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Compact And Versatile Meet Ia-2128-e

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Compact And Versatile Meet Ia-2128-e






Compact And Versatile Meet Ia-2128-e

We are proud to present the new TCP/IP/Ethernet I/O module, the IA-2128-E, featuring 16 Digital Input channels, 2 Digital I/O channels and 8 Photo Relays.
This new compact yet versatile module, allows the user to employ a wide variety of operation modes

Polling or sensing
This module can monitor and handle the Digital Input states by polling and by sensing state changes, generating an Auto Report on each state change.

Choose your reporting channel
The IA-2128-E gives the user the option to select the Auto Report transferring channel between the main channels to an additional dedicated one.

Peer-to-peer action
Peer-to-peer will allow the user to create a two-way state reflection between two modules of the same kind, directly, without the need for a host computer.

Pull-up or Pull-down
Digital Input structure can be set as Pull-up or Pull-down one, setting the Input Logic accordingly.

Extra channels
Extra dual, Digital I/O channels, are built of open collector and pull-up resistors providing a rich widening option that might be used for Handshaking, Synchronization, Communication, etc.

Photo Relays
The Photo Relays are Isolated Solid-State relays with an excellent performance, providing the ability of using them both as Relays and as a Multifunction Output stage. It can easily function as a PNP or NPN Open Collector output stage, by simply connecting them either to GND or Positive Voltage.

software support package
In order to ensure quick and simple implementation, the IA-2128-E comes with a software support package including Visual Studio Library, Labview Drivers, Configuration and Control utilities and software examples

Need Help? We are here for you
Our team of engineers will walk you through the process of choosing the best possible solution to your application and provide support during integration.

All Intelligent-Appliance multiplexers are both CE and FCC approved and ROHS compliant.

Check out other solutions
The IA-2128-E is the newest addition to the Intelligent-Appliance portfolio of reliable, efficient and feature rich USB or Web controlled industrial relay boards modules.
For more information on Intelligent-Appliance solutions, please refer to the website.

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