared for future requirements at the same time such as "Internet of Things (IoT)". An extensive product portfolio offers the right switch for your network applications.

CTP Safety Swicthes

Somerville, NJ (January 15th, 2018) - Euchner has expanded the field applications for CTP transponder-coded safety switches. Even safety guards requiring locking forces as high as 3,900 N can be reliably secured in combination with a new actuator. The new actuator is compatible with all existing CTP variants and can be used without design adaptations at any time. The unique transponder integrated into the actuator maximizes protection against tampering. CTP series safety switches offer the user the greatest possible versatility. The safety switch is available in various versions to suit the requirements at the place to be secured, e.g. versions for connection to the AS-Interface, for series connection or for use in ATEX applications. They achieve category 4 / PL e and fulfill all requirements of EN ISO 14119. All CTP versions are characterized by a narrow design and the robust plastic housing with metal head. The hi...


Somerville, NJ (January 15th, 2018) - ABSOLUTE VS INCREMENTAL ROTARY ENCODERS Incremental or Absolute? Positioning tasks require precise position values to monitor or control motion activity. In many applications position sensing is done using rotary encoders, also called shaft encoders or simply encoders. These sensors transform a mechanical angular position of a shaft or axle into an electronic signal that can be processed by a control system. Absolute Rotary Encoders: Absolute rotary encoders are capable of providing unique position values from the moment they are switched on. This is accomplished by scanning the position of a coded element. All positions in these systems correspond to a unique code. Even movements that occur while the system is without power are translated into accurate position values once the encoder is powered up again. - Multiple Interface Options: Analog, Ethernet, Fieldbus, Parallel, S...

Teledyne DALSA - BOA Spot ID Vision Sensor

Somerville, NJ (January 15th, 2018) - Teledyne DALSA BOA Spot ID Vision Sensor BOA Spot: simple, affordable, and reliable performance for quality inspection. No matter what you create on your production line, BOA Spot can help you improve quality, reduce scrap, and increase throughput. It has never been so easy for you to expand your automation with vision. With integrated LED lighting, lens cover, easy-to-use software, and easy integration with factory systems, BOA Spot instantly delivers high value capabilities at a low cost of ownership. And its robust build quality with IP67 rating means Spot is at home in harsh industrial/wash down conditions. BOA Spot's embedded vision tools, exposed through a simple point and click interface, can be quickly deployed for numerous automated inspection and identification tasks. Whether used for manufacturing, error-proofing, or tracking products from cradle to grave, BOA Spot vi...

Leuze - Camera Based IPS 200i Sensor

Somerville, NJ (January 10th, 2018) - Smallest Camera-Based Sensor on the Market! With the IPS 200i, Leuze electronic has introduced the smallest camera-based sensor on the market for compartment fine positioning with high-bay storage devices in single-depth storage. It impresses with some powerful advantages, particularly its fast commissioning and simple alignment. Smart is to think easy – that is the development claim of Leuze electronic for the benefit of their customers. What this means is that Leuze electronic develops only products that are easy and intuitive to commission and operate. Fast commissioning is one of the most powerful advantages that the small, camera-based IPS 200i has to offer. It is accomplished using a web-based configuration tool. Adjustments can be made directly on the device itself. An alignment system with feedback LEDs provides additional support. Due to the compact design, the IPS 200i ...

Carlo Gavazzi - Motor Thermistor Relay

Somerville, NJ (January 10th, 2018) - Carlo Gavazzi announced the launch of their latest motor thermistor relay in a compact, DIN-rail mount housing. The DTA04 features universal input voltage, giving it flexibility to be installed in a variety of control panels. This is a DIN rail mounted thermistor relay whose main purpose is to protect electric motors from overheating, ensuring continuous production and preventing machine downtime. Simplicity, versatility, and reliability are crucial for most users as they select monitoring controls to protect motors and equipment. The DTA04 meets these criteria with key features that include an operational mode that can be configured as Auto or Manual reset, giving the user the ability to select the option that best suits their requirements. The universal input voltage and multiple NEMA B300 relay outputs also provide users with the options they require. The DTA04 gives Carlo G...

Dart - New ModbusRTU for Brushless DC Drives

Somerville, NJ (January 10th, 2018) - The ModbusRTU installs right on top of the 730/731 series Brushless Drive •Two Models: •730BDC Series BLDC (available now – Models 730BDC-RTU and 731BDC-RTU) •Enhanced control and information •Installation labor and material savings •Enables advanced applications: Smart phone/tablet apps; Bluetooth and Cloud applications; remote access •Unique to Dart •Supported by HUGE installed base of Modbus–capable controllers, HMI’s and plc’s Dart’s 700 Series of DC brushless motor controls provides variable speed operation for most brushless DC motors. Compact, economical, and ENERGY EFFICIENT, the 700 Series provides the newest alternative in motor control. These drives are ideal where high speed or quiet operation is needed, combined with a BLDC motor completely eliminating brush wear. The 700 Series may be provided with a pluggable connector and fixed speed s...

LinMot - New P04 Linear Motor

Somerville, NJ (January 3rd, 2018) - LinMot's New P04-37x120F/135-HP-R Linear Motor Replacing pneumatics just got easier! Direct linear motor technology from LinMot • Stator and slider fully encapsulated • Designed for roughest environment • Hardened rod capable to handle side load • Non-rotating rod PS01-37x120F-HP motor based • Max velocity 3.9 m/s (154 in/s) • Peak Force 255 N (57 lbf) • Stroke 135 mm (5.3 in) • Single cable for power and sensors Mounting and Accessories • According to ISO pneumatic cylinder • Ø 16 mm rod with M10x1.25 thread • Additional T-slots Download the Brochure


Somerville, NJ (December 20th, 2017) - TIA Portal V15 engineering framework: Focus on applications, digitalization and efficiency New version of the TIA Portal V15 engineering framework with emphasis on applications, digitalization portfolio and engineering efficiency Applications enhanced with high-level language programming, integration of additional drive systems and handling functions Widening of the digitalization portfolio to include OPC UA functionalities and virtual commissioning Standardization and higher engineering efficiency with teamwork, as well as expanded diagnostics of machines and systems With the new version of the TIA Portal V15 (Totally Integrated Automation Portal), Siemens is extending its engineering framework to include a range o...

Pizzato Stainless Steel HX Safety Switches

Somerville, NJ (December 18th, 2017) - Pizzato Elettrica's NEW Hinged-Shaped Safety Switches in Stainless Steel HX Series:

Pizzato Stainless Steel HX Safety Switches

Somerville, NJ (December 18th, 2017) - Pizzato Elettrica's NEW Hinged-Shaped Safety Switches in Stainless Steel HX Series: Thanks to the use of AISI 316L stainless steel and to the accurate surface finish, this new range of devices is suitable for any environment where chemical and corrosive agents are found or for aseptic environments where particular attention is required for cleanliness and hygiene (i.e. pharmaceutical sectors, chemical or marine sectors). Main Features of the HX Series: • AISI 316L stainless steel housing • Protection degree IP67 and IP69K • Intervention point 1.5* adjustable +/-1* • Versions with rear cable and rear cable with M12 connector • Laser marking on the product HX Series stainless steel safety switches are available both with mechanical and electric contact blocks. Mechanical Contact Block Versions: Two versions of the stainless steel safety switches with mechani...

Pizzato - New Safety Switches in Stainless Steel HX Series

Somerville, NJ (December 18th, 2017) - Pizzato Elettrica's NEW Hinged-Shaped Safety Switches in Stainless Steel HX Series: Thanks to the use of AISI 316L stainless steel and to the accurate surface finish, this new range of devices is suitable for any environment where chemical and corrosive agents are found or for aseptic environments where particular attention is required for cleanliness and hygiene (i.e. pharmaceutical sectors, chemical or marine sectors). Main Features of the HX Series: • AISI 316L stainless steel housing • Protection degree IP67 and IP69K • Intervention point 1.5* adjustable +/-1* • Versions with rear cable and rear cable with M12 connector • Laser marking on the product HX Series stainless steel safety switches are available both with mechanical and electric contact blocks. Mechanical Contact Block Versions: Two versions of the stainless steel safety switches with mechani...

Universal Robots - New Repair Center

Somerville, NJ (December 18th, 2017) - Universal Robots opens new repair center enabling overnight deliveries in North America 4,300 sq ft (400 m2) center adjacent to Universal Robots’ Americas headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan, now ready to cover North and South America with repair services, offering overnight delivery of spare parts in North America. UR robot models, from the CB3 generation and forward, no longer need to be shipped overseas to Denmark for repair services but can now be handled at Universal Robots’ new center in Michigan. The newly renovated location will also house a complete inventory of spare parts for Universal Robots’ collaborative robot arms, servicing the entire Americas region, featuring 24 hours turn-around time in North America. The center will be able to handle all repair and spare part requests. President of Universal Robots, Jürgen von Hollen, emphasizes how the new repair cent...


Somerville, NJ (December 8th, 2017) - WERMA StockSAVER: Third-generation kanban systems StockSAVER represents the latest generation in Kanban systems for production logistics. Simple to retrofit to FIFO flow racks, StockSAVER solves many of the traditional Kanban problems, frees up space for more value adding activities and improves cash-flow. StockSAVER calls up material replenishment orders automatically, thus eliminating the margin for human error and making the need for line-side safety stocks redundant. • No more fear-related stockpiling required • No more safety stock required (with no danger of materials running out) • Protection against running out of materials • Improved cash flow • Complete solution from a single source (hardware and software) • No external project or consultancy costs, thanks to simple commissioning and use Typical applications: • Intelligent signal points determine...


Somerville, NJ (December 8th, 2017) - NEW INCREMENTAL LINARIX DRAW WIRE SENSORS Programmable Incremental Draw Wires POSITAL is expanding their incremental encoder family to add their line of draw wire sensors. These new programmable linear sensors allow for even more versatility to their ever expanding LINARIX series. A unique Internet-enabled configuration management system for programmability lets users update and program these sensors on the spot. • Variety of measurement lengths, from 1.25m to 15m • Default resolution 0.1mm, configurable using UBIFAST • Simple and adaptable installation • Cost effective solution for accurate linear positioning • Rugged design for high reliability and low maintenance Large Variety of Configurations for Any Application: New Incremental LINARIX draw wires are offered with a wide variety of mechanical features, connector types and connection interfaces with econo...

Thomson - Smart Electromechanical Actuators

Somerville, NJ (December 8th, 2017) - Explore how smart actuators can improve application control, flexibility and efficiency Thomson is advancing linear actuation technology with a new generation of smart electromechanical actuators. We integrate onboard electronics directly into the actuator, and resulting benefits to your next machine design can include: • Improved control • Reduced complexity • Fewer components • Reduced installation time • Lower overall costs Watch the Video: Thomson walks you through the makings of a smart electromechanical actuator, its integrated electronics, where it is best applied and three Thomson actuator families offering these solutions.

mb Connect - New mbNETFIX

Somerville, NJ (December 1st, 2017) - mbNETFIX - The Industrial Firewall for the Automation User mbNETFIX is a self-learning, easy-to-configure industrial firewall. It can be operated in bridge or gateway mode. In bridge mode it is ideal for retrofitting existing networks. It can be installed out of the box, without introducing changes in the network and, once installed, it protects your networks immediately. In gateway mode, selected areas of a network can be separated. Again, the learning mode simplifies the creation of the filter tables. The concept is based on "security by design" right from the start. In order to keep attack vectors as small as possible, a web interface was deliberately disregarded. the firewall is configured with a specific software via the USB port. Top 5 Facts: • Protects the machines in the network from attacks from the internet • Easy network segmentation with controlled routing ...

mb Connect - New mbNETFIX

Somerville, NJ (December 1st, 2017) - mbNETFIX - The Industrial Firewall for the Automation User mbNETFIX is a self-learning, easy-to-configure industrial firewall. It can be operated in bridge or in gateway mode. In bridge mode it is ideal for retrofitting existing networks. It can be installed out of the box, without introducing changes in the network and, once installed, it protects your networks immediately. In gateway mode, selected areas of network can be separated. Again, the learning mode simplifies the creation of the filter tables. The concept is based on "security by design" right from the start. In order to keep attack vectors as small as possible, a web interface was deliberately disregarded. The firewall is configured with a specific software via the USB port. Technical Specifications: IP, port, MAC and protocol filters for monitoring and restricting data traffic Versatile NAT functionalities, ...

JVL - NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motors

Somerville, NJ (November 27th, 2017) - State of the Art – the next Generation NEMA23 Integrated Stepper Motors from JVL JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, one of the world’s leading producers in the field of integrated servo and stepper motors, has announced a completely new generation of the NEMA23 integrated stepper motors that have proved their value for many years. The new motor family, ServoStep, uses the newest technology and the advancement of the previous designs. The family has the widest pallet of options in the market and will thus fit into all possible customer applications. Key features: Integrated motors mean you get an all-in-one solution. In one unit you get motor, drive electronics, encoder, motion controller and an easily programmed embedded PLC with 8 I/O points on board. The motors can operate as stand-alone units or be controlled from a master PLC or PC. The 8 I/O points can be individually con...

Robotiq - Updated FT 300

Somerville, NJ (November 15th, 2017) - Updated FT 300 Force Torque Sensor Robotiq launched a 10 times more sensitive version of our FT 300 Force Torque Sensor. This force torque sensor comes with an updated free URCap software enabling to feed data to the Universal Robots Force Mode, perform precise insertion assembly and a quicker calibration routine. With Plug + Play integration on all Universal Robots, the FT 300 performs highly repeatable force control tasks such as finishing, product testing, assembly and precise part insertion. FT 300 Force Torque Sensor: The FT 300 is a multi-axis force and torque sensor that enables Universal Robots to perform force sensitive tasks. It precisely detects and measures robot contacts in order to improve the robot control as well as simplifying its programming. The FT 300 is a perfect fit for precise force control tasks such as finishing, product testing, assembly and accur...

Littlefuse - High Temperature SCR Thyristor

Somerville, NJ (November 15th, 2017) - Littelfuse Introduced Industry’s First SCR Thyristor with 150°C Junction Temperature in D-PAK Packaging Ideal for switch applications like phase control in heating, motor speed controls, converters/rectifiers and CDI. Littelfuse, Inc. last month introduced a series of high-temperature SCR (silicon-controlled rectifier) thyristors, the first of their kind to offer a junction temperature of 150°C in compact surface-mount D-PAK (TO-252) packaging. These devices are also available in through-hole V-PAK (TO-251) packages. Standard SJ Series SCR Thyristors have a low gate current trigger level of 6mA or 15mA maximum at approximately 1.5V. Sensitive models in the series feature a gate trigger current of less than 200μA. These sensitive gate devices can be easily triggered by sense coils, proximity switches, and microprocessors. Applications for SJ Series SCR Thyristors include ca...

Leuze Inductive Switches

Somerville, NJ (November 15th, 2017) - RELIABLY DETECT METALLIC PARTS Solid application know-how makes Leuze's inductive sensors the optimum solutions for your application. INDUCTIVE SENSORS OPEN NEW POSSIBILITIES In industrial automation, it is often necessary to reliably identify metals regardless of their type and the contamination of the environment. Leuze offers a complete solution for this. An array of designs, short reaction times, and various scanning ranges make Leuze's inductive sensors the right solution for nearly all areas of application. In combination with additional sensors and accessories from their extensive product range, they offer a perfectly tailored sensor solution. Leuze's range of products spans from small cylindrical designs for installation situations with limited space (e.g. in assembly and handling automation or robotics) to robust metal versions for tough metal and woodworking machin...

Rollon - Selecting Pneumatic Or Rodless Electric Actuators

Somerville, NJ (November 15th, 2017) - Selecting Pneumatic Or Rodless Electric Actuators For some automation applications, it can be difficult to decide if a pneumatic or electric motor-driven actuator is best. Obviously, cost can be a big factor when choosing between the two, with pneumatic actuators typically costing less. So why should you pay more for an electric rodless actuator? The answer boils down to higher levels of stiffness, as well as dynamic speed and motor control. Stiffness Rod-type pneumatic actuators are driven by air—specifically, compressed air, which is what determines the actuator’s rigidity. Typical pneumatic actuators have a stiffness factor of < 100 N/mm. Rodless electric actuators, on the other hand, use either a belt or ballscrew as their drive medium and are powered by a mechanically coupled motor. For these actuators, the belt or ballscrew determines the actuator’s stiffness. For ex...

Universal Robots - Cobots Offer Game Changing Benefits

Somerville, NJ (November 8th, 2017) - The UR Cobots are packed with truly amazing benefits. Universal Robots has reinvented industrial robotics with lightweight, flexible robot arms called Cobots or collaborative robots. Tasks previously thought impossible to automate due to cost and complexity, are now achievable with the user-friendly robots. Easy programming: Patented technology lets operators with no programming experience quickly set up and operate the UR cobots with intuitive, 3D visualization. Simply move the robot arm to desired waypoints or touch the arrow keys on the easy-to-use touchscreen tablet. Fast set up: Universal Robots has revolutionized the Cobot set-up, reducing typical robotic deployment measured in weeks to a matter of hours. The average set-up time reported by th...

POSITAL - Multiturn Kit Encoders

Somerville, NJ (November 1st, 2017) - MULTITURN KIT ENCODERS WITH BISS LINE INTERFACE Now with the Open Source One-Cable-Technology BiSS LINE: POSITAL’s new family of kit encoders provide the manufacturers of motors and other machinery with rugged, accurate and cost-efficient tools for building rotary position feedback into their products. The new kit encoders are based on POSITAL’s highly successful self-contained magnetic rotary encoders. Now however, the core components of these instruments are available as separate assemblies that can be readily integrated into other products. • Asynchronous RS485 Interface, 4-Wire Configuration • Open Standard: BiSS Line • Smart Multiturn – Wiegand Technology – No Battery, No Gear! • Compact Single PCB Design • Auto-Calibration – No Mechanical Adjustment • Insensitive to Dust and Moisture Non-Proprietary Interfaces Reduce Costs, Increase Versatilit...

