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JOKAB SAFETY NA One OrTwo Hand Controls

Jokab Safety

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Jokab Safety JOKAB SAFETY NA One OrTwo Hand Controls - JOKAB SAFETY NA One OrTwo Hand Controls by Jokab Safety

JOKAB SAFETY NA One OrTwo Hand Controls by Jokab Safety

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JOKAB SAFETY North America has announced the availability of SAFEBALL, a new generation of ergonomically designed One & Two Hand Controls. The SAFEBALLS when monitored by the JSNA JSBR4 Safety Relay are the only Mechanical Two Hand Controls to achieve a Category 4 Rating, the highest level of safety for all industrial-manufacturing applications. The SAFEBALL is a completely unique concept for the design of one & two hand safety devices and has been CE and DNV approved. In place of the conventional approach that uses ordinary, non-ergonomic pushbuttons to prevent unintentional activation, the SAFEBALL offers a unique ergonomic design.

SAFEBALL consists of a spherical shape containing two embedded pushbutton switches, one on each side of the ball. Using this configuration, the device is simple to operate and the risk of unintentional activation is minimized. The ergonomic design offers low activation force and numerous gripping possibilities for comfort during long term, repetitive operation.

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About Jokab Safety

Jokab Safety

JOKAB SAFETY North America Inc.   
Specialists in Production Integrated Safety Systems & Controls

With over two decades of hands-on experience in the manufacturing and application of electronic safety components, safety fencing and complete safety systems for the protection of the manufacturing workforce has made JOKAB SAFETY North America the leader in the machine safety industry.   We offer our customers complete machine safety solutions that will protect valuable staff and meet all relevant standards and regulations.   JSNA has provided safety components and systems to manufacturing companies throughout North America.
Specialization Provides Value – Added Services

JSNA has successfully provided safety systems for robotic cells, automated production and assembly lines, conveyor and material handling systems, power and hydraulic press operations, welding lines, wood-working machinery, packaging equipment, food processing equipment, extruding machinery, plastic or rubber molding machines and many other types of machinery.   JSNA offers value-added services in the form of consultation, training seminars, engineering assistance, CAD drawings, customization of products to meet customer specifications, operational training and complete after the sale follow-up services.

Design & Engineering for Machine Safety Solutions

The key to developing successful machine safety solutions is the design and engineering of the safety system for each specific machine safety application.   Our knowledgeable engineering staff possesses many years of experience in providing manufacturing companies with electronic production integrated safety systems that have solved a multitude of workplace safety problems, while maintaining high levels of productivity.    Our engineers can create safety solutions for all of your current production equipment, as well as proposed future manufacturing operations.

Understanding National and International
Safety Standards Ensures Compliance

JSNA has a clear understanding of national and international safety standards and regulations and we are fully prepared to assist our customers in determining which standards they must meet, including; ANSI (American National Standards Institute), EN (European Nation Standards), IEC (Electrical Equipment of Industrial Machines), NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association), ISO (International Organization for Standardization), and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).      

Trained, Knowledgeable Safety Sales Specialists

Every JSNA Safety Sales Specialist represents safe solutions for any unsafe environments that may exist in our customers manufacturing facilities.   Our highly - trained and knowledgeable Safety Sales Specialists are committed to introducing the JSNA concept of Production Integrated Safety to every manufacturer throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.   They are on the road every day meeting with customers to offer safe solutions for current or future automated manufacturing equipment.   
JSNA Safety Team Concept offers Unsurpassed
Customer Support         

JSNA offers customers unsurpassed support, including initial consultation and guidance on what standards must be met, engineering and CAD drawings of their safety system, selection of certified electronic safety components and guard fencing, operational and maintenance training and reliable follow-up services.   The unique JSNA Safety Team Concept provides each customer with a team of highly trained production integrated safety professionals that include an experienced Safety Sales Specialist, Product Managers that are knowledgeable about the applications of each safety component they handle and System Designers that possess vast technical expertise in machine safety and control reliability to ensure total satisfaction.   There is no other company in the industry that can offer you more.

Responsive Inside Sales Support

Our commitment to customer service is reflected by the responsive efforts of our inside sales support staff.   A group of experienced individuals insure that each order we receive will be processed promptly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide our customers with the safety components and systems they require in the most efficient and timely manner possible.   We maintain a comprehensive inventory of electronic safety products including safety relays, safety light curtains, perimeter beams, safe stopping analyzers, safety enabling devices, non-contact, non-magnetic sensors, one & two hand controls, magnetic & interlock switches, safety PLC’s and more.   In addition, we manufacture a complete line of Quick-Guard safety fencing and accessories. that can be customized to meet any fencing application.