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The Unique Advantages Of Intelligent-appliance Relay Multiplexers

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The Unique Advantages Of Intelligent-appliance Relay Multiplexers






The Unique Advantages Of Intelligent-appliance Relay Multiplexers

One of the important players within the testing world is the Relay Multiplexer - a device functioning as a multiple input, few outputs switch, and vice versa.

Using Relay multiplexers presents the user with two main issues: the complexity of software design, and the complexity of wiring.
Intelligent-Appliance has been a key player in the field of data acquisition for many years; specializing in designing and implementing computerized Relay multiplexers.

One of Intelligent-Appliance’s best designs is the IA-3133-U2i-P.
The IA-3133-U2i-P is a Dual / Quad Pole Pluggable 32 / 16 Channels Multiplexer USB and RS-232 Controlled, known for its smart yet simple wiring design and most intuitive software tool, which made it so user friendly and popular with multiplexers users around the globe.

Single Unit or a Team Player
The IA-3133-U2i-P features 64 channels presenting as Dual 32 or Quad 16 Channel scoring to the user’s choice.
This multiplexer has the ability to work as a single independent unit, or be a team player. It can be a part of a set of devices, giving the user a simple yet efficient way to control up to thousands of channels without the need of creating and handling complex software to manage them. These intelligent building blocks have the ability to function as a part of a system, while keeping the managing task as simple as controlling a single unit.

Wiring made simple
Wiring thousands of channels is a complicated task, especially where there is a need to secure separate channel operation. Intelligent-Appliance has recently introduced its new transparent multiplexer control software, transforming the wiring task from complex, to effortless as possible .

When using a multiplexer, the user must make sure that there is no short wiring between two sources. short wiring may be caused by deactivating one channel at the same time of activating another. The correct way to handle this issue is to add a short delay between the current channel deactivation and the next channel activation.
In order to make sure this never happens, Intelligent-Appliance implemented the Break-before-Make operation into the multiplexer. The Break-before-Make operation will automatically insert a delay without the user’s involvement. The Break-before-Make operation will take place whether the multiplexer is being used as a single unit or as a part of a system. All the user needs to do is define the next channel to be activated.

Quick and simple integration with a free software support package
To make the integration of the Multiplexer as quick and easy as possible, a free software support package is available on Intelligent-Appliance website. Within the package you will find Setup and Operation utilities, Microsoft Visual Studio and Labview Drivers as well as Open Code software examples.

Need Help? We are here for you
Our team of engineers will help you through the process of choosing the best possible solution to your application and provide support during integration.

All Intelligent-Appliance multiplexers are both CE and FCC approved and ROHS compliant.

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Multiplexers are an important addition to the Intelligent-Appliance portfolio of reliable, efficient and feature rich USB or Web controlled industrial relay boards modules.
For more information on Intelligent-Appliance solutions, please refer to the website.

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