Thomson - Precision Balls

Somerville, NJ (October 25th, 2017) - Thomson is your one-stop shop for precision balls Silicon nitride ceramic balls round out a diverse selection After 70+ years of producing high-quality precision balls, Thomson can outfit any custom solution for your application. In addition to chrome and 440C stainless steel, their silicon nitride balls are popular in bearing designs and other high-precision products. Silicon nitride precision balls: • Excel in low-noise, high-rigidity and high-load-carrying machines. • Can be run dry in a vacuum environment and up to 500°F without lubrication. Ideal Applications: • Bearings • Machine tools • Sprayers • Wind turbines • Cosmetic / chemical mixing balls • Semiconductors Benefits: • Self-lubricating • Non-corrosive • Anti-magnetic • Extremely durable • Compared to steel: - 60% lighter - Twice the material hardnes...

Encoder Products - RX TXD Signal Repeater

Somerville, NJ (October 25th, 2017) - RX/TXD The 4-in-1 Signal Repeater Generally, when you hook up your encoder, it's already configured to provide the correct digital outputs. Those outputs then feed directly to a counter, controller, or other device. However, in some applications the encoder signal needs optimization to reach the receiving device over long distances. You might also need to provide the encoder signal to more than one device. That's where Encoder’s RX/TX products come in. The RX/TXD is an all-in-one device can modify, split, or repeat an encoder's signal -- and even test and verify that signal. FEATURES: • Can be configured as a level changer, signal converter, line repeater, splitter, or tester. • Splits one input signal into two or three outputs. • Has LED indicators for encoder power and signal presence. • Accommodates a variety of digital signal types (RS422, NPN, PNP, TTL, etc....

Leuze - Pizzato NS Series

Somerville, NJ (October 18th, 2017) - Safety comes first with the new Pizzato NS Series! Pizzato Elettrica presents the new NS series safety switches with solenoid and RFID technology The new NS series combines all the knowledge and innovations developed by Pizzato Elettrica for more than thirty years of experience in industrial safety. It is today's spearhead of this field. The NS series switches have a technopolymer body and are suitable for medium/light applications. The main features of the new NS series: • Contactless activation by means of the RFID technology. • Maximum safety with one device only: the NS series switches make it possible to obtain circuits with the highest safety level PLe and SIL3, installing only one device on the protection. • Large centering hole: the switch is equipped with a large hole for centering the actuator's pin. This solution makes it easier to align the actuator and t...


Somerville, NJ (October 16th, 2017) - Siemens is extending its range of HMI devices with Simatic HMI Comfort Panels PRO (PROtected). The new panels with 12-, 15-, 19-, and 22-inch screen diagonals for visualization and automation without control cabinets are equipped with the high protection type IP65 (NEMA4),

Teledyne DALSA - New Polarization Camera

Somerville, NJ (October 9th, 2017) - Making the Invisible Visible. Teledyne DALSA Announces Production of Industry’s First Line Scan Polarization Camera: Teledyne DALSA announced production of the new Polarization camera to its industry-leading Piranha™ family. First announced in Q2 2017, the Piranha4 Polarization camera is now in full production with improved performance. Polarization imaging significantly enhances detection capability in many demanding applications and represents a powerful new addition to system designers’ machine vision toolboxes. The Piranha4-2k Polarization camera uses Teledyne DALSA’s advanced quadlinear CMOS image sensor with nanowire micro-polarizer filters. It captures multiple native polarization state data without any interpolation. With a maximum line rate of 70 kHz, the camera outputs independent images of 0°(s), 90° (p), and 135° polarization states as well as an unfilter...

Moog Animatics - Smart Motor

Somerville, NJ (October 9th, 2017) - How to establish communication with a Moog Animatics Smart Motor This video will familiarize you with some of the SMI software’s tools including motor view. The video explains the following: The difference detecting vs. addressing the motor Establishing communication with SmartMotor and some trouble shooting techniques Measuring temperature, current and voltage with motor view LEDs on the SmartMotor Communication Lockup Wizard Uploading and clearing motor program (EEPROM)


Somerville, NJ (October 9th, 2017) - SmartMONITOR for manufacturing organisations: By wirelessly networking stack lights WERMA offers a simple yet effective cost effective and easy to retro-fit alternative to traditional machine data collection systems. The system delivers quick and uncomplicated relevant data on machines, equipment and manual work-stations at just the touch of a button. Reaction time to issues can be reduced, the manufacturing process optimized and the user will no longer be unaware of downtime and disruptions. All the activities monitored are detailed in easy-to-produce reports which can contribute to lasting improvement measures to the processes being made. AndonSPEED for the warehouse Ideal for warehouse operations, this design has a unique, intelligent and innovative call-for-action system. Not only are disruptions to the process indicated by the Andon lights immediately and clearly this data is a...


Somerville, NJ (October 3rd, 2017) - Digital Enterprise Mobile Showcase is on the road. This is your chance to see Siemens products on sample applications with experts on hand to answer all of your questions.

Leuze - 3C Series

Somerville, NJ (October 2nd, 2017) - Compact, robust, versatile and user-friendly 3C series: The 3C series retro-reflective sensor is great for bottle detection, clear glass container transport, detection using background suppression and many other detection applications found in material handling. Specially designed for transparent media there is also a tracking function for sensitivity and readjustment making this sensor very user friendly for smarter usability. Some of the highlights are: • Up to 30% higher performance through innovation with ASIC pollution compensation • Higher protection and faster response times equate to a more robust sensor • More resolution variants: new laser, special light spots, and potentiometer • Compact sensor housing with new mounting options and compatibility of 22-25mm hole spacing and threaded sleeves

Rittal - TS 8 Bayed Enclosure System

Somerville, NJ (September 29th, 2017) - Ingeniously simple, fully symmetrical, and patented worldwide... this is the successful formula behind Rittal’s TS 8 bayed enclosure system ◾ Rittal’s modular design allows for efficient system updates, flexible baying options and virtually endless configurations, all based on a robust 16-fold tubular frame system ◾ The frame can hold weight loads up to 1,500 lbs. on the mounting panel and features multi-level mounting capability for unsurpassed flexibility ◾ The 25 mm hole pattern allows components and accessories to be mounted in three directions – by height, width and depth – which provides maximum space utilization (up to 30% more available space than traditional NEMA style enclosures of equal dimension) ◾ The door is strengthened with an attached frame which includes holes on a 25 mm pitch pattern for the attachment of ducts, cable harnesses, wiring plan ...

Thomson - Embedded Actuator Synchronization

Somerville, NJ (September 25th, 2017) - Embedded Actuator Synchronization from Thomson Offers New Stability and Efficiency for Large and Bulky Load Handling: Thomson, a leading manufacturer of mechanical motion control solutions, has announced availability of of new synchronization capabilities for its Electrak® HD heavy duty electromechanical linear actuators. Designers of equipment in which large or awkward loads must be moved repeatedly and evenly, such as large solar panels or heavy hoods on construction equipment, can now simultaneously distribute that load using up to four actuators. Traditional methods for synchronizing multiple actuators can be inflexible. Gas spring technology, for example, is limited in application, while hydraulic cylinders can be prone to leakage and costly to maintain. Non-integrated electronic systems have more flexibility and are cleaner but require external devices such as encoders and ...

Nanotec - DF32

Somerville, NJ (September 25th, 2017) - COMPACT EXTERNAL ROTOR MOTOR FOR SERIES APPLICATIONS: With the DF32, Nanotec has presented a flat and very compact external rotor motor. The eight-pole brushless DC motor with a diameter of 32 mm and a height of 18 mm achieves a rated power of 7.4 W. In addition to the standard winding for 24 V with a rated speed of 2760 rpm, customer-specific windings are also possible for series applications. For this motor, the rotor position feedback is provided by hall sensors. Using a flat ribbon cable, the DF32 can be quickly and compactly connected to a control board in series with a suitable ZIF socket strip. For test purposes, Nanotec offers an additional adapter board with normal strands. The DF32 is suitable for a wide range of applications and is an extremely economical solution especially for large series. Compared to other external rotor motors, it particularly stands out due to its high power density.

Carlo Gavazzi - Self Learning 40Hp Soft Starters

Somerville, NJ (September 25th, 2017) - Self Learning 40Hp Soft Starters with Integrated Overload Protection: Carlo Gavazzi announced the launch of the new compact, 45mm wide RSGD Series Soft Starter. The RSGD is an easy to use soft-starter for 3-phase induction AC motors, needing just three settings. The self-learning algorithm adjusts the soft starter parameters to work with different applications and varying load conditions. It is active at every start to ensure that the motor always starts with the optimal settings. New current balancing algorithm keeps the current unbalance to less than 15%. The RSGD Series offers an option for Class 10 electronic overload, providing advanced motor protection and resulting in further space savings in the electrical panel. Phase sequence protection can be enabled and disabled easily through the integrated push button, thus simplifying installation in applications that require reversi...

Robotiq - FT 300 Force Torque Sensor

Somerville, NJ (September 22nd, 2017) - FT 300 Force Torque Sensor: The FT 300 is a multi-axis force and torque sensor that enables Universal Robots to perform force sensitive tasks. It precisely detects and measures robot contacts in order to improve the robot control as well as simplifying its programming. Applications: The Force Torque Sensor is a perfect fit for machine tending, assembly, pick&place and product testing processes. Features: ◾ Made for Universal Robots ◾ Fast and simple installation with free downloadable URCap software ◾ High resolution, precise and repeatable measurements ◾ Made with stiff metal for high level accuracy Easy to Integrate, Easy to Use: ◾ Made for Universal Robots, the FT 300 comes as an all-in-one hardware package. It is fast and simple to install with free URCap downloadable software for Universal Robots. ◾ With FT 300 Path Recording software, you ca...

MB Connect Line - USB over IP with mbCONNECT24

Somerville, NJ (September 22nd, 2017) - HowTo - USB over IP with mbCONNECT24 Learn how you can set up your mbNET.mini to use the USB over IP function. See your USB devices worldwide as if they were directly connected to your PC. What you need: mbDIALUP V3.6 or higher mbNET.mini Firmware 1.7 or higher mbCONNECT24 V2.1.2 or higher With the mbNET.mini router you can connect devices for remote maintenance quickly and easily. The unique USBoverIP technology was implemented in systems as early as 2016 and provides quick and easy connection to a growing number of components with an USB interface.

Siemens - 5SL miniature circuit breakers

Somerville, NJ (September 6th, 2017) - Siemens 5SL miniature circuit breakers: Far more than only fast Installation: This entire range of MCBs is suitable for all industrial applications, as well as all applications in non-residential and residential buildings, thus providing you with the right device for every application. Protecting electrical equipment against damage: The number of electrical consumers continues to grow – and along with them the load on electrical systems. In the event of overload or a short-circuit, miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) safely cut the connected circuit and thus reliably protect electrical systems and devices against damage. Miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in the SENTRON portfolio are also easy to assemble and install. The devices feature a uniform design, and can be expanded to include many more functions thanks to an extensive range of accessories. For industries, buildings or ...

POSITAL - New Economical LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors

Somerville, NJ (September 6th, 2017) - New Economical LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors: Extended LINARIX Draw Wire Portfolio As part of our commitment to quality, we are always working to improve the products offered in the POSITAL portfolio. Therefore we have extended our LINARIX line of draw-wire linear displacement sensors to include more economical housings and a wider measurement range. These competitive and versatile devices are commonly used in applications that require linear motion to be monitored for system control or to ensure safety. ◾ Economical and Light Plastic Housings ◾ 2.40 m and 7.50 m Measurement Length ◾ Small Form Factor for Easy Installation ◾ Competitive Pricing ◾ Numerous Configurations for All Application Requirements ◾ Wide Variety of Outputs Including Analog, Incremental, Fieldbus and Ethernet Variants ◾ Suited For: Indoor Material Handling and Medical Equipment Excellent C...

Thomson - Lifting Columns

Somerville, NJ (August 30th, 2017) - Lifting Columns provide versatile support for medical and ergonomic applications. Thomson lifting columns are self-supporting, height-adjustable lifting solutions in a compact, pre-aligned package and are perfect for medical and ergonomic applications requiring telescopic motion. Simple, one-step installation requires minimal downtime, and maintenance-free operation ensures worry-free functionality. These columns are designed for smooth, quiet and fast operation and offer an excellent extension to retraction ratio resulting in the maximum range of motion in a minimal footprint. Thomson lifting columns are designed to be flexible linear motion solutions based on anodized extruded aluminum profiles which slide into each other. A high moment load capacity, large holding-capacity-to-frame-size ratio and the ability to use a single unit for a center load or multiple units linked tog...

Siemens - SINAMICS S210 Servo Drive System

Somerville, NJ (August 28th, 2017) - NEW SINAMICS S210 Servo Drive System: The servo drive that simplifies project engineering for machine builders. Description: SINAMICS S210 - The easy, high-Performance and safe servo drive System. With its converter designed specifically for use with the newly developed SIMOTICS S-1FK2 motors, Siemens is offering a new servo drive system in five power classes ranging from 50 to 750 watts. The converters come with integrated safety functions and enable rapid engineering. They are connected to the higher-level controller over PROFINET and allow simple commissioning using a web server and one-button tuning. Working in combination with the SIMOTICS servo motors, they enable the highly dynamic movement of minimal loads as well as ultra-precise movement of medium and high loads. SINAMICS S210 Servo Drive System and SIMOTICS S-1FK2 with OCC: The servo drive system for high dynamic Moti...

Axis NJ is proud of our Engineering Intern

Somerville, NJ (August 10th, 2017) - Axis NJ LLC is proud to support new and upcoming engineering talent like Claire. Claire is currently studying mechanical engineering at The University of Pittsburgh. What she likes most about engineering is seeing an idea go from an intangible concept to a physical application. After she completes her degree, she aspires to work in the aerospace industry. Claire began working at Axis this summer as our engineering intern. So far she has jumped right into action, working with staff and customers alike and familiarizing herself with all that Axis New Jersey has to offer.”

Axis NJ is proud of our Marketing Intern

Somerville, NJ (August 10th, 2017) - Axis NJ LLC is proud to support new and upcoming talent like Victoria. She is a business major with a minor in marketing at High Point University, NC and has been supporting the marketing efforts for Axis NJ and D&G. Victoria has been supporting our social media posts as well. Check them out at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/axis-inc- https://twitter.com/axisnj and more to come!

Industrial Internet of Things

Somerville, NJ (August 7th, 2017) - Industrial Internet of Things: PROFINET Intro Watch this short video by MinutePROFINET to learn how IoT and Industrie 4.0 fit together to make the Industrial Internet of Things. This sets the foundation for how PROFINET enables IIoT.


Somerville, NJ (August 1st, 2017) - Siemens makes it easy to configure and test ProfiNet remote I/O with Proneta SIEMENS PRONETA is a free PC-based software tool which provides assistance with regard to the diagnostics and commissioning of PROFINET networks in automation systems: • Topology overview, which automatically scans your PROFINET, displays all connected devices and allows for configuring components. • IO wiring Test. By reading and writing inputs and outputs, PRONETA ensures that the connections between distributed IO components and their sensors and actuators have been set up properly. • All tasks can be accomplished even before a CPU has been linked up with the network. PRONETA facilitates a quick and comfortable check of the configuration at an early stage!

Thomson - 400 Series Express

Somerville, NJ (August 1st, 2017) - Get the Real Thing, Real Fast! Thomson now stocks the most popular 400 Series Profile Linear Guide and Rail SKUs, ready for same and next-day shipment. Thomson 400 Series: • Wide offering of popular carriage styles with matched rails from the cut center. • Transport-grade profile rails provide the "just-right" fit with genuine Thomson quality. • Drop-in replacement product. • Enhanced inventory in Marengo, IL, for same and next day shipments of carriages and full rails. • Immediate shipments limited to 50 units/order/SKU. • Cut-to-length rail shipments: up to 10 pieces in 2 days and up to 50 pieces in 5 days. • Accessories available to ship within two days. Expedited special machining available. Download the Flyer

Thomson - AquaTrue Planetary Gearheads

Somerville, NJ (July 31st, 2017) - Meet even the most demanding applications with AquaTrue planetary gearheads. Revolutionary, corrosion-resistant and water-tight. AquaTrue gearheads are perfect for food and beverage handling, packaging, and dispensing applications. These gearheads can be placed anywhere in your application designs - regardless of environmental factors. AquaTrue gearheads are able to handle caustic cleaning chemicals and high-pressure washdown, eliminating the cost of additional components such as enclosures, shielding or mechanical transmissions. Features and benefits: • Round housing • No external seams • No corners or areas for bacteria to collect • No areas of ingress • Corrosion resistance • Can handle high pressure washdown • IP66/IP67 and IP69K protection on both input and output • 300 Series stainless steel prevents rust and corrosion • NSF/ANSI 169 certifi...

Rollon - Hardness Solutions In Linear Motion Rails

Somerville, NJ (July 27th, 2017) - When it comes to linear motion rails, a high hardness value is critical. Unfortunately, some rail manufacturing processes don’t impart sufficient hardness to the rails. If hardness doesn’t extend to a sufficient depth, the component won’t be able to withstand heavy loads, resulting in time-consuming and costly downtime. To gain maximum life for your linear guide, you’ll want to consider the hardening process, the material being hardened and how to finish the rail to optimize its performance. That way, quality manufacturers can make the best linear rail for your industrial application. Consider induction hardening: To harden their rails, a manufacturer can use nitriding, a heat treating process that creates a case-hardened surface with thicknesses between 0.2 and 0.3 mm. When you consider the kinds of heavy loads that are applied to industrial raceways, rails that have th...

