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Avenger Vertical Carousel

Sapient Automation

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Sapient Automation Avenger Vertical Carousel  - Avenger Vertical Carousel  by Sapient Automation

Avenger Vertical Carousel by Sapient Automation

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The Avenger Vertical Carousel

Vertical storage for your inventory. Every carrier/shelf can be configured uniquely to meet specific inventory and application requirements. For example, roll out drawers, varied height shelves and partitions can be designed to maximize height and productivity and meet specific application requirements. From stand alone work stations to integrated work zones, the Avenger Vertical Carousel provides amazing results.

Key Avenger Vertical Carousel Benefits Include:
•Longevity… industry setting 10 year warranty on specific models
•Reduced management and loading labor required due to 100% imbalance load capabilities... just load and use
•Emergency access system allows 100% access to all items
•Floor space savings up to 75%
•100% ergonomic access
•Improve productivity up to 2/3
•Increase accuracy to 99.9% levels
•Provides secured and restricted access
•Whisper quiet operation due to quality design, construction and manufacturing

The reliability and up time of the Avenger Vertical Carousel is legendary with some models carrying up to a 10 year parts and service manufacturer warranty. This unprecedented warranty underscores the design and manufacturing superiority of the Avenger carousel. For years organizations around the world have been able to take advantage of the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) rates that rival and surpass many household appliances.

With a push of a button, click of a mouse or scan of a bar code, the Avenger Vertical Carousel rotates via the shortest path to deliver items to the operator. An array of pick to light technologies ranging from simple light indicators to full message Transaction Indicator Lights (TIC) strips aid productivity and throughput requirements.

Security and restricted access for parts, inventory and material is easily accomplished with the Avenger Vertical Carousel. Incremental security features are available to meet almost every facility and department needs. From locking bi-parting doors to keep unauthorized users from accessing the unit, to individual user password controlled access to shelves with full user logs are available.

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About Sapient Automation

Sapient Automation

Sapient Automaton provides a full selection of automated storage and retrieval systems designed to increase profitability by reducing floor space, inventory and labor requirements while increasing accuracy, ergonomics and throughput performance. Systems used in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, life sciences, wholesale, institutions and retail applications. Automated Storage Systems include the Hornet Horizontal Carousel, Viper Vertical Lift Module, Avenger Vertical Carousel, Mini-Avenger Vertical Carousel Cart System, PickaMed Carousels, XPress Pix Inventory and Warehouse Control Software, Spit Fire Pick Carts and Pick to Light systems.

For information about Sapient Automation call 888-451-9711, email: info@getsapient.com   or visit the Sapient Automation web site at www.GetSapient.com.