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Panel PC

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

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B&R Industrial Automation Corp.  Panel PC - Panel PC by B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

Panel PC by B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

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Panel PC - B&R’s NEW Industrial PC Generation

Panel PC - PC and Display in One Housing
The Panel PC combines an industrial PC and display in one unit. This variant is the first choice where installation of a PC and display is required, but the space is limited. Mechanical robustness was given special attention during the construction of the Panel PC.

Compact and Powerful
The new B&R Panel PC product line offers the full bandwidth of processors ranging from Celeron 400 MHz to Pentium M 1.6 GHz. Based on the latest technology the new industrial PC product line offered by B&R therefore gives our customers a wide variety of options with regards to the requirements of their application.

Panel PCs are available as touch devices with 10.4” VGA, 12.1” SVGA and 15” XGA TFT display. The housing is also a defining factor: from very flat devices without PCI slots to expandable devices with two PCI slots, the Panel PC can be optimized to meet the requirements of the application. Additionally, the Panel PC has an integrated Compact Flash slot, which can be expanded with a second Compact Flash slot or a hard disk. Additionally, the Panel PC with two PCI slots can be optionally equipped with a slide-in-drive (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM/CD-RW, hard disk or floppy disk drive).

Fan Less Operation! The Panel PC was designed consequently for operation without a fan. All components that need to be cooled, such as processor and chipset, are arranged so that heat is dissipated on the large heat sink on the back of the device.

Windows® XP embedded/professional
Windows® XP embedded is the modular variant of Windows® XP professional. It is the preferred Panel PC operating system with low memory requirements. In combination with the extremely robust Compact Flash, Windows® XP embedded allows use of the current most powerful Microsoft Desktop operating system, even in rough environmental conditions.
In addition to the known features from Windows® XP professional, Windows® XP embedded provides a write filter for individual memory partitions, further improving the reliability of the system. The use of individual partitions allows, for example, to booth partition to be protected. The PC system starts without problems, even after a power failure.
B&R offers preinstalled Compact Flash cards to make the transition to Windows® XP embedded as easy as possible. Windows® XP professional is available in three versions, English, German and Multilanguage.

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About B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

B&R Industrial Automation - Your international Partner for Automation
B&R is the world’s largest and most successful private company in the area of automation equipment manufacturing. Automation is our passion. Whether it’s electrical drives, controllers or visualization devices – B&R provides the entire range of automation products from a single source. Our products are distinguished by their performance, flexibility, and continued innovation. By applying creativity to our product development we set trends instead of copying solutions. Together with our customers, we find the perfect solution – regardless of the industry.

The motto “Perfection in Automation” has provided the foundation for the company since B&R was founded in 1979. Today, B&R employs 1,300 employees worldwide and has an exceptional global presence with more than 120 sales offices in over 50 countries.   B&R USA, based in Atlanta, GA, has been working closely with their customers since 1987. Since then, B&R USA has continuously grown as a sales and support organization through both direct sales offices and B&R’s unique Automation Partner distribution network. Today, B&R USA has a network of 24 offices throughout the USA and is there for its customers locally.