Encoder Products - Model MA58H

Somerville, NJ (July 27th, 2017) - New Model MA58H is a 58 mm hollow-bore absolute encoder. Available with SSI or CANopen, it offers both single turn & multi-turn resolution. The Model MA58H absolute encoder is a heavy duty, rugged, and reliable multi-turn hollow-bore absolute encoder. This encoder is designed for harsh factory and plant floor environments, and is especially suited to applications where you need an encoder to retain position information after power-off scenarios. The Model MA58H has an operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C and a sealing rating of IP65 on the shaft, with the balance of the unit rated to IP67. Available with bores up to 3/8" or 14 mm, and with two flexible mounting options, the Model MA58H is easily designed into a variety of applications. The versatile Model MA58H offers: • Multi-turn resolution up to 39 bit • Up to 14 bits of single-turn resolution • SSI and C...


Somerville, NJ (July 11th, 2017) - AndonSPEED: The solution for packaging and shipping workstations YOUR BENEFITS - AndonSPEED optimizes your processes at packaging and shipping stations because it provides a visual notification of where problems have arisen. Permanent time savings are possible because of quick fault repairs. The wireless network sends signals to the workstation or central control station and can send an email notification if required. • Rapid assistance reduces wait times • Reduces response times and prevents shutdowns • Quick fault repair for more "units per hour" • Intelligent reporting for lasting improvements • Optimization potential is made transparent Typical Applications - • Report stoppages on chutes or conveyor belts • Manage the supply of materials to packaging stations • Report missing items at the shipping station • Process improvements in shipping are...

Nanotec - New PD2-CB and PD6-C motors

Somerville, NJ (July 11th, 2017) - PD2-CB - Low-Pole Plug & Drive DC Servo Motor - NEMA 17: With a flange size of 42 mm, the motors of the PD2-C series are ideally suited for applications that require less torque or have space constrictions, such as in laboratory automation. Both the controller and the encoder are already integrated. The controller can be accessed via USB or CANopen. The BLDC version of the PD2-CB has a nominal amount of 105 W and a peak output of 315 W at an operating voltage of 12-24 V. Its nominal torque is 0.25 Nm, and its nominal speed 4,000 rpm. PD6-C - Plug & Drive High-Pole DC Servo (Stepper) Motor CANopen - NEMA 34: The PD6-C is the largest motor of Nanotec's P&D series and features very high power density in relation to its size. It is equipped with both a USB and a CANopen interface and has a nominal torque of up to 8.8 Nm. The PD6-C is available in various lengths and designed fo...

Power - Flo Technologies Acquires Auburn Armature

Somerville, NJ (July 6th, 2017) - POWER-FLO TECHNOLOGIES ACQUIRES AUBURN ARMATURE. POWER-FLO TECHNOLOGIES EXPANDS ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION TERRITORY ACROSS UPSTATE NEW YORK. New Hyde Park, NY, July 6, 2017 AAI Acquisition LLC, a subsidiary of Power-Flo Technologies has purchased the assets of Auburn Armature Inc. Joining the ‘Power-Flo Technologies’ (PFT) family, ‘AAI, a Power-Flo Technologies Company’ (AAI) will expand PFT’s offering across six upstate New York locations; Albany, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, Buffalo, and Auburn. PFT is committed to preserving and supporting AAI’s team across these locations. This will expand PFT’s upstate New York market to serve areas that extend north to Massena, NY, south to Scranton, PA, east to Albany, NY and west to Buffalo, NY. The diversity of products, capabilities and services available from PFT will continue to provide outstanding customer service to the...

Why Use the WERMA MDC System?

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2017) - WERMA Machine Data Collection System (MDC) - Retrofit solutions for transparency in production processes Why Use the MDC System? • Obtain greater overview in your production facility • Monitor the status of all machines, equipment or manual workstations in a single control station view • Low cost and easy to install • Easy to run - no programming knowledge required Because it is easy to install or retrofit: • Wireless – minimal cabling required • No complex changes to existing IT infrastructure • Independent of ERP system or similar • Existing signal tower serves as the common interface • Modular design, easy to add further components Central Control Station Offers - Greater Flexibility: • Changes in production quantities are easier to identify and manage • React more effectively to product/volume variations A Better Ove...

Why Use the WERMA MDC System?

Somerville, NJ (July 5th, 2017) - WERMA Machine Data Collection System (MDC) - Retrofit solutions for transparency in production processes Why Use the MDC System? • Obtain greater overview in your production facility • Monitor the status of all machines, equipment or manual workstations in a single control station view • Low cost and easy to install • Easy to run - no programming knowledge required Because it is easy to install or retrofit: • Wireless – minimal cabling required • No complex changes to existing IT infrastructure • Independent of ERP system or similar • Existing signal tower serves as the common interface • Modular design, easy to add further components Central Control Station Offers - Greater Flexibility: • Changes in production quantities are easier to identify and manage • React more effectively to product/volume variations A Better Overview of: •...

Rittal - Perforex Machines

Somerville, NJ (June 29th, 2017) - Perforex Machines: Automated Enclosure Modification Improves Efficiency Watch the video to see how the Perforex BC is fully automated, fast, precise, and reliable for modifying enclosures. This new video showcases Perforex machines in action as they deliver fully automated, fast and precise modifications. System integrators and distributors will save time and money through automated drilling, thread-tapping, and milling of doors, roof plates, side panels, gland plates or complete unibody enclosures. All materials commonly used in panel building such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and plastic may be machined very cost-effectively. Users also benefit from significantly enhanced precision.

Siemens - SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET Starter Kit

Somerville, NJ (June 26th, 2017) - Test the new communication solutions for the field and control panel. Top performance thanks to strong communication: SIRIUS ACT with PROFINET connects push buttons and signaling devices directly with the controller and HMI devices via PROFINET - including safety functions, with engineering and commissioning being simplified by the TIA Portal. Additional benefits include uniform data management, shorter downtimes thanks to faster fault diagnostics and option handling, which can be used to flexibly design plants and systems and even modify them during operation. The quick and easy route to peak performance: • Efficient PLC integration • Reduced wiring outlay - fewer sources of error during installation and commissioning • Quick installation with flat ribbon cable without special tools • High degree of flexibility - Additional 4 digital inputs, 1 digital outpu...

Rittal - Deep Hinged Window Kits are now available

Somerville, NJ (June 22nd, 2017) - It's plain to see why you need Rittal's Deep-Hinged Window Kit. Rittal is proud to announce the latest enhancement to our product portfolio - Deep Hinged Window Kits (WKDH). WKDH is used as a viewing window where access to components behind the window is required. It is designed to protect HMI displays, pushbuttons and other components mounted on the door of an enclosure from the outside environment. It fits on the usable area of Rittal's freestanding and wallmount enclosures. Deep Hinged Window Kits are available in seven standard sizes, across three material types - Carbon , 304 and 316L stainless steel. The overall depth of the window kit allows for extra deep pushbuttons to be used. All products come with a full-size drilling template for easy mounting. Rittal's WKDH is FTTA UL Listed and rated for UL Type 4/3R/12 for carbon steel and UL Type 4X/3R/12 for stainless steel. ...

Siemens - From MICROMASTER over to SINAMICS

Somerville, NJ (June 21st, 2017) - Simply Switch Over Now! As a machine builder and equipment supplier, you know that the requirements placed with regard to motors and drives are continuously increasing. You are used to obtaining components from Siemens, which allow you to fulfill these requirements. However, the following also applies: Increased power respectively an enhanced functionality of their components opens up new possibilities for you, which allows you to improve your products, plants and systems, offer your customers added value, and expand your market position. This can only be implemented at reasonable expense to a certain extent within a device generation. One day you will be confronted with limits which can no longer be surpassed using existing technology, but require a new approach to be applied. Regarding Siemens' proving MICROMASTER drives, this point has already been reached. They have theref...

Robotiq - Most in Demand Applications

Somerville, NJ (June 21st, 2017) - Assembly and Quality Testing are two applications where Robotiq's products offer and impressive return on investment for clients and potential customers. Assembly: Assembly covers a wide range of applications and the flexibility of products used is critical. Coupled with Robotiq's Gripper, the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor enables the performance of several solutions in an effective and efficient way. Robotiq’s Force Torque Sensors give your robot the sense of touch. By installing a Force Torque Sensor on your robot, you’ll be able to reliably perform tasks such as precision part insertion, assembly and fabrication, and product testing. Quality Testing: Easy integration, zero maintenance and higher productivity allow different industries to perform unique quality tests.Continental Automotive Spain has integrated several Universal Robots to their manufacturing process. Co...

Robotiq - Most in Demand Applications

Somerville, NJ (June 21st, 2017) - Assembly and Quality Testing are two fields where Robotiq's products offer an impressive return on investment for clients and potential customers. Assembly: Assembly covers a wide range of applications and the flexibility of products used is critical. Paired with a Robotiq Gripper, the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor enables the performance of several solutions in an effective and efficient way. Robotiq’s Force Torque Sensors give your robot the sense of touch. By installing a Force Torque Sensor on your robot, you’ll be able to perform tasks such as precision part insertion, assembly and fabrication and product testing. Quality Testing: Easy integration, zero maintenance and higher productivity allow different industries to perform unique quality tests. Continental Automotive Spain has integrated several Universal Robots into their manufacturing process. Continental uses the...

Siemens Next Generation Product Design Software

Somerville, NJ (June 15th, 2017) - Solid Edge ST10 Generative design meets mesh modeling to advance reverse engineering to the next level. The future of 3D product design software is available now with Solid Edge generative modeling, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering capabilities. Enabled by unique Siemens convergent modeling technology, these capabilities work alongside traditional Solid Edge editing tools to seamlessly integrate existing products into your development process. Optimize products for minimal mass with goal driven generative design, and further modify the components using reverse engineering. Finalize your parts by tapping into additive manufacturing processes- either 3D print them yourself or access an online network of services. Generative Design: Supplementing powerful design tools with topology optimization, generative design speeds creation of lighter components perfectly su...


Somerville, NJ (June 13th, 2017) - How to Preserve Secured Data Communication Flows: Industry 4.0 is about seamless data flow all across the company, from the machines on the factory floor to the ERP and the order-shipping-billing system in the office floor, and even to people and systems outside the company. The question is, how to preserve transparent data communication flows, while ensuring cybersecurity? The answer is an industrial firewall which will filter allowed and forbidden traffic. That way, precisely those communication channels can be filtered, that are an intrusion-hazard for Trojans, bots and viruses. The mbNETFIX is exactly that kind of industrial firewall, especially designed for the automation industry. A special feature is the integrated learning function. The firewall learns the data traffic and the user is able to directly and explicitly release or block the connections of each IP-unit out o...

Rollon - How To Protect Your Actuator From Contamination

Somerville, NJ (June 12th, 2017) - Contamination can be tough on your linear actuators. Airborne contaminants can work their way into crevices, causing premature wear and shortening your actuator’s life. Some solutions, like polyurethane seal strips, boast 100 percent protection from particulates as small as 10 microns in diameter. But in harsher environments, dust and debris can still find their way in. Depending on the application, it’s important to know how to best protect your actuators from contaminants. There are several options to consider. Seal Strips And Bellows: Some actuators, like the ones in Rollon’s Actuator Line, contain built-in seal strips to protect the internal components from debris. Made from polyurethane, the strips in the ELM, Robot, and TH series conform to the contour of the aluminum profile to prevent foreign particulates, with a diameter of 10 to 1,000 microns, from getting inside...

Find Your Climate Solution With Rittal

Somerville, NJ (June 7th, 2017) - Rittal’s climate solutions save energy and money! Rittal’s climate control solutions will reduce your enclosure energy costs by 20%. The complete suite of climate control systems from Rittal use the latest energy efficient design and manufacturing principles to save you energy and money. Benefits include: • Manufactured to Rittal’s exacting quality standards • Reduced maintenance lowers cost of ownership • Field proven over thousands of hours in the world’s harshest environments Industry's Most Energy Efficient Climate Control Solution: Climate control products offset their price by improving the durability and uptime of the equipment they protect. With Rittal, you get durable, long-lasting climate control products that protect equipment in the world's harshest environments, and deliver significant energy savings to your operations. Lifetime value ...

Rittal's Climate Campaign

Somerville, NJ (June 7th, 2017) - Rittal’s climate solutions save energy and money! Rittal’s climate control solutions will reduce your enclosure energy costs by 20%, or Rittal will pay your electric bill for one month. The complete suite of climate control systems from Rittal use the latest energy efficient design and manufacturing principles to save you energy and money. Benefits include: • Manufactured to Rittal’s exacting quality standards • Reduced maintenance lowers cost of ownership • Field proven over thousands of hours in the world’s harshest environments Industry's Most Energy Efficient Climate Control Solution: Climate control products offset their price by improving the durability and uptime of the equipment they protect. With Rittal, you get durable, long-lasting climate control products that protect equipment in the world's harshest environments, and deliver significant ...

POSITAL Encoders for Hazardous Locations

Somerville, NJ (May 22nd, 2017) - EXPLOSION PROOF ENCODERS, ZONE 2 & 22 Encoders for Hazardous Locations: IXARC rotary encoders dedicated to Zones 2 & 22 are ATEX compliant and can operate safely in atmospheres where there are potentially dangerous levels of explosive gasses or dust (3G and 3D). These devices can be delivered with either programmable incremental or absolute output. * For Group II Applications Dedicated to Zone 2 & 22 * Provide Absolute Position with No Battery Backup * Housing Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel (303 AISI and 316L AISI on request) * Large Variety of Mechanical Combinations Available * Removable Connection Cap or Cable Exit * Resolution up to 16 Bit, Revolution up to 14 Bit * Communication Interfaces: CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus, SSI, ProfiNet, & Incremental Application and Industries POSITAL offers unique sensors to meet the needs of industries such as: Oil and Gas Agriculture Chemical Plants Milling Operations

Kollmorgen New AKD Servo Drive Firmware v1.16 Now Available

Somerville, NJ (May 22nd, 2017) - New AKD Servo Drive Firmware v1.16 Now Available! Main features in this release include: • Ethernet over EtherCAT® (EoE) support • Read individual AKD-N's STO status on AKD-C • Read AKD-N's model information on AKD-C • Filter for velocity over speed fault F302 added • New Fault 706 added for missing cyclic setpoints from master • DS402 keywords for control and statusword added • New keyword ECAT.LEGACYREV More about AKD® Series Servo Drives: The Kollmorgen AKD® Series includes a complete range of Ethernet-based servo drives that are fast, feature-rich, flexible and easy to integrate into any application. These next-generation drives offer plug-and-play commissioning for instant, seamless access to everything in your machine. Paired with Kollmorgen's best-in-class servo components, AKD drives offer industry-leading performance, communication optio...

Siemens New Product Release

Somerville, NJ (May 18th, 2017) - TECHNOLOGY CPU 1517TF-3 PN/DP All SIMATIC S7-1500 CPUs support motion control functions. STEP 7 provides motion control instructions that are standardized in accordance with PLCopen for configuring and connecting a drive to the CPU. The 1517TF-3 PN/DP is designed for standard and fail-safe applications with very high requirements regarding program scope, networking and processing speed. This controller supports distributed fail-safe I/O via PROFINET IO and PROFIBUS DP with PROFIsafe telegrams. An additional integrated PROFINET interface with separate IP address can be used, for example, for network separation, for connecting further PROFINET IO RT devices, or for high-speed communication as an I-Device. Motion control with the S7-1500 supports the following technology objects: • Speed-controlled axes • Positioning axes • Synchronized axes (relative synchronism with synchro...

Thomson PC Series Precision Linear Actuators

Somerville, NJ (May 17th, 2017) - Spend Less Time Selecting and Assembling Actuator Motors! Thomson PC Series linear actuators are now available matched and fitted with servo motors. Thomson PC Series™ electric actuators are designed to deliver superior performance as they are stronger, faster and longer-reaching than other comparable units on the market. The PC Series offers a broad range of accessories and options, including servo motors, making them ideal for virtually any application. PC Series actuators have built a sterling reputation in the linear motion industry for their superior performance, including exceptional power density, high speed and duty cycles, and long stroke length. These models are now available fitted with a wide range of suitable Kollmorgen AKM servo motors, which come fully assembled and tested – directly from Thomson. No longer do you need to spend valuable time selecting an...

A new generation of stack lights from WERMA

Somerville, NJ (May 17th, 2017) - No More Compromises with the New KombiSIGN 40 Stack Light Series Due to unique features, this product series meets the high standards of machine builders and automation specialists who require safe and reliable signaling, but also focus on factors such as installation, ease of use and cost. Your benefits: There is no need to compromise with the KombiSIGN 40, because WERMA has combined quick installation, excellent visibility and the highest level of flexibility in this product. This saves time and money with regard to installation and order logistics. * Save up to 50% on installation time thanks to self-explanatory connections and intuitive mechanics * Maximum fl exibility despite a small number of variants * TwinLIGHT and TwinFLASH combine two easily selectable light effects in one element * In ClassicLOOK or DesignLOOK to suit all machine surfaces * Clearly visible from a...

Rollon Light Rails That Can Stand Up To Heavy Loads

Somerville, NJ (May 16th, 2017) - Light Rails That Can Stand Up To Heavy Loads When it comes to linear guides, we’re beginning to see a shift towards lighter rails––not in terms of load capacity, but in terms of the weight of the material. Although this shift translates to significant cost savings, the rails must still be able to handle heavy loads, an engineering balancing act that has made its way into the aerospace, railway and packaging industries. Aerospace and Railway. Linear guides are used in a variety of components inside commercial aircrafts, such as seat tray tables, and are preferable because they reduce fuel costs. Rails are considered “light” when material from the profile is removed in order to reduce their weight. Although this might not seem like a lot, shaving off even a single pound in all its planes saved one airline 14,000 gallons of fuel per year. That being said, the rails must s...


