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MS-820 Barcode Scanner

Microscan Systems, Inc

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Microscan Systems, Inc MS-820 Barcode Scanner - MS-820 Barcode Scanner by Microscan Systems, Inc

MS-820 Barcode Scanner by Microscan Systems, Inc

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Compact single line scanner optimized for reading small high-density symbols.

With its performance, versatility, and robustness, the MS-820 has universal appeal to any industry planning to automate or improve bar code tracking. The MS-820 scanner's capacity to read various bar code densities from 1 to 30 inches makes it the leader in the class of high-speed, fixed-mount industrial scanners. Using advanced technology in decoding, optics, and analog processing, the MS-820 can decode high density labels throughout its scan speed range.

The MS-820's IP65 enclosure rating makes it ideal for applications such as conveyors, assembly lines, or embedding within machinery.

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About Microscan Systems, Inc

Microscan Systems, Inc

Microscan has achieved worldwide recognition as an innovative developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners and decoders for automated systems.

Founded in 1982, Microscan was the first company to successfully integrate a laser diode into a scanner. This breakthrough enabled us to become a leader in the ever expanding field of miniaturized high-speed fixed-mount bar code scanning.