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Quadrus Mini

Microscan Systems, Inc

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Microscan Systems, Inc Quadrus Mini - Quadrus Mini by Microscan Systems, Inc

Quadrus Mini by Microscan Systems, Inc

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The Quadrus MINI is the world’s smallest high resolution imager and the first to offer true auto focus for ultimate flexibility in factory automation and electronics product identification.

It is the ideal imager for automation engineers who need flexibility to read any code, at any distance, at any speed. Quadrus MINI reads both linear bar codes and 2D codes in any orientation, while in motion. EZ button setup, symbol locator, and visible performance indicators provide ease of use while large area reading and small form factor allow for positioning flexibility.

True auto focus
Up to 10 decodes/second
Focal range: 2 to 6 (50.8 to 152.4 mm)
Read performance LEDs
Internal diagnostics
products/P3348-694-P2270-1123-Image10.jpg www.microscan.com/products/2d/quadrusmini.htm quadrus-mini-p3348.html 1 1163202181 1163202181
2416 3348 2270 Quadrus Verifier Microscan Systems, Inc Quadrus Verifier™ is an ISO/IEC 15415 and AS9132A-compliant Data Matrix verifier for use in production environments. It is an ISO/IEC 15426-2 certified Data Matrix verifier, ensuring that your marks will be verified accurately every time.

Unlike most verifiers that are mounted on scientific stands designed for the lab, the Quadrus Verifier is a fully-contained, compact device that is easy to integrate into a plant-floor setting. Quadrus Verifier’s fully enclosed illumination chamber provides the controlled lighting environment necessary for accurate, repeatable verification. No on-site calibration of optics or lighting is needed to verify marks with Quadrus Verifier. Simply present the part to Quadrus Verifier, trigger, and receive the symbol verification report. products/P3348-3393-P2270-8682-Image9.jpg www.microscan.com/products/2d/quadrusverifier.htm quadrus-verifier-p3348.html 1 1163202177 1163202177
2415 3348 2270 MS-860 Barcode Scanner Microscan Systems, Inc The MS-860 makes reading bar codes and stacked 2D codes easy. Push-button calibration and a fully programmable feature set enable you to quickly and easily configure the scanner to meet your needs. Raster settings are programmable to read multiple symbols at different locations or at varying distances.

Easy to setup, the MS-860’s push-button setup will save installers of all skill levels valuable time. Pressing the EZ button initiates the calibration process to optimize the MS-860’s settings for each bar code type and setup. This maximizes performance and can be done onsite.

By combining flexible features with ease of use, the MS-860 is adaptable to a wide variety of bar code applications across multiple industries with operators of varying experience levels.

Scans/second: 300-1200
Read range: 1 to 47 (25 to 1193 mm)
Laser/Raster Framing
Real-Time Feedback

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About Microscan Systems, Inc

Microscan Systems, Inc

Microscan has achieved worldwide recognition as an innovative developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners and decoders for automated systems.

Founded in 1982, Microscan was the first company to successfully integrate a laser diode into a scanner. This breakthrough enabled us to become a leader in the ever expanding field of miniaturized high-speed fixed-mount bar code scanning.