Somerville, NJ (May 16th, 2017) - SINAMICS: PROFINET-system redundancy The PROFINET system redundancy allows the assembly of system-redundant systems (S2-system redundancy). The purpose of using fault-tolerant automation systems is to reduce production downtimes, regardless of whether the failures are caused by an error/fault or are due to maintenance work. The SINAMICS S120, G130, G150 and S150 PROFINET control units support PROFINET system redundancy as from FW V4.8. Precondition for system-redundant systems is a H-system which consists of 2 fault-tolerant controls – master and reserve CPU – which are constantly synchronized. Benefits: * No system downtime in the case of a controller failure * Component replacement possible during ongoing operation * Configuration changes possible during ongoing operation * Automatic synchronization after replacing components Restrictions: * PROFINET-IRT is n...

MB CONNECT LINE - Innovations

Somerville, NJ (May 2nd, 2017) - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

Rittal Enclosure Heaters

Somerville, NJ (April 18th, 2017) - Rittal Enclosure Heaters Condensation represents a serious risk for control electronics, both in outdoor and indoor locations. Rittal’s enclosure heaters are designed to regulate the internal conditions of an enclosure. Advanced PTC technology allows the heater to self-regulate its operation – only using energy when required. The energy-efficient PTC technology and design optimization maximizes the latest in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to permit improved heating outputs. New features like double quick-connection terminals and a quick-assembly system save time and unnecessary costs. Without fans there’s continual thermal output of 10 to 150 watts available in 7 units from the smallest 8-10W heater to the largest 130-150W model. Various output ratings ensure that the correct thermal output is always available. Heaters with build-in fans are capable of generating the...

Siemens Motor Starter Protectors

Somerville, NJ (April 12th, 2017) - SIRIUS 3RV2 Motor Starter Protectors SIRIUS 3RV21 Motor Starter Protectors can be easily and flexibly combined with other SIRIUS devices to reduce space requirements and wiring costs. The 3RV21 Motor Starter Protectors ensure short-circuit and overload protection, switching, and offer particularly efficient operation and are suitable for multiple applications areas where automatic reset is needed. Functions and Applications - SIRIUS 3RV2 Motor Starter Protectors (MSP): * Short-circuit protection: The short-circuit release disconnects the faulty feeder circuit from the mains within a few milliseconds in the event of a short circuit (current >13X rated current). This ensures the prevention of major damage (risk of fire!). * Overload protection: The overload release disconnects the load from the mains if it is loaded with an overcurrent over a specific period. Release is effected i...

Robotiq Grippers for Collaborative Robots

Somerville, NJ (April 4th, 2017) - Grippers for Collaborative Robots When we say collaborative robots or “cobots,” we often refer to the robot arm. Of course, the robot arm is not able to pick parts, sense force, or detect objects on a work plane all by itself — it needs a helping “hand” to perform its tasks. We call these the end-of-arm tooling, with the most common one being the gripper. Grippers give the robot arm the ability to pick up parts to perform various tasks, including insertion and pick-and-place as well as machine tending. Grippers are as much part of the robot cell as the robot arm is. In collaborative applications, the gripper is responsible for handling parts in a safe and secure manner. Many elements should be considered when integrating a collaborative robot cell that includes a gripper. When it comes to choosing a gripper, the number of options can be overwhelming. Several factors s...

Leuze presents the worlds first data transmission photoelectric sensor

Somerville, NJ (April 4th, 2017) - Leuze electronic presents the world’s first data transmission photoelectric sensor for location-independent remote diagnosis With the world’s first data transmission photoelectric sensor, the DDLS 500, which makes location-independent remote diagnostics possible thanks to an integrated web server, Leuze electronic sets new standards in terms of performance and transparency. Leuze electronic presents a genuine innovation with the new DDLS 500 data transmission photoelectric sensor: all relevant data of the DDLS 500 can be called up using remote diagnostics. The data transmission photoelectric sensor links Ethernet networks using optical data transmission with a bandwidth of 100Mbits/s and is thus part of the central network component. The devices transmit all common Ethernet protocols such as PROFINET, Ethernet IP, EtherCAT, Ethernet TCP/IP or Ethernet UDP in real time up to a...

Siemens SITOP PSE200U

Somerville, NJ (April 4th, 2017) - SITOP PSE200U selectivity module with NEC Class 2 Selectivity and Fast Fault-Locating in 24V DC Load Circuits The SITOP selectivity module distributes the load current across several 24 V DC load circuits and monitors them reliably for overload and short-circuit conditions. With common signaling contact or single-channel signaling, the SITOP add-on module is now also available as an NEC Class 2 version. This means each of the four outputs is itself limited to 100 VA in case of a fault, which eliminates the need for additional protection in the control circuits. The device meets the U.S. standard for safety and fire protection. The selectivity and diagnostics modules are the optimum extension for all 24 V DC power supplies. They distribute and monitor the load current over several current circuits. Overloads and short circuits on a circuit are reliably recognized. The electro...

SIMATIC IOT2000 The intelligent gateway for industrial IoT solutions

Somerville, NJ (April 4th, 2017) - IO shield for SIMATIC IOT2000 The intelligent gateway for industrial IoT solutions The SIMATIC IOT2000 is the reliable and open platform for collecting, converting and transferring relevant production data in the production environment. The device can be used as gateway between automation and the IT level all the way to cloud connection. This opens up a variety of options for easy implementation of modern production concepts as well as for existing plants and machines. As part of Industry 4.0, networking of production and office IT continues to expand. Production data is collected and evaluated in the cloud to optimize production. Networking of existing plants is a major challenge in this regard, because the machines from different manufacturers and on different technological levels often do not speak the same data language. The solution is often time-consuming and complex r...

Siemens TIA Portal makes engineering times even shorter

Somerville, NJ (April 4th, 2017) - Siemens TIA Portal with more openness and end-to-end work processes • TIA Portal V14 SP1: Practical function extensions for the TIA Portal V14 engineering framework • Focus on openness and engineering efficiency • AutomationML for standardized data exchange with engineering software and CAE systems Siemens is expanding its engineering framework to include a range of new practical functions to shorten engineering times with Service Pack 1 for TIA Portal V14 (Totally Integrated Automation Portal). The main focus of the innovations in TIA Portal V14 SP1 is bringing openness to other Systems. This includes the standardized, bi-directional exchange of engineering data via AutomationML (Automation Markup Language) using engineering software such as Eplan, the TIA Selection Tool or other CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) Systems. The TIA Portal engineering framework is a...

Tech Tips from Thomson

Somerville, NJ (March 30th, 2017) - New educational videos help solve common linear actuator and ball screw issues Thomson’s “Tech Tips” short-form videos support design engineers who may face potential mishaps or simply want to ensure proper operation of their linear motion control components. Each contain easy-to-follow, step-by-step guidance in a concise, logical format. Thomson has recently added 21 new videos that deal specifically with their industrial linear actuators and precision ball screws. Titles include: • Defining Duty Cycle • How a Wrap Spring Brake Works • How to Install Electrak HD's Integrated Connector • How to Vary the Speed of a Thomson Industrial Linear Actuator • Anti-Rotation and its Usefulness • The Relationship Between Load, Speed and Current Draw • How to Install an XC Lead Nut • How to Load Ball Bearings into a Metric Series Ball Nut And many mor...

NEW Carlo Gavazzi Three Phase Power Analyzer

Somerville, NJ (March 29th, 2017) - NEW Carlo Gavazzi Three Phase Power Analyzer This month Carlo Gavazzi announced the new WM20 Three-Phase Power Analyzer, an exciting new product range targeted to assist manufacturers and end users in monitoring and managing escalating energy costs. The WM20 is a modular class 0.5S (kWh) 3-phase power analyzer which can be used for single, two and three phase systems. It is capable of measuring most relevant instantaneous electrical variables, harmonic distortion, and energy generation or consumption. Four versions are available to manage up to 600 VAC systems with a choice of either a one or five amp current transformer input. All information gathered is available on a large, bright LCD display and can be transmitted by one of the available communication protocols: including Modbus (RS-485, TCP/IP), BACnet, (RS-485, TCP/IP) and Profibus. The new ‘rotating pages’ function a...

Modern PLC based gantry with Siemens technology

Somerville, NJ (March 29th, 2017) - Modern PLC-based gantry with Siemens technology radically improves plant uptime and recovery time Harry Major Machine is a global provider of industrial production solutions and services for manufacturers in diverse industries. They specialize in the design and manufacture of custom automated parts handling systems, industrial parts washers, assembly machines and special machines for use in multiple industries. For its highperformance and cost-efficient robotic gantry system Harry Major Machine relies on SIMATIC Controller with Safety Integrated and SINAMICS S120 drive systems. The innovative robotic gantry system with Siemens technology is less expensive and more productive than comparable solutions based on CNC with more compact dimensions and a significantly smaller footprint. Extensive safety and diagnostic functions allow quick troubleshooting, which reduces maintenance costs a...

TRIOs Flexslice System

Somerville, NJ (March 29th, 2017) - The EtherCAT Flexslice System is designed to let you do more! It offers fast flexible expansion for motion applications and can be used with Trio or 3rd Party Masters. Trio’s Flexslice input/output modules provide a robust, high speed and flexible solution for both motion control and general automation. EtherCAT cycle times down to 250µsecs are supported and the bus coupler uses EBUS technology to bring all the sub-modules on to the EtherCAT network with no degradation in performance. The Flexslice system makes available a selection of digital and analogue I/O terminals as well as motion modules with pulse + direction outputs designed for precise positioning of stepper and servo motors via suitable drive technology. The digital I/O modules have high-speed functionality. In addition, analogue modules and axis modules may be fitted to make a superbly tailored system that...

No chance of getting locked in

Somerville, NJ (March 29th, 2017) - No chance of getting locked-in with Euchner’s new safety switch CTP-BI • Transponder-coded safety switch with guard locking and guard lock monitoring • Bistable locking function prevents people becoming locked inside the danger area The CTP‑BI is based on the proven principle of the safety switch CTP and has an additional bistable locking function. In normal operation the guard locking is controlled via an input signal. When the operating voltage is switched off, the guard locking is maintained in its current position. This means that the safeguarded door remains either locked or unlocked, regardless of locking principle, until power is reapplied. The bistable guard locking solenoid therefore provides an additional measure of prevention of an individual becoming accidentally locked inside a guard locked door, whether for service, maintenance, or cleaning. The bistable f...


Somerville, NJ (March 29th, 2017) - 64 Axis EtherCAT Controller + PC Trio’s PC-MCAT 64 is an innovative “Motion + PC Solution”. A powerful quad core Intel Atom processor is used to drive both a high performance motion controller and a compact PC that can run user applications under Windows. The PC-MCAT software uses a real-time extension to allow both Windows and the motion controller to run directly on their own processor cores. The motion controller’s own dedicated EtherCAT master Ethernet port can launch data packets with less than 1µsec of jitter. The 1.91GHz Atom processor is paired with 4 GBytes of RAM and a high speed 64 GByte upgradable SSD to give sufficient PC performance for many machine types. PC-MCAT is especially suitable where a machine type needs the software and hardware facilities of a PC paired with a powerful 64 axis motion coordinator. The HDMI port can be used to drive high resoluti...

NEW LINARIX Linear Sensors and Low Cost Inclometers from POSITAL

Somerville, NJ (March 3rd, 2017) - LINARIX LINEAR SENSORS New draw wire adaptor options added to the portfolio include an economical 7.5 m unit and a 15 m robust unit: Small Form Factor Maximum Measurement Range of 7.5 m Light Plastic Housing Competitive Pricing Wide Range of Interfaces Robust Draw Wire Adapter Maximum Measurement Range of 15 m Suitable For Heavy Duty Applications Wide Range of Interfaces ROBUST AND LOW COST INCLINOMETERS: POSITAL is expanding their TILTIX family of inclinometers with a new line of lower cost, lower resolution instruments. These new tilt sensors will have an accuracy of ±0.5° and a resolution of 0.01°. (By comparison, current models have an accuracy of 0.1°.) For many slope or tilt monitoring applications in cranes, construction equipmen...

FlowPack Suction Cup, The Universal Suction Cup for All Types of FlowPack Packaging!

Somerville, NJ (March 1st, 2017) - NEW FlowPack Cup (FPC) Series Suction Cup by COVAL COVAL's new suction cup is fully dedicated to handling FlowPack packaging. A real technological breakthrough for a constantly evolving packaging method. FlowPack packaging provides many advantages: • Direct food contact • Large visible area to show the products • Great number of applications in various industries: fresh fruits and vegetables, food processing industry, cosmetics, laboratories, and more • High production rates and low cost When it comes to vacuum handling, flexibility is an absolute challenge because it implies a high risk of leakage and potentially poor product gripping or the need to compensate with high power. COVAL has taken up this challenge with the FPC series suction cu...

Rollon Linear Bearing Applications

Somerville, NJ (March 1st, 2017) - In many industrial applications, linear bearings can fail prematurely due to misalignment of the bearing rails and moving elements, inadequate lubrication of the bearing’s unsealed components or contamination of the bearing rails and raceways. Rollon has developed an alternative bearing solution that meets these design challenges and more, offering alignment and contamination resistance, lifelong lubrication and installation cost effectiveness. Rollon's Compact Rail linear bearings system is improving machine life and performance in CNC machine doors, palletizing systems, medical imaging systems and laser glass engraving applications—making it easier than ever to avoid the application pitfalls that threaten bearing life. Linear Bearing Solutions For CNC: CNC machine doors are an axis often designed with less-than-ideal motion components, which makes them subject to deflection ...

Rittal - NEMA Protection and Security Comes Standard.

Somerville, NJ (March 1st, 2017) - Hygienic Design (HD) Enclosures:• 30% roof angle allows for liquids to run off easily• Fully welded construction of 304 st...

Carlo Gavazzi - DPD Series Three-Phase Monitoring Relay with NFC Configuration

Somerville, NJ (February 28th, 2017) - March 2017 - CARLO GAVAZZI is pleased to announce our new


Somerville, NJ (February 24th, 2017) - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFebruary 23, 2017ContactSueJean NaglieriTelephone(516) 812-6941Emailsuejean.naglieri@unitedelectricpower.comWebsitewww.powerflotechnologies.com LEUZE ELECTRONIC ANNOUNCES SUPERIOR PARTNERSHIP WITH POWER-FLO TECHNOLOGIESPower-Flo Technologies is now the exclusive Superior Partner ...

Siemens Controls, A Year In Review

Somerville, NJ (December 23rd, 2016) - A Year Full of Highlights Siemens' last video podcast of 2016 reflects on the most interesting topics of the past year and also provides some insight on what's to come in 2017.

How important is your control voltage?

Somerville, NJ (December 2nd, 2016) - Are you getting intelligence back from your control system? Energy companies monitor the voltage and current supplied into every neighborhood. Wouldn’t you want to be able to monitor and be notified that a branch in your machines critical supply has suddenly changed? Most systems are heavily dependent on a smooth stable power supply. Yet the installed device is the cheapest dirtiest and least featured device available. Check out the NEW Siemens SITOP PSU8600! This is the first power supply system that is completely embedded in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). Not only does this facilitate especially user-friendly engineering in the TIA Portal, but also extensive evaluation of operating and diagnostics data as well as energy management functions.

SINAMICS V20 is Even Smaller

Somerville, NJ (November 28th, 2016) - SINAMICS V20 Is Even Smaller Siemens has launched FS AA and FS AB frame size SINAMICS V20 converters for single-phase 230 V mains operation, the company's smallest SINAMICS so far on the market. The converters are optionally available with an integrated C1 EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) filter, which allows them to be used in residential and commercial environments in compliance with DIN EN 61800-3.

Tackle Cost Sensitive Applications With Thomson 400 Series Profile Rails

Somerville, NJ (November 18th, 2016) - The Thomson 400 Series is a cost-effective, transport-grade profile rail solution designed as a drop-in replacement with industry-standard envelope and hole patterns. 400 Series Features & Benefits • 4 m lengths allow for extended, joint-free transfer required in some design functions • Available ball cage design promotes less drag, retains lubricants and has low noise at high speeds • Optimized ball guide and retainer design provides smooth ball transitions in the pickup, turn and unloaded returns • Integral side and end seals are standard • Double-face design is more compliant to any misalignment in the system Thomson 400 Series profile rails are ideal for transport-grade applications such as packaging and food & beverage!

The New SIMOTICS Crane Motors from Siemens

Somerville, NJ (November 14th, 2016) - The new SIMOTICS crane motors now have an even higher efficiency and are more compact than before. They have been specifically developed to address the harsh atmospheres encountered in container seaports around the world. It goes without saying that these motors safely and reliably operate with SINAMICS converters.


Somerville, NJ (November 11th, 2016) - HUMAN-ROBOT COLLABORATION EASY TO INTEGRATE – EASY TO HANDLE As a pioneer and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of HRC components, the Zimmer Group is making exceptional developments for today’s work environment to reduce the physical load on workers and monotonous work steps to prevent accidents as well as to increase the efficiency of work steps. This is done through the collaboration of the best from both worlds: man and machine. Easy to integrate: Not only one of the world’s best HRC grippers is available for your Universal Robots, but also a modular construction system specially matched to your model. This provides a broad selection of grippers and handling components with corresponding accessories, so that you don’t have to worry about compatibility and integration. In this robot tool building kit, the HRC and Industrie 4.0 components are included. This will...

