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Remote Access - Secure And Easy

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Remote Access - Secure And Easy






Remote Access - Secure And Easy

Allied is pleased to introduce Secomea. Secomea stands for Secure Communications Made Easy. What makes Secomea desirable is its low cost and ease of installation with the most important requirements of enhanced security.

Security out of the box reduces the chance of an incorrect configuration, leaving vulnerability that other solutions can inherently have. The Secomea agent limits the open ports to those needed for the programming software to access the PLC/HMI (Can use port 80). Many remote access systems fall short, leaving access to other equipment on the network.

Secomea uses leading edge security with a two-factor security (password + x509 certificate) for login. If you are currently using a remote access device it likely has only a password for security that can easily be exploited or deemed unacceptable by the IT Network Admin.

Secomea has developed its products to work with most major PLC and HMI manufactures such as Mitsubishi, Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, Wago, and many more. An added benefit is no fixed or public IP address required.

Part of Secomea's features are the hosted Gatemanager on their servers for a quick and easy startup. For larger companies that require ALL components in-house, Secomea offers a software option to run on your own Virtual Machine or a standalone hardware solution, both unique and important benefit.

A final advantage of the Secomea system is its ease of use. Secomea is proud of its 15 minutes to connect set-up. Secomea offers a number hardware options with units that will connect to an existing Ethernet network or a cellular based system that can connect where a network is not already connected or permission granted.

All of these benefits in a low cost, compact, highly dependable (Two year warranty) module with in most cases no additional costs. Contact Allied Automation for at 800-214-0322 for details or to purchase .

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