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Quadrus Mini

Microscan Systems, Inc

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Microscan Systems, Inc Quadrus Mini - Quadrus Mini by Microscan Systems, Inc

Quadrus Mini by Microscan Systems, Inc

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The Quadrus MINI is the world’s smallest high resolution imager and the first to offer true auto focus for ultimate flexibility in factory automation and electronics product identification.

It is the ideal imager for automation engineers who need flexibility to read any code, at any distance, at any speed. Quadrus MINI reads both linear bar codes and 2D codes in any orientation, while in motion. EZ button setup, symbol locator, and visible performance indicators provide ease of use while large area reading and small form factor allow for positioning flexibility.

True auto focus
Up to 10 decodes/second
Focal range: 2 to 6 (50.8 to 152.4 mm)
Read performance LEDs
Internal diagnostics
products/P2270-1123-Image10.jpg www.microscan.com/products/2d/quadrusmini.htm quadrus-mini-p2270.html 1 1141197661 1141197661
1918 2270 2270 Quadrus Verifier Microscan Systems, Inc Quadrus Verifier™ is an ISO/IEC 15415 and AS9132A-compliant Data Matrix verifier for use in production environments. It is an ISO/IEC 15426-2 certified Data Matrix verifier, ensuring that your marks will be verified accurately every time.

Unlike most verifiers that are mounted on scientific stands designed for the lab, the Quadrus Verifier is a fully-contained, compact device that is easy to integrate into a plant-floor setting. Quadrus Verifier’s fully enclosed illumination chamber provides the controlled lighting environment necessary for accurate, repeatable verification. No on-site calibration of optics or lighting is needed to verify marks with Quadrus Verifier. Simply present the part to Quadrus Verifier, trigger, and receive the symbol verification report. products/P2270-8682-Image9.jpg www.microscan.com/products/2d/quadrusverifier.htm quadrus-verifier-p2270.html 1 1141197525 1141197525
1916 2342 2342 Axiom-X Omni-Directional Scanner Accusort Omnidirectional Laser Bar Code Reader

Omnidirectional scanning just got smaller, faster, and more accurate!

Outstanding Benefits:

Highest read performance
Largest coverage
Lowest cost of ownership
Fastest installation
Easy plug-and-play replacement
No maintenance products/P2342-3140-Axiom.jpg www.accusort.com/products/scanners/axiom-x.html axiomx-omnidirectional-scanner-p2342.html 1 1141196851 1141196851
1915 2342 2342 Model 20 Laser Barcode Scanner Accusort The Model 20 Series II bar code scanner's combination of die cast zinc-aluminum endcaps and an extruded body yields a strong enclosure for applications requiring durability. The three point mounting feature on the base and the side is incorporated in the product to create repeatable mounting in any application. Optional configurations provide high density, long range or high speed capabilities.

The Model 20II's state-of-the-art scanning optics are designed to take the guesswork out of fixed position scanning applications. The unit's flexibility and performance allow it to read the most commonly used bar code densities at predefined mounting distances.

Using surface mount technology, a solidstate laser, and a brushless DC motor, we have designed a scanning system into one of the smallest packages available. The NEMA 12 extruded aluminum enclosure measures just 2.6 x 2.3 x 1.6 inches (6.6 x 5.8 x 4.1 cm) and provides protection for internal components in almost any harsh industrial environment.

The Model 20II uses an advanced RISC microprocessor to decode scanned data at very high rates and perform various application functions. The standard configuration provides 13 code types with autodiscrimination of eight bar code symbologies at once. Two parallel outputs selectable for valid and non-valid codes provide external signals to operate small relays.
products/P2342-3676-Image7.jpg www.accusort.com/products/scanners/model20.html model-20-laser-barcode-scanner-p2342.html 1 1141196726 1141196726
1914 2342 2342 Model 11 Laser Bar Code Scanner Accusort The Model 11 is a compact, affordable industrial fixed-mount scanner that provides fast, aggressive performance on a full range of linear and 2D symbologies including PDF417, RSS and composite codes. Available in standard and a Very High Density (VHD) version to read high-density bar codes, the Model 11 offers a “smart” raster pattern optimized to read 2D symbols and poorly printed linear bar codes, making this scan module ideal for use in a variety of automated data collection devices.