Thomson Electrak HD onboard controls make your applications work smarter

Somerville, NJ (October 5th, 2016) - Thomson Electrak HD Due to the increasing integration of advanced electronics, today’s linear actuators have become safer, smarter and easier to network with agricultural, construction and mobile off-highway equipment. Modern linear actuators like the Thomson Electrak HD offer analog and digital feedback. The Electrak Modular Control System also monitors critical parameters and can react to them automatically. They deliver inexpensive, real-time operating status and network flexibility with other systems. All of this is the result of incorporating a programmable microprocessor to meet market demand for greater safety, functionality and modularity.

A Follow-up to our SIMATIC Safety Integrated PLC Training Seminar - View it Online!

Somerville, NJ (October 3rd, 2016) - If you are looking to facilitate the seamless integration of safety technology in factory automation, then don't miss this online presentation. A Comprehensive overview of how easy it is to implement safety functions in one controller through one programming package over one communication connection for standard and fail-safe automation. This Media System shows how to realize the required safety functions for a sample cutting machine based on a SIMATIC S7-1200. We assume a risk analysis was performed for the sample cutting machine and the conclusion is that the monitoring of the E-STOP and the Safety door need to fulfill PL e (according to ISO 13849) respectively SIL 3 (according to IEC 62061) The Media System explains this solution in several modules: Module 1: Introduction Module 2: Setting up/wiring of the SIMATIC S7-1200 Module 3: Engineering with Step 7 in TIA-Portal ...

Axis NJ 2016 Automation Expo

Somerville, NJ (September 29th, 2016) - “Increasing Productivity through Advancements in Automation Technology Ongoing advancements in technology are enabling manufacturers and OEMs to apply best of breed solutions from components and devices through advanced control systems while communicating throughout the entire architecture as well as to/from enterprise wide information systems. Attendees at the Expo will be able to see and learn about: Collaborative Robots & Adaptive End of Arm Tooling Advancements in Motion Control Sensors & Safety Automation & Control Diagnostics, Data Acquisition & Security SEMINAR SCHEDULE 9:00 AM - 9:15 AM TIA Fundamentals - Siemens 9:00 A...

Technology Made Easy!

Somerville, NJ (September 12th, 2016) - Congested motorways, many intersections with traffic lights and the ever-present heavy-goods vehicles slowing you down – traffic obstructions such as these are a nuisance to car drivers. In automated networks such as PROFINET, the “data highway” of the industry, so to speak, similar obstacles play a decisive role in the quality of the communication and thus also affect the production results. Users who are aware of the significance of this correlation and who set up their networks accordingly are awarded with long-term stable data communication. Check out PROFINET – The Movie: Technology Made Easy by Indu-Sol which uses the traffic on our streets as an analogy to explain the basic relationships relevant to the technology and provides tips for an optimal network structure and communication diagnostics. The movie also takes a look at the quality parameters of the PROFINET Design...

Legacy Food Processing Equipment Giving You A Headache?

Somerville, NJ (August 29th, 2016) - Legacy servo motors on food packaging and processing equipment can cause significant production or sanitation problems. Kollmorgen would like to eliminate a source of many of those problems for you. Kollmorgen AKMH™ Servo Motor: •32 surface finish •No exposed flat surface •No metal to metal seams •Purpose built to allow for 2 to 12 pH cleaning agents - motor and cable •Purpose built to withstand 1450 psi spray from any direction - motor and cable Legacy Machines Become Clean Durable Machines: •Direct high pressure (1450 psi) any direction without restrictions •2 to pH cleaning solutions •Smooth 32µ surface finish •No metal to metal seams •No Nooks, No Crannies •No Flat surfaces

Maximum Performance With Minimum Effort!

Somerville, NJ (August 16th, 2016) - It has never been easier to use a safety laser scanner than with the NEW RSL 400 From Leuze: In addition to exceptional performance characteristics, mounting, alignment and operation are unmatched! Features: • Separate connection unit with integrated cable management for uncomplicated mounting • Large, plain-text display with electronic spirit level for simple alignment • Integrated Ethernet interface for full network connectivity • Sensors are demonstrably very robust against dust thanks to high resolution • "Sensor Studio" software for fast configuration with just five mouse clicks

Robotiq's Camera Brings Plug and Play Vision To Universal Robots

Somerville, NJ (August 11th, 2016) - New Robotiq Wrist Camera and Vision System Breaks Down Barriers to Vision Integration • Perfect fit for all UR wrists • Software embedded on UR's user interface, Polyscope • No custom wiring required • No external PC required to set up, program, or run Camera Discover how easy it is to use vision with the Camera Kit software for universal robots! *5-minute setup time *Simple object teaching interface *Autonomous location of objects on work surface *No coding required

Follow These 7 Steps for an Optimized Drive System

Somerville, NJ (August 8th, 2016) - Having the right information is key to engineering an integrated drive system that’s perfectly matched to your operating conditions and production goals. These seven steps help ensure you’re getting the reliability you need to limit downtime and maximize the life of your equipment:  Define the application  Determine site requirements  Establish system goals  Select appropriate components  Identify optimization opportunities  Conduct optimization analysis  Perform factory acceptance testing Follow the link below to download the white paper, and learn the process of defining your system’s parameters and analyzing performance data. http://www.industry.usa.siemens.com/drives/us/en/Integrated-Drive-Systems/Pages/drive-integration.aspx?sp_source=uspd100401&spMailingID=25993286&spUserID=NTAxNTIxNDE4NTMS1&spJobID=860865855&spReportId=ODYwODY1ODUzS0#w2gRC-/drives/us/en/Integrated-Drive-Systems/Pages/7-Steps-to-Optimizing-Your-Drive-Systems.aspx

How to Design For Heavy Loads

Somerville, NJ (August 5th, 2016) - Miniature Metric Precision Ball Screws The challenge for OEM engineers is about designing even more compact applications that provide smooth, precise movement and don’t require compromises in machine performance. Now that Thomson is offering three styles of mounting interfaces for its miniature metric precision ball screws as standard sizes, small-space application design options are virtually limitless. Joining the family’s threaded style (TSI) mounting interface are flanged (FSI) and rounded (RSI) styles, which benefit from a unique multi-liner ball return system that provides smooth and quiet operation. Though small in stature, they have been known to achieve increased lifecycles and twice the load capacity of comparable models in most sizes.

The Versatile Drive for Basic Demands

Somerville, NJ (July 13th, 2016) - SINAMICS V20 Today, in an increasing number of applications in plant and machinery construction, individual automation and drives solutions are demanded that automate simple motion sequences with low associated requirements. With its compact SINAMICS V20, Siemens offers a simple and cost-effective drive solution for these types of applications. SINAMICS V20 sets itself apart with its quick commissioning times, ease of operation, robustness, and cost efficiency. Easy to Install: • Push-through and wall mounting (side-by-side is possible) • USS and Modbus RTU at terminals • Integrated braking chopper for 7.5 kW to 30 kW (10 hp up to 40 hp) • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) category C1/C2 Easy to Use • Programming and parameter loading without power supply • Integrated application and connection macros • Keep Running mode for uninterrupted operation •...

How Can You Place Control of Factory Automation Back in the Hands of Operators?

Somerville, NJ (June 29th, 2016) - Wouldn’t it be efficient to have a robot that can easily change its task rather than a machine confined to one job? The UR collaborative robot’s ease of programming and flexibility allows for operators to program and move the robot between tasks. In the past, robots used in production faced several limitations. Fixed installations, no human interaction, separation of space between human and robot, and a long term ROI are just a few. Today, the new collaborative robots are relocatable, allow for frequent interaction and shared space with humans, and bring in a short term ROI. Universal Robot’s Collaborative robots are easy to set up, easy to program, easy to re-deploy, and are safe to work side by side with humans. These groundbreaking robots are improving the work environment by relieving employees of ergonomically unfavorable tasks. Work place safety is improved when the...

Does every millimeter count in your control cabinet?

Somerville, NJ (June 27th, 2016) - Siemens Hybrid Motor Starters! Size does matter, when building control cabinets. The SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starter are suitable for the switching of motors up to 3 kW in a width of only 22.5 mm. This is a savings of up to 75% less space in the control cabinet as compared to conventionally wired motor feeders. SIRIUS 3RM1 motor starters are available as direct-on-line and reversing starters. If you want fail-safe compact motor starters, they are now available. The SIRIUS 3RM1 Failsafe motor starters have certification in accordance with SIL3/ Pl 3 Cat. 4.

How Do You Use The SmartMotor?

Somerville, NJ (June 22nd, 2016) - The Moog Animatics SmartMotor™ has been used in an array of different markets, showing its versatility and programming capabilities. Take a look at these unique case studies to see how Moog Animatics solutions can help solve your motion control challenges. Custom Spooling Patterns: The most effective way to package delicate materials of exceptionally long length, such as fine copper wire or fiber optics, is to use the Traverse and Take-up method. The spooling mechanism moves back and forth in a specific manner, being driven and controlled by the SmartMotor, to precisely apply the material onto the spool with the desired pattern and tension. The SmartMotor method is highly customizable, easily programmed, extremely precise and allows quick job changeover. Linear and Rotary Motion in Digital Architecture: Trak-kit is a modern approach to entertainment and telepresence, with...

Rockwell to Siemens TIA Portal Workshop

Somerville, NJ (June 21st, 2016) - Tuesday, June 28 and Wednesday, June 29 The first class was such a success that a second one was added! Feedback from the first class: " A really great class, the instructor was great" -Integrator from NJ " Wow, the TIA portal software is easy and intuitive" -OEM from NJ This is for hard core Rockwell users. Come check out what is currently trending in the industry.

Robot Accessories

Somerville, NJ (June 6th, 2016) - Looking for robot accessories? We have them! From suction cups to a two finger rotary gripper for a large range of applications. Suction cups for slightly curved, inclined and uneven surfaces. These devices compensate differences in height, and the suction process creates a lifting effect. Two finger rotary gripper has a T slot guide. This established and proven guiding technology stands for the highest process reliability like no other. Gripping and swiveling in a module allows optimum utilization of the installation space.

Siemens Product News Update

Somerville, NJ (June 3rd, 2016) - To remain competitive, manufacturing companies need to significantly improve their processes. Smaller footprints, faster engineering, robust, secure, safe, efficient and economical solutions are required. Siemens has just that! Check out the latest products that Siemens has to offer! Axis NJ are the leaders for Siemens automation, controls, drives and motion. Why go anywhere else

How to Improve Sanitary Machine Design

Somerville, NJ (May 27th, 2016) - This informative webinar from Kollmorgen covers the challenges and most importantly the solution to successfully designing equipment for harsh wash-down environments. Go to: http://motion.kollmorgen.com/acton/ct/18099/s-086c-1605/Bct/l-sf-rpt-00O80000003ioOs-5fc9/l-sf-rpt-00O80000003ioOs-5fc9:63f/ct7_0/1?sid=d0t74VQo4

Another Great Success by Axis NJ!

Somerville, NJ (April 25th, 2016) - Axis and Siemens had a successful event with the Siemens Mobile showcase at a strategic account. A comment from Siemens management "I was really impressed how this customer was prepared, informed and engaged to learn about all the products in the Siemens Mobile showcase. It was a fantastic turnout with over 30 attendees and all of them had genuine interest in using our products to improve their equipment designs. One guy even had a clipboard with 7 items he wanted to follow-up on." Suzanne and Ed did a great job! Thank you to everyone at Axis NJ! Axis NJ has over 25 years experience with Siemens , why go anywhere else?

How can you get a Secure Remote Access to your Facility easily?

Somerville, NJ (April 14th, 2016) - With MB Connect, you can access your facility securely from your smart phone or PC to check on processes, production or just monitor the area. For example, you may have a piece of equipment that you need to check if operating correctly but your schedule has you 100 miles away! Simply log on to the MB Connect cloud server and connect to the unit remotely using an internet connection. For here you can view the interface, controller and even stream video to check on the surroundings. The device can even send you an email alert if something needs addressing. Now that is remote access made easy. For more information contact Axis NJ today! We are your secure network experts.

Information Regarding Maturing Siemens Drives Products

Somerville, NJ (April 4th, 2016) - Siemens will continue for many years to provide replacement parts, documentation, and technical support for maturing drives and related products. Maturing Siemens Drives: SIMODRIVE POSMO A SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES - Migration Information SIMOREG DC Drives We encourage you, however, to begin looking at the significant advantages offered by the SINAMICS line of drives. AXIS NJ has the answers to your Siemens questions.

Are stepper motors so yesterday?

Somerville, NJ (March 21st, 2016) - Cole steps Morgen into the 21st century showing what the future brings! Kollmorgen's PMX series delivers a wider breadth of frame sizes and options in an affordable, low-cost solution. Check out the new line of Kollmorgen PMX Step motors... Available now! Interested in more? Contact Axis NJ

Prompt Response results in Happy Customer

Somerville, NJ (March 7th, 2016) - To: Tom Lauria and the Axis NJ Team, Thank you for the valuable support and information you supplied! We have been painfully dealing with an intermittent issue which has caused havoc with our process. Not knowing Axis’s capabilities, We have utilized many specialists with no success in resolving the root cause of our problem. Upon our introduction to you and the Axis team, we sent a summary of the events, issues and the Siemens hardware platform to you. Your prompt response with the detailed information gave us an outline to follow. After checking multiple points and devices, it was discovered that one of our pressure switches had water inside its wiring connecting box. The water had settled inside the 'well' type round connector, and was creating an intermittent short which affected half of the digital input card. We addressed the root cause of the intermittent ...

Siemens Automation Training Video

Somerville, NJ (March 6th, 2016) - Siemens Automation 10 Minute Class Explore in 10 minutes or less how simple Automation Tasks (AT) can be with Siemens latest developments in standard automation solutions and discover cost savings in engineering time in your daily work. Interested in more? Contact Axis NJ

Under Water Linear Motor in Action

Somerville, NJ (February 29th, 2016) - LinMot Stainless Steel Linear Motor The right motor / actuator for applications in food packaging machines and under water testing. Have questions? Contact Axis NJ

Now Hiring - Marketing Manager

Somerville, NJ (February 24th, 2016) - Are you a unique, creative and ambitious individual? Power-Flo Technologies (PFT) is a growing Family of Companies consisting of distributors, fabricators, manufacturers and motor & pump repair firms serving the New York metropolitan area and New England. Please email resume to : Thomas Bopp thomas.bopp@axisnj.com Now Hiring a Market Manager who will be responsible for: • Develop a cohesive branding strategy and migration path for Power-Flo and all companies under the corporate banner. • Understands the value proposition for the company/companies through interaction with internal entities, departments etc., as well as customers, partners, and vendors/suppliers • Works with management and operating companies to develop and execute effective marketing strategies and plans that positi...


Somerville, NJ (February 24th, 2016) - Designed for easy integration, Robotiq 2-Finger Robot Gripper with Universal Robots. How can you increase production capacity and consistency while improving employee motivation? Answer: ROBOTIQ + UR + AXISNJ Have more questions? AXIS NJ LLC is your source for information, assistance, solutions and training in the NY / NJ metro area. Why would you go anywhere else?

Reduced Recall Risk

Somerville, NJ (February 18th, 2016) - Designed for Fast Cleaning and Increased Uptime. The Food Modernization Safety Act (FMSA) gives the US federal government the ability to shutdown facilities and levy stiff fines! Kollmorgen has designed custom motors for challenging environments for over 70 years. Have questions? AXIS NJ LLC is your source for information, assistance, solutions and training in the NY / NJ metro area. Why would you go anywhere else?

Siemens Ingenuity with Axis NJ

Somerville, NJ (February 8th, 2016) - Ingenuity in Industrial Automation Are you interested in being clever, original, and inventive? Wish you could discuss a new idea with specialists? Have questions? With 200+ combined years of Siemens expertise, there is no better source for information, assistance, solutions and training than Axis NJ. Why would you go anywhere else?

How can you get high performance and zero maintenance?

Somerville, NJ (February 6th, 2016) - Should you use a Direct Drive or Gearbox? Using a direct drive system, maintenance is greatly reduced as mechanical parts prone to wear are removed. Kollmorgen pioneered the development of direct drive technology, and today offers the broadest range of direct-drive motors in the industry. Direct drive motors offer industry-leading performance, zero maintenance, clean mechanical assembly, improved accuracy, higher throughput, better reliability, and smooth, quiet operation to suit a wide variety of machine design needs. Axis NJ is the area leader in servo motion requirements. Why go anywhere else?

How can you increase throughput?

Somerville, NJ (February 2nd, 2016) - Universal Robots increases productivity by 50% UR also eliminated bottlenecks, improved work enviroment and had a pay back of one year! Contact Axis NJ today for more information.

Rockwell to Siemens Tutorial

Somerville, NJ (January 23rd, 2016) - Rockwell Studio 5000 users may, in the past, have found the transition from Rockwell Studio 5000 (RSLogix™5000) to Siemens Step 7 challenging. However, the new Siemens Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal software platform makes this transition much easier for Rockwell users. Interested in learning more? Log into this tutorial and make your own opinion. Check back as we will be offering a hands on event soon! TIA Portal Software Introduction for Rockwell Studio 5000 Users - Part 1 Copy and Paste Link: https://siemensevents.webex.com/ec3000/eventcenter/recording/recordAction.do?theAction=poprecord&AT=pb&internalRecordTicket=4832534b00000002465df2ff07fab6e0060f449b5c77a6267b16252aaafa64645a1421194f7fb454&renewticket=0&isurlact=true&recordID=10131587&apiname=lsr.php&format=short&needFilter=false&&SP=EC&rID=10131587&RCID=f9ae88b92301c45d41c32a34732a4bf0&siteurl=siemensevents&actap...

