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Newest Gateway Models

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Newest Gateway Models






Newest Gateway Models

Introducing our new Gateway models: cMT-G03/G04, which can painlessly connect existing devices to IIoT without the need for modifying system architecture. cMT-G03 is equipped with two serial ports (COM) and one Ethernet port (LAN/WAN), and can function as a serial bridge. cMT-G04 is equipped with two switches (SW) and one Ethernet port (LAN/WAN), and can function as an Ethernet switch.

cMT-G03/G04 can independently communicate with the devices, and convert the protocols to MQTT, OPC UA, and SQL...etc, seamlessly integrating data to IIoT. The cMT-G03/04 models are as compact, power-saving, and easy-to-install as its predecessors, and at the same time retain many data analysis functions of an HMI, such as macro, data transfer...etc. In terms of software, cMT-G03/04 supports both EasyBuilder Pro and web setup as well as EasyAccess 2.0.

Apart from the built-in supports for major IIoT protocols, cMT-G03/04 also supports Weintek EasyAccess 2.0, which not only allows remote system access but also provides push notification to mobile devices. With cMT-G03/04 joining the cMT Series Gateway lineup, the cMT Series will be able to assist more users in solving their system upgrade dilemma, by connecting their devices, whether new or legacy ones, to IIoT, which shall bring in incredible values to customer applications.