Model 11 scan modules are easy to program and configure, enabling you to shorten your development time and bring your product to market faster—even if you don’t have in-house technical resources for scanner integration. With its rugged durable housing, exit window, integrated beeper and interface options, the Model 11 enables your project team to quickly and confi dently integrate high performance 1D and 2D bar code data capture into standalone and OEM applications.
products/P2342-9174-Image6.jpg www.accusort.com/products/scanners/model11.html model-11-laser-bar-code-scanner-p2342.html 1 1141196631 1141196631
1913 2342 2342 Model 10 Laser Scanner Accusort The Model 10, another high performance Accu-Sort line scanner, combines impressive optical performance with useful electrical features in an extremely compact, rugged housing.

With its advanced optical design, the Model 10 can handle almost any line scanning application. A wide scan angle coupled with powerful A/D circuitry provides an extremely large performance envelope for any given bar code.

Outstanding Features:

300 scans per second
Signal strength bar graph meter displays scanner performance
Windows-based configuration software helps get your scanner on line in a hurry
Stainless steel mounting brackets and conversion kits for competitive products
products/P2342-7647-Image5.jpg www.accusort.com/products/scanners/model10.html model-10-laser-scanner-p2342.html 1 1141196529 1141196529
1912 2216 2216 Diamond Presentation Scanner Datalogic Small footprint
High First-Pass rate
Single line mode
Shock resistant and Antiskid design
Flexible connectivity and easy to expand
High reliability
EAS optional kit
OLE for POS compliance
Sunrise 2005 Compliant
products/P2216-2708-PresentationScanner.jpg www.datalogic.com/_vti_g2_p_det.aspx?idp=ID20041210184044&rpstry=17_ diamond-presentation-scanner-p2216.html 1 1141196211 1141196211
1911 2216 2216 Heron G Barcode Reader Datalogic Datalogic “Green Spot”
Single multi-interface model: USB,RS232, Wedge and Wand
Rugged and reliable
Complete set of accessories
RSS-14 decoding capability
Sunrise 2005 Compliant
Warranty period: 5 years
products/P2216-3830-HeronG.jpg www.datalogic.com/_vti_g2_p_det.aspx?idp=2a2657f0-751c-4860-8ad9-7abdb0fa99dc&rpstry=17_ heron-g-barcode-reader-p2216.html 1 1141195880 1141195880
1910 2216 2216 Firescan Hand-Held Laser Scanner Datalogic Aggressive reading
Complete Data Editing and Formatting
Firmware upgrading
Intuitive barcode aiming
Ergonomic design
RSS-14 decoding capability
Sunrise 2005 Compliant
products/P2216-5039-Firescan.jpg www.datalogic.com/_vti_g2_p_det.aspx?idp=ID20041210173741&rpstry=17_ firescan-handheld-laser-scanner-p2216.html 1 1141195773 1141195773
1909 2216 2216 Gryphon Hand-Held 2D Reader Datalogic Omni-directional scanning
Supports most 1D, 2D, and Postal code symbologies
Image capture
Intuitive five-dot laser aiming
Standard and high resolution models
Multi-standard interface
USB, RS232, Wedge emulation
Warranty period: 5 years
Sunrise 2005 compliant
products/P2216-7694-Barcode1.jpg www.datalogic.com/_vti_g2_p_det.aspx?idp=684db93b-3e90-4119-8ffe-5a13943f6257&rpstry=17_ gryphon-handheld-2d-reader-p2216.html 1 1141195678 1141195678
1907 0 JOKAB SAFETY North America Safety Light Beams The Spot light Beam is available in two versions, Spot 10 for distances up to 10 m and Spot 35 for distances up to 35 m. The light beams can be mounted at different heights and can be angled around a machine using our mirrors and brackets. When used in combination with the Vital 1 Controller, Spot fulfills the requirements for Safety Category 4 according to EN - 954 - 1 and type 4 according to EN 61496. For indication, there are LED's on the transmitter and receiver which indicate 'contact' between the transmitter and receiver and safety status. The Spot Light Beams are ideal for Photoelectric Guarding of entrances or around areas of risk. The light beams offer easy installation and alighnment. products/P-3821-SafetyLightBeam_web.jpg www.nccelectronics.com jokab-safety-north-america-safety-light-beams-p.html 1 1141160523 1141160523
1898 200 2191 Banner Sensors Banner Banner produces the industry's most complete integrated line of photoelectric sensors and fiber optics - a photoelectric sensor for every application. Banner, The Photoelectric Specialist, offers better product line variety, customer service, and value than any other photoelectric manufacturer. products/P200-3864-minibeam.jpg www.bannerengineering.com banner-sensors-banner-200.html 1 1183876626 1183876626
1897 2302 2302 Stainless Steel Command Panel Rittal Command Panel housing with door