Rugged Sensors from SICK

Somerville, NJ (January 13th, 2016) - Is your sensor this rugged? The inductive IMB proximity sensor is a byword for reliability in harsh working conditions, whether it is in contact with cooling lubricants or being used outdoors.

IP Ratings for Linear Actuators

Somerville, NJ (December 29th, 2015) - Thomson invented anti-friction linear technology over 60 years ago and has continued to lead the industry ever since. The Thomson brand is recognized and trusted as the global leader in linear motion technology. Through trusted brand names we offer customers an unprecedented choice in selecting the right solution to match specific application requirements. Contact your Axis NJ LLC sales rep for more information.

Are All Servos the Same?

Somerville, NJ (December 28th, 2015) - Are All Servos the Same? Is your servo sized optimally? There is common belief that two servos with the same power range from different manufacturers are roughly equivalent and that the only other significant comparison point is price. NOT TRUE! Want to know more? Axis is the area leader in servo motion requirements. Why would you trust anyone else?

Safety from SICK

Somerville, NJ (December 8th, 2015) - Safety is first and we can help ensure your machines are safe!

LinMot Linear Rotary Actuator

Somerville, NJ (November 24th, 2015) - Our linear rotary may be the answer! Ideal for torque, angle, and snap-on closures. Available as standard, with gearbox, hollow shaft, and stainless steel.

Siemens Matched G120 C Drive and SD 100 Motor

Somerville, NJ (November 13th, 2015) - Integrated Drive Systems transform standard motors and drives into a strong competitive advantage by improving efficiency, reliability and productivity while minimizing your total operating cost. Power range 1 to 20 HP (460V) Three reasons to buy Siemens Drive and Motor! 1-Quick, efficient setup and wiring in conveyor, pump, fan, and compressor applications with pre-defined application macros provided via the SINAMICS G120C drive. The terminals are pre-assigned and the parameters are automatically set. 2- High reliability from rugged cast-iron SIMOTICS SD100 motors with inverter-duty ratings (4:1 speed range for constant torque, 20:1 speed range for variable torque). 3- Three-year warranty, which is standard with the purchase of a matched drive-motor package!

Rugged. Industrial. Multitouch.

Somerville, NJ (October 26th, 2015) - Innovative SIMATIC HMI Displays The operation mode ranges from display only to touch or key operation or a combination of both. New members of the portfolio are industrial displays and Panel PCs featuring multitouch gesture operation and thus offering new operation possibilities.

We are hiring

Somerville, NJ (October 21st, 2015) - Axis is actively looking for a few good people. If you have experience in outside sales and want to join a winning team of hardworking and creative solution providers, submit your application today! If you would like to speak with someone at Axis about the opportunities we have available, please call Tom Bopp 973-907-6257.

Sure Sense H18

Somerville, NJ (October 13th, 2015) - Solving a wide range of sensing applications has never been easier thanks to the SureSense family of photoelectric sensors. From simple to challenging tasks, this ultra-reliable sensor family can detect nearly any object in any environment, ensuring your machines and lines stay up and running at full capacity.


Somerville, NJ (October 9th, 2015) - Effective October 1, 2015 Axis is now part of the Power-Flo Technologies Group. All the Axis personnel who have been providing excellence in engineering, application assistance and customer service will remain in place at the current location. Immediately, this is business as usual! Moving forward we will now be keeping local stock inventory of Siemens and our other lines. And looking ahead, we will have an expanded line card of products available. It is our goal that Axis will be even stronger and more valuable to you in our ability to serve your industrial automation needs. Please let us know if you'd like to schedule a visit with your territory salesperson or receive a phone call to discuss this further. Click "View More Online" to read the press release.

Automation Expo Sept 24th

Somerville, NJ (September 17th, 2015) - You're invited to attend! Solutions for 21st Century Manufacturing and Automation Convenient new location at the Hilton Hotel (intersection of Routes 80,17 & 46) Thursday, September 24th 8:30 am - 4:00pm More than 20 exhibits with live demos. 10 technology seminars. Food and hospitality throughout the day. Great door prizes. Free admission with advanced registration, so please sign up today and let us know you're coming!

What is I O-Link?

Somerville, NJ (September 16th, 2015) - The Industrial Internet is only made possible thanks to intelligent, communicative sensors: With its Smart Sensor Solutions, SICK places great emphasis on the use of state-of-the-art sensor technologies in connection with complete integration into the control level via IO-Link.

From cheap to efficient

Somerville, NJ (September 4th, 2015) - Challenge: High volume parts supplier had a "cheap mix" of PLC, motor and drive on their drilling machine. Solution: Replacing mix&match components with full Siemens TIA to provide dynamic, space saving, robust and sleek profile! Result: Higher speeds, higher accuracy and smaller profile. Satisfied customer!

Going Small

Somerville, NJ (September 2nd, 2015) - Going Small - How Current Step Motor Technology Can Help You Reduce Machine Size By Josh Bellefeuille, Kollmorgen Smaller frame options means the stepper motor is now more versatile than ever. OEMs can better reduce the overall size and footprint of their machines, while maintaining maintenance-free, precise, and cost-effective motion control. Click for more information and to read the entire article....

Internet of Things

Somerville, NJ (August 31st, 2015) - Digitalization: Our world is becoming ever more connected. Billions of intelligent devices and machines generate massive data, bridging real and virtual worlds. http://axisnewjersey.com/offices/2/onlinefiles/1441054968-SICKIO-Linkvideo.JPG

Universal Robots is a game changer

Somerville, NJ (August 12th, 2015) - Job Transformation: From Machinist to Robot Programmer.

Siemens performance in action

Somerville, NJ (July 17th, 2015) - SIRIUS ACT Pushbuttons Diverse options. Easy assembly. Ruggedly reliable

4 simple steps for barcode scanner transition

Somerville, NJ (July 15th, 2015) - Migrating from SICK's CLV400 barcode scanners to one of the CLV600 barcode scanners can be done in 4 simple steps. All conversions are completed free of charge! STEP 1: Save the .scl configuration file using the CLV setup software, then e-mail your .sci file to an AXIS engineer to be converted to new format. STEP 2: Replace both the cloning module and your current CLV400 barcode scanner. STEP 3: Import the new configuration files using SICK's SOPAS configuration software. STEP 4: Test the scanner to ensure everthing has been installed correctly. All conversions are completed within 48 hours of receiving the .sci file. If your application has changed or an upgrade to your system and/or scanner is required, contact Axis application support at 908-429-0090

Lector650 From Sick

Somerville, NJ (July 15th, 2015) - The LECTOR®65x keeps track of what is happening. Always. APPLICATIONS: * Presentation camera for manual package sorting * Material handling in automated sorting systems used by courier, express, postal service providers etc.. * Aggregation of food and pharmaceutical packaging * Identification of codes and tracking serial numbers and manufacturing dates in pharmaceutical distribution applications

Find your robot solution

Somerville, NJ (July 8th, 2015) - Universal Robots’ robotic arms are used in hundreds of production environments every day. Below you’ll find a selection of cases where automation robots have been used to perform production tasks.

Happy Independence Day!

Somerville, NJ (July 4th, 2015) - Axis is proud to support American manufacturers!

Panel Controls Made Easy

Somerville, NJ (July 3rd, 2015) - Gain a better understanding of UL requirements for industrial control panels by navigating through interactive demos for both IEC and UL control cabinets. Industrial control panel designers who ship their products globally must maintain proficiency in both IEC and UL standards to accommodate requirements from customers in different areas. The differences between the two standards are subtle but critical, and unfortunately, there is no third course that satisfies both. Navigate through this interactive tutorial from Siemens that compares both approaches, component by component, in an example application.

Have a safe and happy Holiday weekend

Somerville, NJ (May 22nd, 2015) -

3D vision for robotic applications

Somerville, NJ (May 6th, 2015) - This is SICK Sensor Intelligence. Provide the vision your robots need to get the job done!

Liquid level solutions

Somerville, NJ (April 15th, 2015) - Applications that use liquids require additional consideration due to their properties. Using these 8 tips, you'll simplify the process... Read full article on the SICK blog: http://sickusablog.com/liquid-measurement/


Somerville, NJ (March 16th, 2015) - The basic AC drive for simple, cost-effective motion control SIEMENS: Designed for a variety of basic applications, the SINAMICS V20 drive is available in four frame sizes offering a power range from 0.12 kW to 15 kW. A 16-page illustrated brochure provides detailed information about 10 specific V20 features and exactly how they benefit users. One example: The built-in communication port simplifies commissioning and provides easy integration into existing or micro automation systems as well. Brochure includes full technical and dimensional data.

Siemens S7-1500 Controller

Somerville, NJ (February 18th, 2015) - SIMATIC S7-1500 – the ultimate productivity and efficiency boost. Through its many innovations, the new SIMATIC S7-1500 controller sets new standards for maximized productivity. This benefits small-series machines as well as complex installations that place high demands on speed and deterministics. The SIMATIC S7-1500 is seamlessly integrated in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) for maximum engineering efficiency. The SIMATIC S7-1500 is modularly structured, with scalable functionality. Each controller consists of: * A central processing unit (CPU) for executing the user program * One or more power supplies * Signal modules as inputs/outputs *......

F-Guide is our newest motor guide solution

Somerville, NJ (February 13th, 2015) -

SICK Encoder Demo Tour

Somerville, NJ (February 13th, 2015) - A SICK encoder specialist is visiting your area March 3-6! Invite our industry and product expert to come into your facility and address any of the following topics: * Programmable Encoders * "Made in USA" Encoder Benefits * Ethernet-based Encoders * Encoders for Distance Measurement... This one hour, hands-on session will be conducted at your facility, focusing on key features, general applications, and will highlight the benefits of SICK encoders. Session visits will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis, so please complete your registration as soon as possible!

Remote machine monitoring

Somerville, NJ (February 9th, 2015) - Small router - great performance Small but powerful – the mbNET.mini can be installed in locations where area is limited and provides sufficient connectivity to machines and systems via LAN or modem. The mbNET.mini guarantees a secure and reliable connection to machines and equipment over the mbCONNECT24 portal, mymbCONNECT24.hosted, as well as midi and maxi appliances. This device can connect to the portal server via a signal from two digital inputs or via a trigger from an Alarm-SMS/-Mail. mbNET.mini Starter kit - mbNET.mini 3G - Magnet foot antenna - DC 24-V adapter - Network cabel - mbMEM USB-Stick - Global SIM card

The new GLARE sensor

Somerville, NJ (January 31st, 2015) - Object detection and differentiation on the basis of surface gloss level Fields * Pharmaceutical industry: Detection of seal labels * Automotive industry: Detection of oil, sprays, wax and adhesives * Machine building: Monitoring of finishes and surface coatings of metals and other materials * Food and beverage industry: Identification of transparent foils and glossy packaging materials * Lumber industry: Identification of lacquers, coatings and adhesives * Electronics and solar industries: Identification of coatings and lacquers

Robot transforms machinist into programmer

Somerville, NJ (January 7th, 2015) - The game changer - Universal Robots at Inertia Switch This machinist has embraced his new robot colleague. The employee's skill set has been enhanced and the company's overall efficiency and productivity have increased. Additional robots have already been implemented without any additional payroll - win/win.

Automation Expo Sept 18, 2014

Somerville, NJ (September 12th, 2014) - Day of technology break out sessions, automation vendor exhibits, hand-on demonstrations -all around good food and networking. Free to attend, but registration is required. Sign up today! Door prizes include Bose bluetooth speakers, ipad, fit bands & much more- drawings at 12:30 and 3:30! Thursday, Sept.18th, 2014 - 9am - 5pm 210 Meister Avenue, Somerville, NJ 08876

Meet the next generation of Universal Robots

Somerville, NJ (September 8th, 2014) - Universal Robots is currently launching the next generation at IMTS. But, if you can't get to Chicago, the new UR5 & UR10 models will be at Axis on September 18th! With eight new adjustable safety rated functions, Universal Robots presents the only robot in the world that adapts advanced safety settings to each specific application. The third generation of robot arms also comes equipped with True Absolute Encoders that eliminate the need for re-initializing the robot, enabling automatic startup and easier integration into other machinery. UR at the 2014 Axis Automation Expo: Attend a seminar on collaborative robot technology presented by UR National Sales Manager, Ed Mullen. Visit our exhibit hall for the opportunity to program a robot with safety features that adjust to the context it operates within.

SICK I D pro

Somerville, NJ (August 27th, 2014) - IDpro represents SICK's expertise in all three automatic identification technologies: laser scanner, camera and RFID. All IDpro devices are compatible and interchangeable via our standardized IDpro platform. To help you choose the ideal identification technology, we will provide you with comprehensive information to determine the best technology choice. As the market leader with the largest number of worldwide installations, we have the experience and widest range of solutions that provide maximum uptime and reduced costs.

Ports Industry Seminar

Somerville, NJ (August 21st, 2014) - Container Terminals: increase productivity, efficiency & safety September 18th, 10:00am - 11:30am Come to the Axis Automation Expo where SICK, Inc. is presenting a special seminar for the ports industry. Seminar will address common safety problems at the wharf side, container yard and land side of a container terminal. • Risk reduction and solutions that help increase profits • Collision avoidance technology and comparisons • Laser measurement technology - techniques to maintain productivity in harsh environments • Positioning applications and solutions This ports presentation is just one segment of a broad industrial automation agenda. Please plan to attend this free session, explore vendor exhibits and enjoy a "fair themed" lunch! Register by September 5th to receive SICK hat and an entry to win iPad mini! See full event agenda & sign up today

SICK Flexi Loop Modular Safety Controller

Somerville, NJ (August 12th, 2014) - Flexi Loop saves costs with sensor cascades that communicate Sick Flexi Loop meets the demand for a cost-effective way to cascade safety switches and sensors within a machine while also supporting diagnostics. Flexi Loop makes it possible to cascade up to 32 safety sensors while maintaining the highest level of safety . Any combination of safety switches & safety sensors with OSSD outputs can be used, providing continuous diagnosis of all door switches, emergency stop push-buttons and sensors. ◾Ability to cascade 32 sensors with up to 30 m per segment in compliance with performance level ◾Compatible with all sensors from other manufacturers ◾Transfer of detailed diagnostic information ◾Integrated standard inputs and outputs ◾Power supply for sensors is included ◾Standard cable with M12 plug

Moog Animatics product release

Somerville, NJ (June 24th, 2014) - Introducing Integrated Servo System with Multi Turn Absolute Encoder Option Moog Animatics is proud to announce the availability of the Multi Turn Absolute Encoder options for our "MT" series motors. This option is a hardware-specific internal change with a required external battery for back-up to allow tracking of shaft position when no power is being applied to the SmartMotor. The "MT" series products may be ordered in kit form with battery and cable or as separate parts. There are three different cable length options for the battery. The battery itself attaches to the Limits with I/O connector of the MT series SmartMotors and uses the home switch input. Go to "more information" to download datasheet

Automation and fashion come together in new exhibit at the MET

Somerville, NJ (May 12th, 2014) - Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC, May 5th, 2014 The inaugural exhibition of the newly renovated Costume Institute examines the career of the legendary twentieth-century Anglo-American couturier Charles James (1906–1978). Charles James: Beyond Fashion explores James's design process, focusing on his use of sculptural, scientific, and mathematical approaches to construct revolutionary ball gowns and innovative tailoring that continue to influence designers today. Axis worked with exhibit designers using Universal Robot arms and Rollon linear actuators to automate detailed viewing experience for museum attendees. Congratulations on the opening of this groundbreaking Costume Institute!

We believe collaborative robots can give you an automation edge!

Somerville, NJ (April 24th, 2014) - Wednesday, 5/7/2014: See for yourself how these flexible robots can give mid-sized manufacturers an automation edge in the market. The agenda will include a brief presentation and provide you the opportunity to work hands-on with a UR5 robot arm. Using the touch panel pendant and move-to-teach technology will show you that you don't need an expert programmer on staff to use this product. Set up is literally at your fingertips.

Don't Just Check.. Inspect!

Somerville, NJ (April 7th, 2014) - Implement 100% inspection! The I-series is the absolute choice for inspection! You already know that SICK is the global leader in sensing technology. SICK vision sensors also step to the front of the line with a precise and powerful part inspection toolset that verifies quality and completeness. The I-series reliably detects objects despite ambient light and distance variations.The flexible, interchangeable lens provides an easy way to improve image quality. By exchanging the front windows, the I-series offers a single component solution to match your application needs.

Detect Transparent Objects Without Reflector

Somerville, NJ (April 1st, 2014) - TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensor One thing is clear - no reflector needed Thanks to new technologies from SICK, TranspaTect MultiTask photoelectric sensors are now able to detect transparent and semitransparent trays and bottles without the need for reflectors, a frequent source of errors

Microsoft Xp, Server 2003 And Potential Plant Security Risk

Somerville, NJ (February 5th, 2014) - 6 Things You Need To Know About Microsoft Xp And Server 2003 That Could Jeopardize Your Plant Security: If you have existing installations of WinCC in your organization, please consider the following items: 1. Using Windows XP after April 8, 2014 may jeopardize your plant security. This is because Microsoft® is ceasing its support, resulting in the elimination of important Windows security updates. 2. Using Windows Server 2003 after July 14, 2015 may jeopardize your plant security. This is because Microsoft® is ceasing its support, resulting in the elimination of important Windows security updates. 3. Migrating to Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 reduces your risk, allowing you to continue receiving important Windows security updates. 4. WinCC V3, V4, V5 or V6.0 do not run on Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. These products will need t...

Automating America In 2014

Somerville, NJ (January 6th, 2014) - Susan Nangle, Axis Inc. In 2013, there were wide reports across the US of economic growth in manufacturing, logistics and transportation and in the Metro NY/NJ area Axis, Inc. saw consistent growth in sales of automation products to these industries. On January 3, 2014, Investor's Business Daily reported, "U.S. manufacturing activity continued to advance at a robust pace in December, according to ISM's key factory gauge, with subindexes signaling even better growth possible in the new year." This positive news is exactly what's needed to help drive confidence for facility updates and expansion. "Manufacturing is nearly at cruising speed, and doing well," said Russell Price, senior economist with Ameriprise Financial. Even better, several fundamentals indicate the sector will continue to hum along, Price said. And where earlier expansion in manufacturing was mostly due to a pickup i...

Drive Motor Combo Deal

Somerville, NJ (November 21st, 2013) - Special Axis promotion -you have until the end of 2013 to take advantage of this combo deal offer! Contact Axis for more information or a quote that meets your specifications. email Axis Motion Specialist, Joe Pitera PACKAGE INCLUDES: SD100 + Thremostat (G) + G120C + Keypad (IOP) 1-20 HP foot mount and C-face 36 month warranty One part number One pallet

Robot Makes History At Nasdaq

Somerville, NJ (November 20th, 2013) - November 12th marked the appearance of the first bell-ringing robot, enlisted to celebrate the opening of a new robotics and technology index, ROBO-STOX.

Automating America

Somerville, NJ (October 24th, 2013) - Axis is proud to provide product quality products to users and machine builders in the Metro NY/NJ area. Specifically, we feel that any value we can add for companies which are helping to "Automate America". You may think that in the big picture Axis is a small company in a niche market. However, we truly feel that we are helping to enhance productivity throughout the region and helping to keep manufacturing strong. Here are a few video clips where engineered solutions provided by Axis have helped companies be efficient, strong, productive and in some cases break new ground in their industry. Enjoy!

Siemens Drives News

Somerville, NJ (October 18th, 2013) - Three Game-Changing Motor/Drive Combination Packages These three combos are far greater than the sum of their parts! Economically competitive, these packages are also set up to be easy to configure, install and commission. 1. SINAMICS G120C drive with the SIMOTICS SD100 Space and money-saving - described as "one sweet motor, with a rugged cast iron frame – it sets the standard for severe-duty applications." 2. Same package with ProfiNet/Ethernet/IP capability 3. Simple Shaft Turner SINAMICS V20 with General Purpose SIMOTICS GP100A motor Calculate your potential savings using this tool:

Miniature Contrast Sensor

Somerville, NJ (June 14th, 2013) - KTM miniature contrast sensors for subtle distinction and speedy format changes. Cutting, punching, and aligning – the KTM product family in the Prime and Core models offers tailor-made solutions for print mark detection and controlling of packaging processes, such as, e.g., positioning of boxes, cans, tubes, labels, or blank forms. Space-saving housings, refined gray-scale resolution, improved stability against surface shine, easy-to-use operating design, and IO-Link are the highlights of the new KTM contrast sensors from SICK.

Universal Robots Unpacking Box

Somerville, NJ (May 30th, 2013) - From raw parts to demo application: Do you have 45 minutes to set up a robot? •Assemble and Mount end effector on the UR5: 20 minutes •Programming wizzard for “unstacking”: zero minutes (built-in functionality of the UR5!) •Program UR5 movements: 20 minutes •Gather your colleagues to show them you’re a master of technology: 5 minutes

Clutches And Brakes 101 Webinar

Somerville, NJ (May 24th, 2013) - Topic: Clutches and Brakes 101: Basics for Design Engineers Time: Wed, May 29 2013 10:00 AM (CDT) Duration: 60 minutes Have no clue what the difference is between wrap spring and friction clutches and brakes? Not sure which one is best to use in a given application? This is the webinar for you! Thomson will take you through the basics of function, sizing, selection, and answer your questions. Learn how to build a better machine with Thomson Clutches and Brakes. •Clutch Brake Basics: Wrap Spring Basic Principles & Function, Electromagnetic Friction Basic Principles & Function •Deltran Clutches and Brakes Overview: Wrap Spring, Deltran genuine Wrap Spring Clutches and Brakes types features, Electromagnetic Friction, Deltran Friction Clutches and Brakes types features •Sizing and Selection Wrap Spring, Electromagnetic Friction •Q & A This webinar is inten...

Motion Webinars

Somerville, NJ (May 24th, 2013) - Tuesday, May 21st 1. 9:00 - 9:45 am Why different motor technology? Stepper VS Servo VS Induction 2. 10:00 - 10:45 am What motor ratings mean to you? IP rating VS NEMA / wash down and ExP 3. 11:00 - 11:45 am Why EtherCAT? Communication protocol choices 4. 1:00 - 1:45 pm Why loop times are important? Servo control 5. 2:00 - 2:45 pm

Tim300 Detecting Laser Measurement Scanner

Somerville, NJ (April 29th, 2013) - The miniature TiM300 series laser scanner is ideal for a wide range of industrial automation, collision-protection and security duties where high performance detection must be combined with maximum reliability. Although the rugged, metal-housed sensor is only tennis-ball sized, the SICK TiM300 is based on the same time-of-flight infra-red scanning technology as SICK's highly regarded LMS series of long range laser scanners. The TiM300 also has easy-to-use Zonal programming functionality via a USB port or on-sensor buttons, for accurate determination of protected areas.

Two Minutes Of Motion

Somerville, NJ (April 29th, 2013) - Presented online: Kollmorgen's AKD servo drive offers a variety of methods to configure your application. In this Two Minutes of Motion segment, we provide a breif overview of AKD Workbench tool and how you can utilize Units to make your application work easier. 1. 2.

Meet Dan Evans

Somerville, NJ (March 29th, 2013) - Dan Evans has joined Axis after nine years of distinguished service with the United States Navy. Dan left the Navy as a First Class Petty Officer. During his time in the military he received his Bachelor's in Nuclear Engineering Technologies and a Master's in Systems Engineering. His field of expertise was as a Nuclear Electrician's Mate. Dan completed three deployments to the Persian Gulf. On shore duty he was stationed outside of Seattle, WA. He served as an Electrical Inspector, performing detailed inspections on power generation equipment. He also managed preventive maintenance programs using acoustic analysis and thermographic inspections. Upon exiting the military Dan was faced with the hard decision of where to begin his next career. Opportune industries included Nuclear Power Production and Maintenance Supervision. However, his course work drove him to look toward a field tha...

Adaptive Robot Gripper

Somerville, NJ (March 28th, 2013) - Follow @axisnj !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);js.id=id;js.src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); ADAPTIVE ROBOT GRIPPER DESIGNED FOR HIGH-MIX AUTOMATION Are you looking to automate processes that have a lot of different parts? Maybe you are looking for a tool changer to automate all of this? Imagine if you could have a single gripper to handle all your parts. Now you can stop dreaming and watch the following video to see what it looks like. VIDEO LINK Grip all your parts with a single gripper!

Uniplay Operator Interface

Somerville, NJ (March 26th, 2013) -

Siemens V20

Somerville, NJ (March 20th, 2013) - The Cost-Effective, Reliable and Easy-to-Use Drive for Basic Applications Easy to install Easy to use Easy to save money ... doesn't mean it's not Powerful. The SINAMICS V20 is surprisingly versatile, features quick commissioning times, robustness, and energy efficiency. With four frame sizes, it covers a power range extending from 0.16 to 20 HP.Video - Hands-On Demo of the SINAMICS V20 Video - Hands-On Demo of the SINAMICS V20 From the PROMAT 2013 show, Siemens Industry's Dave Kirklen gives an overview of the easy SINAMICS V20 Drive.

Collaborative Robots

Somerville, NJ (March 20th, 2013) - Universal Robots are featured in this tech update news clip: ...Breaking news on Co-Bots There is a lot of buzz around the new generation of collaborative robots, or co-bots as some are calling. Marketing powerhouse ReThink has blazed onto the scene with Baxter, however as witnessed at the Automate show this week, the product may not be ready for integration into the industrial market. Universal Robots on the other hand has an installed base of co-bots in 40 countries and just launched their 2-arm solution in the US. "Universal Robots makes robotic arms that are "better than Baxter," in the view of Frank Tobe, publisher of The Robot Report". The Danish-designed robots automate production...

Sick I D M140 Blue Tooth

Somerville, NJ (February 28th, 2013) - With the IDM140-2 Bluetooth, Sick is offering new hand-held barcode scanners for maximum flexibility and mobility. Features of the hand-held bar code scanners include: The barcode scanners achieve read ranges of up to 600 mm and reads bar codes up to a module resolution of 0.076 mm There is also a variant for reading PDF417 and other stacked codes The IDM140-2 Bluetooth hand- held bar code scanners' radio variant is also easily parameterised by reading configuration codes, or with the intuitive “IDM Setup Tool” configuration software Those working with the IDM140-2 Bluetooth hand- held barcode scanners can exploit the long radio range between the basis station and the scanner itself Codes can be identified at distances of up to 30 m without any cables When out of range, up to 5,000 EAN-13 codes can be temporarily stored on the hand- held bar code sc...

Color Ranger High-speed 3d And Color Imaging

Somerville, NJ (February 6th, 2013) - ColorRanger E – High-speed 3D and RGB color imaging in one camera SICK has the world’s first high-speed 3D camera with high-quality color capability. By measuring both the 3D shape and the color of objects and parts, more reliable decisions can be made to allow production plants to improve their up-time, through-put, and product quality. The ColorRanger E replaces the need for several different cameras for the same task, which reduces the solution cost and complexity. The cameras are used as a key vision component by manufacturers and vision integrators worldwide. They solve various inspection tasks by measuring shape, contrast, and surface defects, to ensure product quality and production reliability. The ColorRanger E expands the inspection possibilities further by also providing high-resolution RGB color at up to 3072 pixels per channel. With simultaneous 3D and color inf...

Siemens Drives Can Communicate To An Allen Bradley Plc Over Ethernet I P

Somerville, NJ (January 17th, 2013) - EtherNet/IP Connectivity for the SINAMICS Family of Drives : With direct network connectivity to PROFINET, EtherNet/IP and standard Ethernet TCP/IP, SINAMICS drives always fit comfortably within your plant’s network. Backed by proven experience in the widest range of demanding applications, the choice to use SINAMICS drives for your next application is clearer than ever. SINAMICS drives offer direct connectivity, requiring no third party devices or protocol converters.

Universal Robots

Somerville, NJ (January 15th, 2013) - New Danish robot eliminates all automation barriers After record growth in over 40 countries, Universal Robots' lightweight robotic arms are now making their US debut. The UR5 robotic arm manufactured by Universal Robots has been announced. The world's most innovative robot by The International Federation of Robotics and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society. The UR5 and UR10 robotic arms are aimed at companies that thought robots were too expensive, cumbersome and hard to program and integrate in existing production. The lightweight, flexible UR5 and UR10 can work alongside personnel and generally require no safety shielding. The robotic arms are easily moved around the production area and present a plug-and-play solution; a simple user interface lets employees with no previous programming experience quickly set up and operate them. Many companies worldwide have invested in UR ...

Markless Sensor

Somerville, NJ (November 29th, 2012) - The ML20 markless sensor from Sick is designed to be used like a print mark sensor but does not require any optical marking on the package, instead detecting a taught-in design pattern. It therefore features more flexibility and more design freedom when planning packaging and needs less set-up time when it comes to changing labels and formats, avoiding unnecessary use of materials. The ML20, which can be used for controlling cutting edges, for example, employs a method for contrast pattern detection that involves teaching in a pattern sequence to the sensor. The pattern is detected during processing, at a scanning speed of up to 7 m/s, resulting in a switching signal. Even in the case of complex designs, tolerances in the track course of the continuous material and high machine speeds, the ML20 delivers reproducibility of up to 0.6 mm and precise and stable detection of nearly any ...

Cognex Dataman Mobile Computer

Somerville, NJ (October 25th, 2012) - Handheld Code Reader with Mobile Computer: DataMan 9500 Series Industry-leading DataMan DPM (direct part mark) reading technology is now available on a mobile computer The DataMan 9500 mobile computer was specifically designed for the rugged conditions of the factory floor yet is small and lightweight enough to fit comfortably in the hand with easy-to-use ergonomic controls. *DataMan 9500 handheld code reader on a mobile computer This industrial-grade mobile computer is ideal for reading DPM (direct part mark) codes in applications where operators need to read and view code data but cannot be stationed at a terminal or PC. Mobile code reading applications include: * subassembly rework * repair/maintenance * inventory management * process tracking and more!

Meet Joe Pitera

Somerville, NJ (October 10th, 2012) - Joe Pitera joined the Axis team as a Drive and Motion Specialist this past Spring. Joe comes to us with over 20 years experience in automation and most recently from his position as a Level 3, Motion Application Engineer for Siemens. His specific expertise includes but is not limited to PLC programming, HMI programming, electronic and mechanical diagnostics, software programming (VB, ST, LAD, MCC, scripting) and EMC analysis. He has a strong working knowledge of many applications and considered an expert in converting, printing and packaging. Joe has decided to transition from the vendor side to the distribution side of the business channel, in order to become more pro-active in supporting customers. Joe is a New Jersey native, happily married to his wife, Livia, for 18 years. Together they have three beautiful teenage daughters. When asked about his hobbies, Joe says, I enjo...

Sirius Current Monitoring Relays For I O-link

Somerville, NJ (October 8th, 2012) - The 3RR22 current monitoring relays have been expanded by an IO-Link interface for the transfer of digital measured values to the control. The monitoring relays' autonomous function remains available, independently of the control. Application area Monitoring for current exceedance and shortfall Monitoring for line breakage Monitoring for no-load operation and load shedding, in case of V-belt breakage or pump idling Monitoring for overload, e.g. caused by a polluted filter system in pump applications Monitoring for the functionality of electric loads such as heating Monitoring for incorrect phase sequence with mobile systems such as compressors or cranes Monitoring for incomplete ground faults, e.g. due to damaged insulation or humidity

The Perfect Spool

Somerville, NJ (October 8th, 2012) - Spooling (or winding) is the most effective way to provide convenient packaging for materials of exceptionally long length. Typically, material is fed from a large spool at a certain rate while a SmartMotor traverses the material back and forth to create the desired pattern. For the "perfect spool", the winder traversing position should be electronically geared to the rotational velocity of the spool that the material's being wound onto. The SmartMotor uses a customizable electronic gearing dwell control to ensure the winding stays in the desired shape even as the diameter of the spool changes because of additional material wound onto the spool.

Take The Myth Busters Challenge For A Chance To Win

Somerville, NJ (October 4th, 2012) - FACT or MYTH? Barcode reading trends and technologies give you the clues to solve our 10 identification mysteries. Take the Myth Buster Challenge to get your score and enter a drawing for an Apple iPad.

Packaging Solutions From Sick

Somerville, NJ (September 28th, 2012) - Your packaging lines require intelligent components that offer the necessary flexibility for product and format changes, while increasing the efficiency of the automation process. Solutions from SICK are ideal for this. see overview of packaging solution from SICK...

Why Use A Sinamics Servo Pump...

Somerville, NJ (September 28th, 2012) - Why Use a SINAMICS servo pump? Simple: Energy saving of up to 70% Superior efficiency all along the line. This is the criterion when optimizing hydraulic injection molding and blow molding machines. In particular, this applies to all kinds of hydraulically driven axes on, for example, injection molding machines. In addition to the trend to design hydraulic machines completely or partially electrically, it is also advantageous to optimize the hydraulic units. For this, Siemens provides a perfect approach with the new, highly dynamic SINAMICS servo pump. With an energy saving of up to 70%, your investment in the future will pay off within a very short time.

Aw100 Which Field Devices Can Be Attached

Somerville, NJ (September 28th, 2012) - Which Field Devices can be attached? The SITRANS AW100 has been tested with the following field devices: SITRANS P DS3 SITRANS P 300 SITRANS P 500 SITRANS TH 300 SITRANS LR250 SITRANS LR260 SITRANS F MAG6000 SITRANS VP300 SIPART PS2

Id Guide Available

Somerville, NJ (September 24th, 2012) - Reading Multiple Codes Do you struggle with one of these applications? *Multiple codes of the same symbology within one field of view *Multiple codes of mixed symbologies within one field of view *One or more codes on multiple sides to verify that codes match *One or more codes on multiple sides to output both sides' read results as one Reading more than one barcode at a time is challenging for many manufacturing and material handling engineers. In a new Expert Guide from Cognex: Multiple Code Reading Applications Made Easy, learn about how image-based technology solves these four applications with ease. Click for more information to Download the Expert Guide: Multiple Code Reading Applications Made Easy.