Door 40 mm deep, left-hand hinge, side handle strips made from plastic approved for use in the food industry

Support arm connection with reinforcement plate at the top/bottom by rotating the enclosure

All-round sealed enclosure, 3 mm double-bit lock insert on the right hand side

products/P2302-3221-Image15.jpg www.rittal.com/com/produkte/schaltschranksysteme/index.html stainless-steel-command-panel-p2302.html 1 1141103985 1141103985
1896 2302 2302 Explosion Proof Enclosures Rittal Rittal has developed the EX range of enclosures specifically for use in explosion hazard areas. Their outstanding characteristic: Extreme resistance to aggressive ambient conditions.

Depending on design, up to IP 66
Width 150 - 800 mm
Height 150 - 1000 mm
Depth 80 - 300 mm
Available in stainless steel or plastic
Protection type Ex e / Ex i
Cable glands fitted to order

products/P2302-1280-Image14.jpg www.rittal.com/com/produkte/schaltschranksysteme/index.html explosion-proof-enclosures-p2302.html 1 1141103871 1141103871
1895 2302 2302 Rittal Console Systems Rittal Function and versatility are key features of all Rittal console systems. Perfect designs for added benefits in terms of assembly, safety and operation. The performance capabilities of a machine or system end with the operating unit or console.

Protection category IP 55
Width 600 - 1600 mm
Height 670 - 1300 mm
Depth 400 + 500 mm
Modular solution diversity to suit every requirement
International approvals
AP universal console also available in stainless steel
products/P2302-2881-Image13.jpg www.rittal.com/com/produkte/schaltschranksysteme/index.html rittal-console-systems-p2302.html 1 1141103763 1141103763
1894 2302 2302 VIP 6000 Command Panel Rittal The command panel VIP 6000 provides an excellent control level setting for high-quality control electronics.


Enclosure and front frame: extruded aluminium sections

Frame corner pieces: die-cast zinc

Corner protectors: plastic, self-extinguishing

Trim inserts: flexible plastic section

products/P2302-2-Image12.jpg www.rittal.com/com/produkte/schaltschranksysteme/index.html vip-6000-command-panel-p2302.html 1 1141103656 1141103656
1893 2302 2302 Compact AE Enclosures Rittal The highly successful Rittal AE series of compact enclosures has been on the market for over 30 years. A continuously updated and extended range now offers a standard of quality unrivalled in large-scale industrial production. This accounts for its attractive value for money, not to mention excellent design and numerous important, internationally recognised approvals and authorisations.

Protection category IP 66 (max., depending on design)

Choice of six variants and different sizes

Unbelievable production quality

Unbelievable choice of sizes and designs

Unbelievable selection of accessories for individual, convenient and yet cost-effective equipment
products/P2302-351-Image11.jpg www.rittal.com/com/produkte/schaltschranksysteme/index.html compact-ae-enclosures-p2302.html 1 1141103517 1141103517
1892 2302 2302 TS8 Enclosures Rittal The TS8 is the system platform for individual tasks. The enclosure system provides the perfect, cost-effective solution to individual requirements. Each enclosure is a specialist for particular tasks.

Solid frame sections, punched on a 25 mm pitch pattern for universal interior installation

Vertical stays for two mounting levels with four rows of slots and holes for locating and screw-fastening

Horizontal stays with a row of PS holes and a row of TS holes according to the vertical profile
products/P2302-8515-Image10.jpg www.rittal.com/com/produkte/schaltschranksysteme/index.html ts8-enclosures-p2302.html 1 1141103421 1141103421
1891 2191 2191 PC44 Photoelectric Sensors Banner Plug-in plastic fiber optic sensors for PC-board use

Use with Banner 1mm (0.04) plastic fiber optic assemblies (a large selection of sensing tip styles is available)

Marginal gain indicator with alarm output

Easy fiber installation: insert fibers and close gripper door

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About Microscan Systems, Inc

Microscan Systems, Inc

Microscan has achieved worldwide recognition as an innovative developer of hands-free automated bar code scanners and decoders for automated systems.

Founded in 1982, Microscan was the first company to successfully integrate a laser diode into a scanner. This breakthrough enabled us to become a leader in the ever expanding field of miniaturized high-speed fixed-mount bar code scanning.