Fall Events

Somerville, NJ (September 19th, 2012) - Announcing the upcoming events happening through Axis! We have presentations, trainings and webinars available on a wide variety of topics this season. Please click MORE INFORMATION above to visit our website for detail and registration. Free Engineering Day! Sept. 25th Tuesday: Somerville, NJ - 8:30am - 7:00pm WEBINAR: Integrated Motion Control Sept. 26th Wednesday: Online participation, 11:00am - 12:00pm Using Machine Vision to Make It Right Every Time Sept. 27th Thursday: Huntington, NY - 9:00am - 12:30pm Packaging Solutions Forum Oct. 3rd Wednesday: Somerville, NJ, 9:00am - 4:00pm Cognex Code Readers: Industrial ID Oct. 24th Wednesday: Somerville, NJ - 9:00am - 12:00pm Siemens S7-1200 PLC Test Drive Oct. 30th Tuesday: Melville, NY, 9:00am - 12:00pm Siemens TIA Portal Workshop Nov. 7th Wednesday: Somerville, NJ, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Tech Tip Simatic Control Meets Sinamics Drives

Somerville, NJ (September 5th, 2012) - Interaction of SIMATIC control technology with SINAMICS drives Interface of SINAMICS drives with SIMATIC controllers We can provide you with highly efficient systems in particular through the optimum interaction between SIMATIC control technology and SINAMICS drive technology. Here we give you an overview of the sample applications available for interfacing SINAMICS drives and SIMATIC controllers. ... - Reusable blocks for scaling the setpoint and actual values - Explanation of the configuration steps with screenshots - Reliability through previously tested programs and blocks for parameter access - Significant reduction of commissioning time

Tech Tip Automation Selection Tool

Somerville, NJ (September 5th, 2012) - TIA Selection Tool with extended scope of use. The TIA Selection Tool helps you to choose the right products and components for your automation task, configure these and obtain a complete order list as a result. The order list is checked for errors and for compatibility of the configured products. The look and feel of the TIA Selection Tool user interface is based on the TIA Portal. Like the TIA Portal, it can be operated in either a guided portal view or in a comprehensive project view. In addition to the products which were already available, S7-1200 and practically the entire distributed I/O can now be configured with version 1.5. If you wish to download the TIA Selection Tool (as stand-alone version): Click the link for "More Information" or, COPY this link to your browser: https://eb.automation.siemens.com/spicecad/api/CS/thirdParty/tia-selection-tool/download/tst_start.htm

Tech Tip Siemens 3-point Stepper Control

Somerville, NJ (September 5th, 2012) - 3-Point Stepper Control with SIMATIC S7-1200 For products: 6ES7211-1AD30-0XB0; 6ES7211-1AE31-0XB0; 6ES72 PROBLEM: The valve of a mixer tap shall be controlled according to a desired given temperature. A three-way mixing valve with valve actuator is used. The valve is digital controlled in both directions. This is referred to as a 3-point stepper control. Varying the valve position can yield any mixing ratio of hot and cold entering water and so the water outlet temperature. SOLUTION: For SIMATIC S7-1200 as of firmware V2.0, the development environment STEP 7 V11 provides the "PID_3Step" 3-point stepper control block.

Kollmorgen Publishes Stepper Solutions Catalog

Somerville, NJ (August 1st, 2012) - July, 2012 Kollmorgens Stepper Solutions Catalog details the features, benefits and specifications of Kollmorgens complete range of stepper motors and stepper drives, AC synchronous motors, XTRUE planetary gearheads and Optimized Solutions that result in rapid prototyping, shorter design cycles and getting machines to market faster. Reply to this email to request a copy of the catalog.

Dataman With New Liquid Lens

Somerville, NJ (July 13th, 2012) - The Cognex DataMan is a compact fixed-mount 1D/2D code reader ideal for applications where space is limited. The liquid lens module is an electronically controllable variable focus system. The key advantages of the liquid lens: * Ruggedness (no moving parts) * Fast response times * Good optical quality * Low power consumption Click on the link for more information about specific Dataman Series including 1D, 2D, DPM etc...

How To Select The Right Motor For Your Application

Somerville, NJ (June 20th, 2012) - Kollmorgen Brush-type motors, stepper motors and brushless AC servomotors are widely used in a variety of industries and applications - and with each application potentially requiring a different motor and the availability of virtually endless motor options, the selection process can be a daunting task. With the myriad of critical factors that need to be accounted for, including performance requirements such as torque and speed and voltage ratings, as well as decisions regarding feedback devices, mounting configurations and the operating environment, how can you be certain that you are making the best motor choice? And how can you make that choice quickly? Stop wasting time pouring over endless catalogs from multiple manufacturers - learn more about how to select the right motor to optimize the performance of your next machine in our new white paper, Servomotor Configuration. Use the link "For More Information" to read the Kollmorgen Servomotor Configuration guide.

Sick G6 Photoelectric Sensor

Somerville, NJ (June 19th, 2012) - With custom ASIC technology, the new G6 sensor provides exceptional background suppression at an extended range and it can also detect multi-colored/shiny objects. It has a PinPoint LED, which provides high immunity to ambient light and cross talk immunity. It is designed to be the best performing sensor to replace other Asian manufacturers.

New V L M Servomotors Deliver Exceptional Value

Somerville, NJ (June 19th, 2012) - Need good servomotor performance at an excellent servomotor price? Kollmorgen's new line-up of VLM servomotors are an ideal complement to Kollmorgen's high-performance and highly flexible global AKM servomotor product line by delivering a lower priced solution built around a focused set of options. VLM servomotors deliver high-torque-per-dollar by leveraging specially selected components and flying leads that help eliminate the need for intermediate cables, and by utilizing low cost feedback options. The result is a high value, specific feature set motor that delivers solid servo performance for a wide variety of applications.

Cognex In-sight Training

Somerville, NJ (April 10th, 2012) - Axis invites you to attend Certified Cognex training in our Somerville, NJ location. 2 Day Standard class: May 1-2 2 Day Advanced class: May 3-4 In-Sight Standard and Advanced gives new or potential In‐Sight users a 4 day overview of the hardware and software used by In‐Sight Vision Systems. The class features both spreadsheet application development and an introduction to EasyBuilder. The class also focuses on advanced In-Sight spreadsheet use. Spreadsheet users will learn how spreadsheet functions work and apply their knowledge to complete the class lab exercises. The class focuses on hands-on labs to build advanced tool usage scenarios within real-world applications. The two day Standard class is $695 and the two day Advanced class is also $695. However, if taken together as a combined four day class the discounted price is $995. To take advantage of the full 4...

A Quantum Leap In Barcode Reading Performance

Somerville, NJ (March 27th, 2012) - The DataMan 300 series of readers was developed to be a best-in-class barcode reader for indexed or high-speed lines. DataMan 300 delivers a quantum leap in barcode reading capabilities, as well as introduces several other new features that improve ease-of-use and performance, including: 1. Controllable, field interchangeable lighting modules 2. Flexible lens options 3. Intelligent tuning 4. Unmatched read rate performance with 2DMax+ for 2-D matrix codes and 1DMax+ with the new Hotbars technology that provides higher read rates of damaged 1-D linear barcodes at a faster pace than ever before

Take Safety Survey And Enter To Win Ipad2

Somerville, NJ (March 24th, 2012) - Is safety necessary on your application? Let us know what benefits are possible through implementing safety by taking a short survey. Every additional application entry qualifies as an additional entry to win an iPad2. To take the short survey with Siemens and be entered to win:

Understanding, Selecting And Applying Planetary Gearheads

Somerville, NJ (March 23rd, 2012) - Looking for ways to improve machine performance? Planetary gearheads can help. Learn more in "An Inside Look at Planetary Gears, written by Howard Horn, Thomson Product Manager. Read the full article published in the January 19, 2012 issue of Machine Design.

Make It Right With Cognex

Somerville, NJ (March 7th, 2012) - Wednesday, March 13th - Huntington Hilton 9am - 12:30 pm Join us for morning workshop to learn about the latest machine vision technologies... ...and lunch is on us! Do you wish you could... DETECT missing parts? INSPECT for product defects? READ 1d or 2d barcodes? CONFIRM printing with OCR? APPLY code verification? Most quality problems start at the very beginning of a products journey on the production line. Getting it wrong there can have disastrous consequences. However, with Cognex machine vision systems in place, you can instantly improve your production processes to ensure you Make It Right every time. During this presentation our experts will show you how you can detect issues on your line BEFORE they become problems for your customers! Join us on March 13th -We want to help you Make it Right and Read it Right - every time!

Optical Character Recognition

Somerville, NJ (March 7th, 2012) - Optical Character Recognition Setting new standards for industrial OCR Complementary Webinar Tuesday, March 20: 2:00 PM 30 minutes, from your desktop! Learn how to use OCRMax, the new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tool from Cognex, and achieve the highest read rates possible in virtually any production environment using In-Sight or VisionPro software. OCRMax overcomes the limitations of other OCR technologies. This tool takes on character variations, text skew, proportional fonts and variable string lengths, and much more making it the most robust character recognition tool in the industry. It's easy to set up and use with minimal training. During this webinar, our expert presenters will help you: Identify the type of character reading and verification OCRMax addresses Set up OCRMax for In-Sight or VisionPro in four easy steps Familiarize you ...

The Siemens Converting Industry Toolbox

Somerville, NJ (November 11th, 2011) - Join us at Axis on Wednesday, Nov. 16 for this industry specific presentation: MOTION CONTROL FOR CONVERTING @ Siemens From potato chip bags to video tape, converting a flexible material into a sellable product is a complex process that often requires special machines built to unique specifications. While there are common mechanical and control designs for each application, attaining custom machinery at attractive margins becomes increasingly difficult. At Siemens, our industry specialists combine application, motion and automation knowledge to provide a complete solution to our customers that is cost-effective, yet still provides accelerated deliveries and performs to expectations. Whats more, because Siemens automation programming tools are open, machine builders can take full advantage of the integrated diagnostics, maintenance and service functions unique to Totally Integrate...

Sick Image Based Code Reader

Somerville, NJ (August 31st, 2011) - Introducing the Lector620 image-based bar code reader, part of the ICR family of automatic identification solutions. This compact and industrial imager reads all popular 1D, 2D Data Matrix codes and PDF 417. It can read stationary and fast moving codes (up to 900 fpm), and can output more than 20 2D codes a second. It reliably reads codes on varying printed materials: from 1D inkjet printed on corrugated boxes, to laser etched 2D codes on PCBs, direct marked codes on metal, as well as codes printed on plastic, glass, and paper, etc.

Safety Light Curtains From Sick Differentiate Between Skids And People Ensuring Flexible Area Monitoring And Reliable Detection

Somerville, NJ (August 29th, 2011) - During automotive production, different sedans with differing types of equipment are manufactured in a large automotive plant. The plant needed to allow car bodies to easily pass through entry points while the personnel protection was constantly activated. As a solution, the C4000 Fusion safety light curtain from SICK could detect a large number of different skid beam patterns without additional sensors or indicators while differentiating them from someone's legs walking past, for example. The solution saved space and costs while maintaining a high level of availability and avoiding downtime.

Sick Mini Twin Light Curtain

Somerville, NJ (August 24th, 2011) - The mini Twin safety light curtain is named for its miniature size and twin stick principle. With a cross section of 15mm x 32mm, it is by far the smallest safety light curtain on the market. Combined with the broad range of lengths available, the miniTwin can be more closely matched to the size of the area needing protection. Its award-winning twin stick design combines the sender and receiver into one stick, simplifying ordering and reducing inventory costs. With end-to-end coverage, dead zones are no longer an issue in cascade applications. Two or three sets of miniTwin sticks can be cascaded together and wedged right next to each other without loss of resolution. This allows the light curtains to be mounted closer to the machine, thereby increasing productivity. Features: Smallest 2-box-design light curtain (15x32mm) available in 60mm length increments Sender/receiver funct...

Packaging Solutions From Sick

Somerville, NJ (May 16th, 2011) - Packaging Solutions from SICK Watch our video to see the latest solutions to optimize your packaging processes, including machine vision, safety and bar code.

Smart Motor By Animatics

Somerville, NJ (February 5th, 2010) - Animatics is the pioneer and recognized leader of integrated motion control. The SmartMotor is an integrated motor by Animatics. Designed by the industry leader, the Smart Motor is highly integrated control and is just one of the innovative motion control products by Animatics. The SmartMotor is a complete, compact and user-friendly integrated control system that features a brushless DC servo motor, motion controller, encoder and amplifier. Our line of integrated motion control products feature multi-axis coordinated motion, network bus capabilities of RS232, RS485, DeviceNet and ProfiBus, and highly flexible on-board and expandable I/O. Any SmartMotor can control an entire machine. Frame sizes range from standard NEMA 17 to NEMA 42 with speeds in excess of 10,000 RPM. Animatics' strengths lie in using innovation to meet the motion control needs of our customers. While our int...

Sick Wire Draw Encoders

Somerville, NJ (January 23rd, 2010) - The BCG EcoLine of wire draw encoders is ideal for precise length/distance measurement applications. It is an economical solution that includes a scalable analog output (4-20mA or 0-10V) that easily interfaces with control systems. With an easy-to-use pushbutton function, users can easily configure the unit for different lengths simplifying setup and saving time. The BCG is enclosed in a thin, compact housing, making it ideal for applications with limited installation space. The BCG offers two versions of standalone MRA-F Wire Draw Mechanisms that, when combined with SICKs existing encoder portfolio, give users advanced customization capabilities that far surpass any competitive products. The BCG provides precise measurements for automated guided vehicles, storage and conveying systems, presses, handling systems, medical applications and many other industries.

Sick Ranger 3d Vision

Somerville, NJ (January 23rd, 2010) - Ranger - The fastest camera in the world for three dimensional shape measurement! The Ranger camera measures 3D features at unmatched speed producing a complete data set of the object measured. Providing a 3rd dimension adds height and shape measurement data, which can be critical when correctly classifying an object. Ranger is the key component in many market leading in-line inspection machines used in the Electronic, Semicon, Wood, Robot Vision, Plastic, Rubber and Food industries. The fastest 3D available! The Ranger acquires up to 35,000 profiles per second, each containing up to 1536 high quality 3D coordinates. This is more than 45 million 3D points per second! The complete 3D calculation is done inside the camera and the ready-to-use 3D coordinates are sent directly to a standard PC via CameraLink or Gigabit Ethernet. This eliminates the need for expensive post processors....


Somerville, NJ (November 23rd, 2009) - test

New Sensors From Sick

Somerville, NJ (March 25th, 2009) - These new, low-cost sensors offer additional features and benefits that reduce material and labor costs. The industry-proven ELF family has been updated to its second generation. These updates include minor modernizations to the sensors housings, along with enhancements to performance, enclosure rating, and sensing ranges. The Z Sensor has a clear housing that enables 360 of visible indication of the sensors status LEDs. The ELF and Z are both assembled in the United States, which allows SICK to customize the sensors (cable cut to length, addition of different connectors, brackets, customer-specific cable label, bulk pack, kit with reflector/bracket, etc.), reducing material and labor costs, and providing greater flexibility. The next generation ELF and Z series offer flexible mounting options. Whether you choose a standard front mount or a spherical ball mount, when combined...

Four Motor Starter Functions In One 22.5 Mm Device

Somerville, NJ (March 17th, 2009) - MIDDLETOWN, Pa. - The new CONTACTRON 4-in-1 solid state reversing contactor from Phoenix Contact combines four functions in one narrow package. Designed for three-phase AC motors up to 4 kW/5 HP in size, the 4-in-1 provides forward, reverse, overload protection and redundant emergency stop contactor functionality in a 22.5 mm-wide module. The compact size reduces the necessary DIN rail space by up to 75 percent, saving space and wiring costs as compared to a contactor-based solution. The CONTACTRON's life expectancy is up to 10 times longer than traditional electromechanical contactors, which results in reduced maintenance costs. Integrated input/output surge protection circuits reduce system downtime, and 16 separate motor overload settings reduce inventory requirements. LED and remote indication acknowledge motor status. The CONTACTRON 4-in-1 is rated for safety category 3, SIL 3 and ATEX zone 2.

Phoenix Contact Serial Modem Calls Remote Machines By Cell Phone

Somerville, NJ (March 11th, 2009) - March 5, 2009 - The GSM/GPRS serial modem from Phoenix Contact provides global access to machines and systems via GSM connections. An integrated TCP/IP stack allows the implementation of simple control systems into the GPRS network. The PSI-GPRS/GSM-MODEM/RS232-QB-USA modem has the necessary PTCRB and AT&T approvals for legal use to GSM and GPRS networks within the U.S. and Canada. Once activated, the modem will work anywhere in North America where AT&T or Rogers Wireless cellular networks provide service coverage. A pre-installed SIM card makes activation quick and easy. Phoenix Contact\\\\\\\'s service partner, Stanza Systems, offers Diversenet service, eliminating the need to contact another carrier. Diversenet can be used to monitor both remote and metropolitan equipment as well as to send notifications and alarms via SMS, right to a cell phone. The modem\\\\\\\'s quad band...

Siemens Adds Space Saving, Low Cost Expansion I0 Modules To Popular S7200 Plc Line

Somerville, NJ (January 6th, 2009) - Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. has added new space saving and low cost analog and temperature expansion I/O modules to its SIMATIC S7-200 micro PLC product line. The high density, four- and eight-channel modules offer twice the number of channels per module in the same standard expansion module case size. The EM231 series eight-channel analog input module supports industry standard unipolar 0-10VDC, 0-5VDC, 0-20mA and bi-polar +/- 5VDC, +/-2.5VDC input signals. The EM232 series four-channel analog output module supports both 0-10VDC and 0-20mA output signals. The EM231 TC eight-channel thermocouple temperature input module supports seven different thermocouple sensor types and +/-80mv input signals, enabling it to perform in the variety of temperature control applications. The EM231 RTD new four-channel RTD temperature input module supports eight different RTD sensor types an...

Siemens Productivity Tour Presents Totally Integrated Automation

Somerville, NJ (May 12th, 2008) - May 29, 2008 9am - 3pm Axis is hosting a Siemens Open House so that customers can come in and see the Siemens Productivity Tour: a simulated soccer ball manufacturing line consisting of seven demonstration units, spanning over 28 feet long! The simulated factory demonstrates how the concept of “Totally Integrated Automation” maximizes productivity and safety, while reducing costs. We will show the technology drivers behind Siemens integrated safety and wireless safety, Ethernet communications (via Profinet wireless network) and remote I/O, embedded automation, motion control and drives, SCADA, HMI panels featuring Smart Access, and integrated diagnostics to reduce downtime. All to make your process / plant more productive. Siemens and Axis, Inc. technical resources will be on hand to guide and help you through differentiating technologies, and to consult on ways to improve and benefit your current automation architectures.